Phase one under the sunlight
half lit waxing the turn on the edge
of a crescent passage aligned by darkness
and hindered a thorough view of
blue skywaves of air, and green
unto me I come the day,1 day 2 day 3 day 4 days amore

Waning between half illuminated and half aligned
rays of silverline expand
a waning, gibbious upon the third quarter
from your line of sight to mine
at times I might disappear into grey-white
shadow waning to turn crescent light
between a quarter illumination and a shrinking drought of blue lunation
observer outside eats a sidereel period of 10 days no more

A phased by the distance of my eyes from yours
sometimes my color changes into rays of gold
powdered dust from fog
though it’s often cold
from canyon to canyon I sparkle
depths of mirror in light
phase full, its been 182.5
plus two since I’ve seen you
through sunlight sometimes I’m too full to see from upside down
I’m right side up but sometimes I’m just too full I’ll swallow you whole
decrease your emissions and mission to change by day by day
As I twirl a quarter north waning back to the south
Into full sunlight
The Making of Making

“…evolve as human behavior changes and new materials and manufacturing technologies emerge…today’s modern living embraces the blending of life & work…if you can shape it in your life, you can find it." 
                                              -Herman Miller
                                               (+ wise words of a fortune cookie)


[For me, first of all, dopeness is what I like the most. Dopeness. People who want to make things as dope as possible. And, by default, make money from it. The thing that I like the least are people who only want to make money from things whether they’re dope or not. And especially make money at making things as least dope as possible.]

–Kanye West

 This is the first time that I have encountered the question, “what is a leader?” 

I can’t help but avoid the generalization of the question to reflect upon my own character as to what it means for me to be a leader.

I believe a leader is a teacher that has learned patience and the value of time. There is an immeasurable energy and gentle passion innate to a leader’s makeup that translates purveyance forward into innovation. With the utmost honesty, a leader is also empathetic to opposition and fair with an open-mind. One must also inhibit a respect for the value of the preservation of a culture’s heritage and tradition and in turn bare infectious optimism regardless of context. A leader’s mind bares no borders and is limited from nothing but humility.

 Leadership comes in the most altruistic of forms. I do not think it appears in any expected way but rather is born in a diversity of characters. It is something we experience and bare witness to by the change and impacts initiated through leadership. It can come in the simplest of forms from an individual’s garden to healthy eating habits and naturally across greater scales that affect entire communities. I also find that leadership requires a truth that people can believe in in order to function effectively. It is through this that people collaborate and that the momentum of progress will flourish.

I can think of several examples that have given me a little glow of inspiration inside. For example, when I experienced the urban design in Copenhagen, I bore witness to communities of the greatest diversity. There was no definitive segregation of low to high-income housing and no neighborhood looked identical. The public spaces were my favorite actually. Architects and artists collaborated to initiate a movement of art, activity and life in the loneliest areas of the city by building curious visual and physical playgrounds that embraced the historic and modern culture present. Businesses and bike trails also drove revenue into those areas.

Change begins with the self in the smallest of steps. Just from leading a healthier lifestyle and reducing my footprint in costs, mileage, and consumption, the people closest to me have noticed the details that have improved in my appearance, mannerisms and mindset as radical signs of change just from simple interactions with me. I try to remain conscientious and responsible for my actions and have also set out to share my new inspirations as passions within my social network.

 No matter the scale, so long as leadership is implanted where people see the benefit and positive reverberations of its effect, natural attention or even curiosity will draw others to follow. If people experience change as an investment for a more profitable future, whether it be in the measureable or immeasurable forms, its value will come to surface if its intentions are true. By word of mouth and with the good initiation of others, effective leadership will inspire a relentless social movement.


Tomorrow Machine, neonaturalism at its finest. A swedish design studio fusing biology and technology to make intelligent products. 

Above: the Self-Opening package (watch the video here). This package opens itself when the temperature (in the oven) is just right and the food is ready to be served.

The studio studied shapes that are self-opening in nature in order to work with the mechano-active material which will change shape when exposed to high temperature. 


When I first met sustainable design I had a sense of what was right, why I wanted to take this path of reflection and begin to think how; how to process my ideas and new found information as well as communicate my eagerness to not only be an active participant of change but also a provocateur and leader of innovation. My motives remain the same, but I have gained a taste of the possibilities that sustainability as an umbrella can inspire. It is the strategy I take to activate this journey that has transformed. My value systems have focused/re-awakened aspects of my thinking that I was already addressing but was not fully aware of. I have learned to address full circle my actions and ideas and the synergetic processes to continue feeding this mindshift.

Pressing climate change demands a radical shift in design: the ultimate lifestyle adjustment. For the sake of survival, we must divide from traditional linear thought. We can use the world as our learning platform to evolve in incremental development to the next level of human species. It is no longer responsible for humans to ignore their position as a major factor of exponential imbalance of the earth’s systems. So why not go beyond the traditions of ‘green design’ and strive for the most unremarkable kind of design where nature is our model, mentor, and muse. The world requires humans to contribute to the environment through a new path, where ‘take, make, and waste’ takes on the form of synergetic innovation.

In the words of philosopher Francis Bacon, I believe that “If we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted.” A new era of design demands our attention. We must discover the qualities found in contemporary societies that are viable to re-imagining our relationship to the natural world. Imagine re-designing what it means to live, removed of linear thought processes and instead built of cyclical relationships. Think of an empowered mankind, driven to generate energy in the form of adaptability, efficiency and interdependence similar to the organisms employed in our ecosystem.

I define this new era as being neo natural. Neo, meaning new, or “near-earth-object,” (as it has been before abbreviated) and Naturalism, as defined by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, highlights the mind through science:

The term ‘naturalism’ has no very precise meaning in contemporary philosophy. Its current usage derives from debates in America in the first half of the last century. The self-proclaimed ‘naturalists’ from that period included John Dewey, Ernest Nagel, Sidney Hook and Roy Wood Sellars. These philosophers aimed to ally philosophy more closely with science. They urged that reality is exhausted by nature, containing nothing ‘supernatural’, and that the scientific method should be used to investigate all areas of reality, including the ‘human spirit’ (Krikorian 1944, Kim 2003).

Ultimately, neo naturalism, is a strategy for change, to perceive and self-reflect through a new lens. It is a hybrid of various avenues to innovate and explore nature, science and creativity. For 3.85 billion years. Nature has learned what lasts and what works. It is now our time to learn to acclimate to create more opportunity with a new sense of inquiry and humility.I believe this tactic goes beyond our current standard of design. My introduction to sustainable design serves as a pinnacle moment where self-awareness was achieved. I have been inspired to uncover my purpose and meaning in the world by shaping the future I want to see.