Neon genesis evangelion

I heard the anime had some fucked up scenes and some severe psychological trauma but god damn. the end of evangelion movie just mind fucked my already broken mind with even more fucked scenes and the complete decimation of shinji’s mind (poor kid) and at the very end it was happily ever after they all got ice cream and shinji finally got along with his dad and love interests (lies)

10/10 would recommend, one of the best animes I’ve watched may be hard to understand for some but damn it’s a good watch

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Mari's VA once said in an interview that you could figure out from where she came from just by watching Q, i've rewatched it many times but still can't see it. Do you have any theories regarding her origins and her role in the rebuilds ?

I think Mari may have been working undercover the whole time. This is especially considering her vast knowledge considering she knows:

  • The Backdoor Code (The Beast) for an Evangelion.
  • She knows Mark 09 was one of the Adams. She even warns Rei to eject from Mark 09 immediately lest her Evangelion goes all “vessel of the Adams.” She also knows she’s incapable of killing said Evangelion.
  • What does she mean by Vessel of the Adams? Does she hint that Rei could be absorbed when her Evangelion reaches such a status? Vessel of Adam sounds like a one-way ticket to crap seriously hitting the fan.
  • She also talks about Rei’s original being much friendlier. Does she mean Yui or does she sort of hint at Rei Q to her that she’s being controlled by higher powers to facilitate more Impacts? Could she also hint that Rei Q isn’t the original Rei? Rei Q seems way more blank on her identity in the events of the 3rd movie.

I do believe that with the knowledge Mari possesses that she was trying to stop the Impacts. When catching wind that SEELE, controlling NERV, was behind the Impacts, she likely detracted along with Misato, Ritsuko, and the NERV Bridge Kids (let’s just go with that name) to form WILLE.