tagged by @gerrard thank you!! já não fazia isto há bué 😊😘

ok, a little explanation (from left to right, top to bottom):

  1. sushi of course, it’s so good 🍣
  2. the tomb of D. Pedro I, to represent my city, Alcobaça
  3. Claude Monet’s woman with parasol because I’m very keen on his paintings
  4. me on a library pointing to a certain book on the art category 
  6. flowers because I like them so much and I’m always taking photos of the pretty flowers I encounter 🌻
  7. my cat! her name is Nicas 🐈
  8. a neon sign in serralves museum to represent my interest in neon aesthetics
  9. my boyfriend 💕💖 (I really like this photo)

I tag @bel-icopt-air, @pastelpatronum, @glosscake and @nubesita