Here are some work in progress before I go to bed!

First one if my next OC that I wish to rp eventually and the second is a very slutty pixie who was born from some random crack.

For those seeing this though… I have a question. For the slutty pixie, which one looks better? The blue or the white one? Or if you think you have a better color pattern, feel free to propose.

I’m also working on a kind witch. Still trying to figure out her whole design so she is also far from complete. She will have two hands though, that’s for sure.

Hahah… I wonder why I even post these here. I barely have any followers at this hour… But no matter. It makes me feel happy for doing so.

Here is another sneak peek of what I’m working on. This is a larger scene including my OCs in BJBB. I only have one character done so far though. Still got a long way to go.