Just a little taste of the four new listings on their way… photos being edited, listings being drafted… Soon to available in my shop!!
Plus many more neon options to come!

Make your summer a little brighter with some neon <3
Imagine how they’d look under black light?



INSPIre: Neon!

A neon statement piece jewelry can brighten up any outfit! Spring is around the corner so let’s take out all the colours! I love these 4 pieces from Tom Binns and Dannijo. These statement pieces are so beautiful, but I must say that they have quite heavy price tags on them. My next couple posts will be on a couple DIY projects and also some more affordable options! 

Top 2: Tom Binns (current collection, here)

Bottom 3: Dannijo

  1. Hixson Collar Necklace ($745)
  2. Maui Bracelets  ($220)
  3. Capucine Necklace ($445)