I’ve always wanted to play with texture and light.. so I thought of an idea that helped me use different polishes to create a mixed media-kind of mani.Color blocking with tape, in a connected geometric pattern between four nails 

I used - white base (zoya zoyanailpolish purity) for neon - Neon yellow (Orly’s orlynails glow stick)- OPI’s opi-products matte topcoat for neon areas , HK girl glossy topcoat for all else- Zoya’s pixie dust (London) for slate areas and the gorgeous lilac is OPI’s 

Hope u like
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من زمان و انا بخاطري هالفكره: “اللعب بالضوء و الملمس” فقلت اسوي ماني بقطع مختلفة من الألوان و أنواع الأصباغ لينتج عمل مشابه لفكرة “خلط الخامات” . و صممت تصميم هندسي بسيط متصل بين الأظافر . أرجو أن يعجبكمو عشان تحصلون على أقوى اصفر فسفوري استعملو طبقة بيضاء تحته و يفضل عليه مات توب كوت
الأصباغ المستخدمة:- بيس أبيض لكل من المناطق الصفراء و الليلك: زويا پيوريتي (افضل صبغ أبيض جربته)- أصفر فسفوري “قلو ستيك” من أورلي- توب كوت مطفي عالأصفر من OPI و باقي المناطق توب كوت لماع- للرمادي العجيب استخدمت زويا بيكسي دست اسمه london  

This is my festival mani!!

Really cool holographic and yet cheap polish and Maybelline bleached neons.

unfortunately you can’t really see how awesome thoses glitters are but it looks cool anyway. :)

Tropink, Sun Flare and Coral heat for the neon ones.

I hope you’ll like it.


My Beauty Spot Electrifying Neon Nails Collection - Distressed Neon Nailart creation and Review

This collection was one of the sets given to me by my aunt for my 22nd birthday Last 3rd of May, it was purchased in the USA therefore I can’t really verify if it can be found anywhere else, but for those who can get their hands on it, it comes in a cylindrical packaging exposing all 6 polishes.. 

I used a white base as a primer to make the colors pop because like any neon polish it just needs that base to pop, but it’s absolutely stunning when it’s on.. they’re incredibly bright and loud but as you can see its very very possible for them to work together in one look.. 

How is the application? It’s quite jelly like since they are neon polishes although the purple and blue ones can hold on their own, The brush is quite big and allows for easy application.. the formula dried quite well I did apply a top coat to finish off the look as I felt it lacked shine

Would I repurchase this if I could? YES… I love how extremely loud the colors are, I have heaps of neon polishes in my stash but I don’t quite have anything like these polishes.. they aren’t a big brand polish but they’re definitely very very attractive to look at on the nails 

As for the nailart, I started off as i said with a white base, I used Forever 21 nailcolor in the shade Ivory, i then proceeded to apply strokes of the polishes onto the nail using the dry brush method which I learned from lucysstash.. this simply means to clean your nail polish brush on the edges of the bottle till almost no polish is left and randomly swipe it around the nail, you should be left with streaky lines of polish… mix the colors and strokes, you can stroke downwards, upwards and even sidewards… I did this for all the nails except my ring finger because I chose that as my accent nail.. I then proceeded to paint my entire ring fingernail with the scarlet shade and added a dot of gold polish with a dotting tool because I don’t have gold studs at the moment but that was basically the look I was going for… 

This turned out a lot better than I’d imagined and I hope you all like this review slash tute! have an amazing day lovelies!

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