Stabbing the spears

It’s 2am my time and I’m sure most people are asleep, but hey it’s Evangelion meta time!

In this, I’m going to be going into detail talking about a couple points relating to Unit 13 stabbing herself during the climax of 3.0 and Kaworu’s involvement with doing do. 

All of this is theory, so please feel free to respond in kind.

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I need more blogs to follow!!

So I've kinda ventured off on a random following spree over the last couple of weeks and the content i enjoy most isn’t showing up anymore so if you post any of the following or a mixture either message/reblog/like/follow me and ill follow you! Thank you!

  • Basically any anime, these are some I like:
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  • American Horror Story
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Basically, I need a lot of anime blogs lol, Thank you!

realized while re-watching evangelion that commander ikari super influenced how I imagine professor van ark’s appearance

probably, because, like:

“Gendo is a brilliant scientist and politician who works diligently for his organization; however, he is an extremely callous person and a cold and distant father towards his son, and has no qualms about using and discarding people to achieve his goals”

“He intended to use Third Impact to become godlike and create a better future for humanity together with his wife Yui Ikari.”

xairathan  asked:

-quietly slides in- There's also a popular fan theory that Rei Ayanami's soul is residing in the SDAT player, whether that means the soul will hop into Rei-Q or be just generally available for whatever souls do is something else though.

Interesting! If you can, or if anyone can, please link me the theory?