shiroyanagisawa asked:

danga n ronpa

o man

5 favorite characters

- junko
- chihiro
- fukawa/genocider
- celes
- not togami

3 otps

o man i havent even thought that hard about ships yet tho i do like fukawatogami??? (even tho togami is lame). oowada and ishimaru were good bros auugh man and i like asahina and sakura as besties4lyfe theyre qts. thats all i got gomen

funniest character

o uh i dunno naegis kinda funny bc hes rlly clueless most of the time but i gotta probs say ishimaru def

prettiest character


most badass character

o man sakura cuz shes so bamf like idc what everyone else says shes the man i mean woman

character id like as my bff

thats kinda hard??? maybe ishimaru or naegi. or even asahina cuz shes coo

character thats ruined my life