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Here’s an unsolicited headcanon that literally nobody asked for:

I’m a big proponent of the idea that to make your relationship a healthy one, you’ve got to accept the fact that sometimes the person you love is going to be petty. Sometimes you’re going to be petty. We’re all petty sometimes.

But Viktor and Yuuri are petty in very different ways.

Viktor is petty in that he still says things like, “You just wouldn’t understand,” instead of trying to explain himself because that’s what he went so long doing. He also has a bad habit of taking it personally when Yuuri doesn’t comment positively on a new shirt or pair of pants. And, of course, like Yuuri and his Bad Tie, Viktor is constantly running a monologue under his breath about the bad fashion choices of those around him.

“Orange is not your color, honey,” Viktor mumbles under his breath, referring to a woman walking past them wearing an orange-paisley pantsuit.

Even Yuuri can agree that it’s hideous, but he’s not sure why Viktor feels the need to point it out. Someday, somehow, someone is going to hear him, and he’s going to have to talk a person out of punching his husband in the face.

“You did a spread in Teen Vogue where you wore safety-monitor-orange pants and a neon green shirt,” Yuuri tells him, remembering it vividly because it was horrible and awful but that didn’t stop fourteen-year-old Yuuri from keeping it shoved under his pillow for…purposes.

“Ugh,” is Viktor’s succinct reply.

Viktor being petty about fashion makes sense to Yuuri, though. In a weird sort of way.

Likewise, it makes sense to Viktor that Yuuri is petty about food.

See, this is a learning curve for Viktor because his Yuuri is a sweet, beautiful and loyal person but he would probably get into a physical fight with someone over his favorite foods? Like, the first time Viktor eats the last of Yuuri’s favorite frozen yogurt Yuuri won’t let him touch him when they go to bed. 

This is such an odd concept for Viktor because his whole life it’s been like, “Oh? You want some of my food? Yes, here!” If it will make someone happy, Viktor would forfeit his favorite part of any dish so that a person he loves could have a moment of joy.

Yuuri on the other hand, sometimes warily stares at Viktor for a full ten seconds before allowing him to reach in and grab a (Small, Viktor) handful of the chips he’s eating.

“We’re married,” Viktor pouts, munching slowly on the four (4) whole cheesy poofs Yuuri allowed him.

“And?” Yuuri says, staring with determination at the television.

“I promise to love and support–”

“I am loving and supporting you,” Yuuri says. “You’re not married to my cheesy poofs. They don’t have to.”

This is the point at which Viktor usually lunges for the bag, and the aforementioned physical fight usually happens. Yuuri and Viktor usually look up from the subsequent heavy petting session twenty minutes later to realize that Makkachin has eaten the remaining chips and is now walking around with the bag on his head, bumping into the walls.

A little boy wearing lime green shorts and a neon orange shirt would appear randomly around my house to tickle me and would never stop unless I cried. The only way to end it was to tickle him back but i could never do that as I never knew when he’d show up. Long story short, I cried a lot.

Father’s Day

Summary: Bucky Barnes is absolutely horrified when his four-year old daughter tells him she’s getting married. When he tries to figure out what the heck is going on, he gets the best surprise of his life.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Readers, OFC Becca Barnes

Warnings: Insane amount of fluff

A/N: So, this is super, ridiculously fluffy, but it’s Father’s Day and Bucky, not I’m not apologizing :P As always, thanks for reading!

Check out the other two stories with these characters!

Mother’s Day      She Gets It From You

Bucky Barnes had no idea what time it was, but he knew it was way too early for a pair of blue eyes to be staring him in the face.

“Becca, go back to bed,” he mumbled, pulling the covers over his head. He felt the bed dip as his daughter climbed up and cuddled against Bucky’s blanketed form. A small hand stroked the top of his head, and he couldn’t help but smile. He pulled the covers off and greeted his little girl.

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kevin and thea as that couple who work out together. they spot for each other when they’re lifting and thea makes kevin take selfies in the weight room mirror with her when they take a quick break between reps.

thea as that girl who wears all the bright colored shirts, sports bras and running tights, contrasting kevin in his all black/dark colored ensemble. but every now and then he’ll wear one of those neon colored under armour shirts. AND SOMETIMES HE’LL MATCH HER, BUT INSIST ITS PURELY COINCIDENCE OR THAT ITS ALL THAT HE HAD CLEAN AND NEEDS TO DO LAUNDRY. (but you know thea’s just like “ok, sure kevin. you’re so full of crap”)

imagine them doing warm up laps together and it starts out cute and pushing ahead of the other just ever so slightly until they’re both full out sprinting to be first!! probably bumping each other so that the other will stumble because “seriously, stop it, just admit I can out run you any day!” and they’re way too competitive and definitely not afraid to get rough with one another, they know their limits and boundaries after playing against one another on the court back at evermore.

