Preliminary sketches and design of Mari Makinami, Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance - part 2

Judging by the first concept arts and ideas for Mari Illustrious Makinami, at first, a simil gothic-lolita look was chose for this new character. She was supposed to wear a long laced dress and carry a little parasol with her; she also seemed to have very long hair. The idea was later abandoned as she is seen wearing a college (maybe English) school uniform; as you can see in these photos, she was later depicted with very short hair (and a more mature look??) but the same school uniform – and parasol too. In some sketches and rejected storyboards, Mari is also seen wearing the same uniform Rei, Asuka, Hikari and the other girls wear.

In a deleted scene or entire different scenario - judging by the unused storyboards, at some point of the story, Mari is seen attending Shinji’s class and even scolding him for some weird reason when he tries to run away; Mari is also seen piloting a Eva with Asuka and getting badly injuried during the battle. After the fight she is seen wearing heavy bandages on her arm and around her head; some scenes later she is seen outside, staring at Shinji from the other side of a railway track, before disappearing all of a sudden. The scene and the setting seem to recall the moment, during 2.22 when Mari is seen observing the sky alone at sunset.

Classified Informations: Gendo Ikari

Commander-in-chief of Nerv and Shinji Ikari’s father. A cool-headed personality who will use any means necessary to achieve his goals. His subordinates find him somewhat difficult to deal with.

Served the formerly existing entity, Gehirn, as the chief of the Artificial Evolution Laboratory. He employs his gift for manipulating information and concealing his handiwork in order to actively acquire funding for Nerv’s administration.

Gendo married Yui Ikari, who had connections with Seele, so that he could become a member himself. He held consecutive posts as the Executive Chief of Operations (among other things) for Project E, the Human Instrumentality Project, and Nerv. Not long after he became a member of Seele, he went to the South Pole to be an auditor for the Katsuragi Investigation Team.

Gendo’s goals, like Seele’s, are the annihilation of the Angels and the Human Instrumentality Project — but, for him, this means reuniting with the deceased Yui. He moves as to not arouse suspicion. Seele keep a close eye on him and issue threats as needed.

You are extremely afraid of any kind of initial contact, aren’t you? Are you that afraid of other people? I know that by keeping others at a distance, you avoid a betrayal of your trust; but while you may not be hurt that way, you mustn’t forget that you must endure the loneliness. Men can never completely erase this sadness, because all men are fundamentally alone.
—  Neon Genesis Evangelion, dir. Hideaki Anno