Since I’m gonna end soon my sketchbook (the 2nd one is the old)  I made another collage to relax me a little , also I used them has wallpaper to feel positive about my own art , sometimes is hard to believe you made ALL THAT! like woah!

and maybe you guy could use it? if you want of course

Meka don’t you have tons of work to do tomorrow!?


evangelion quickie. im Mcfreakin obsessed with kaworu right now. FIRST THE BIG NEWS:: I AM ON A PLANE TO SEE MARY TOMORROW. ANTICIPATE PHOTOS.

okokok for those like. three of you who care i read a volume of the eva manga today and i loved how much the darkness in kaworu’s character was excentuated! he killed a kitten for gosh sakes.. that’s worse than kicking a puppy for setting you smack down in the villain category. and of course he manipulated shinji into shouldering the guilt for his own death. thats.. harsh. but i think the main reason i love kaworu is because he’s such a hope spot in the anime and in you can (not) redo.. i love that he’s the only one in shinji’s life who doesn’t cause him utter despair. that’s the main thing i love about their dynamic. so i gotta say as much as i appreciate the manga as like.. a character study or an exploration of a realm of possibility, i prefer kaworu’s role and revealed character in the show and in the movie.