even the Angels cant destroy the minions now

*plays Tamashii no Refuran*

This is it. This is my big piece for Year of Eva! Around 100 hours over the span of 2 months.  Tamashii no Refuran is my favorite song from NGE. When I heard it come up on my playlist I seemed to get really entranced by it and sometimes I would cry while I worked on this. Even now when I hear it, I browse my image and I dunno…I wanted this piece and that song to match together and I truly feel I accomplished that. I hope eva fans will enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it. HAPPY 20th ANNI EVANGELION!  This show means sooooo much to me. I wanted to add MPE’s in there, but It was taking up soo much memory to run this piece already ;-; 

If your favorite angel didn’t make it in, I am sorry. :(

nge aesthetic network (tag: #ngeaestheticnet) (nge pixel credit)

for big gay eva loving fucks

info to join;

🌿 mbf these gays @ prince-of-homos and bearmonarch

🍂 fill out this form

🌿 reblog if applying (like to bookmark)

🍂 respectful of pronouns/identity/orientation/tw/etc 

🌿 into nge/aesthetics (ex. tiny plants)

🍂 have an active skype/tumblr

🌿 kawoshin 4 life, dtm (down to meme)

🍂 between 13-21 


🍂 chill skype chats/calls/memes

🌿 new friends to discuss sad eva children with

🍂 selfie/text post/art/aesthetic post reblogs

🌿 everyone is anime trash with a thirst for aesthetic


no deadline, accepting forms as they come in :^0 

cap @ 15-20 people