I have restocked the etsy shop and nearly everything in it is on sale! If you were ever looking at my crafts, now is a great time to pick them up.

My etsy shop is on sale because I do not plan on attending any conventions this year as a vendor, nor keeping the etsy shop up for the long-term. Everything that’s up there is it for on-hand stock! I do have quite a few candle and lip balm materials left over, so I may use those supplies up and make a few more items, but beyond that I can’t guarantee any of these items coming back in the near future. I am not going to be placing any reorders for materials that I run out of, as using them up is the goal!


Tried something a little more ambitious, drawing upside down again, but instead I tried using a piece of work from one of my favorite artists. The pic is from, you should check it out, amazing art. I am actually happy with how this came out. Now if i can just do it regularly, and, you know, with my own stuff instead of copying someone else…all in good time right?

neondragonart replied to your post: Conspiracy Theory: 5 egg nests

I can confirm that we did not quietly turn anything down. (If we did, it would be announced in a change log!) If we confirm that it’s not behaving as intended, it’s a problem that is either a mistake or bug. Akiri will be looking into it Monday. :-)

I like how you guys are always stalking the tag. XDDD It must get really overwhelming and discouraging some days… @_e;

And no offence intended, btw. Like I said, it’s probably been for the best so far! I’d actually sorta suggest you guys check it out, but only adjust/fix it when we have a next registration window open, assuming it’s for an even longer period again. I don’t think introducing MORE dragons at this point would be very helpful. :< 

But thank you for the reply! It was an unexpected surprise. XD
And I hope you’re getting enough sleep, dear… o_o ♥