but also kevin helping rub icy-hot or tiger balm into thea’s aching muscles after a tough practice and vice versa before thea makes kevin read her something, one of his history books. thea laying her head on his lap and closes her eyes to listen to him because he has a nice reading voice.

kevin braiding thea’s hair on her game days. like at first its clumsy and just a way to quietly spend time together while she gets in the zone before she redoes it, but then after a while he gets good at it and starts putting her hair into more intricate braids.


sorry, i just started thinking about Thea and Kevin, Ultimate Sports Couple™ and couldn’t help myself. 

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ok but consider: tony being an Embarrassing Dad™, wearing shitty spiderman merchandise and telling anyone who will (or won't) listen about peter's accomplishments. he could save a cat from a tree and tony won't shut up about it for days

Tony would 100% wear shitty spiderman merchandise all the time, but imagine this.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Peter hisses, glaring at the neon pink shirt decorated with his face. 

“It’s your first college science fair, I had a shirt made. To show my support. Because, I support you.” Tony explains, gesturing to the lettering. “I’m so proud of you.” 

“So you’re trying to embarrass me?” Peter hisses, and Tony frowns down at his own shirt. 

“It just says Peter Parker fan club.” He mumbles. “Is there something wrong with it?” Peter shakes his head, barely resisting a facepalm. Tony turns sad eyes on him.

“It’s very sweet Tony, maybe next time don’t go with the hot pink, and neon green lettering. It kinda clashes.” Peter says, because Tony wears shitty spiderman sweaters to board meetings, there’s no way Peter will convince him not to have a fan club shirt, but he can maybe make it a little less garish. 

“Oh, sorry. I let Dum-E pick out the colors.” Tony explains, Peter snorts. Before being distracted by Pepper and Rhodey walking up in equally as garish fan club shirts. 

“Where’s aunt May? I brought a shirt for her.” Rhodey explains, Peter groans, dropping his head down on the table. 

“You guys are the worst.” He grumbles. Still, he’s touched. Even Pepper is wearing that god awful shirt to support him, and she’s the one who forced him to go to a tailor before graduation. 

The Price of Gold (Part 2)

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Word Count: 2070

Warnings: fluff, flashbacks

Summary: As a sports journalist you’ve traveled the world interviewing famous athletes. You’ve loved your job up until you find out your next article is on the last person in the world you ever wanted to talk to, Lance Tucker.

A/N: This doesn’t follow The Bronze canon though some film details are mixed with real world events. Written for @green-eyeddragonfanfiction Dragon’s 3k Follower Creative Content Challenge. My prompt was “I can’t be in love with you!” Send me an ask if you’d like to be tagged! gif not mine (x)


Adjusting the headphone in his ear Lance pulls his phone out from his pocket, standing in the center of a construction zone of his newly acquired warehouse, the warehouse he refinanced his own house for and is now in great debt in the hopes of developing into a gymnastics center. Everything is on the line.

Debt is not something Lance ever worried about. By seventeen he won a silver medal for the US Men’s Gymnastics Team at the 2004 Rome Olympics and dove into fame head first where a plethora of endorsements were opened to him. It’s what he needed, seeking out fame like it was oxygen; he depended on it. Hearing praise and adoration from anyone filled a part of himself that was missing, no, the part he lost just before reaching his dream. The stadium was filled with faceless people, all blurs of a crowd that cheered him on, all but one.

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nine percent as times of day

{ inspired by this post }

- 2:36 am - wang linkai

clean hotel room, talking about his dreams above the sound of some lo-fi hip-hop playlist playing in the background, tired eyes looking into yours, inappropriately loud laughter, playing with your fingers, exchanging ghost stories

- 6:15 am - zhu zhengting

wakes you up with a kiss, bare feet on cold tiles, gritty morning voice, quiet giggles and soft whispers, legs intertwined on the couch sipping hot coffee, watching infomercials, head on your shoulder, smells like clean sheets

- 8:34 am - huang minghao

wakes you up by calling your phone, tells you he’s on his way to get you, talking about the dream he had while you get ready, sweetly smiles at your mom as he drags you out of the house, treats you to cheap breakfast, makes you laugh, takes too many selfies

- 9:30 am - you zhangjing

cooks breakfast with you while happy indie music plays, sings and dances too much to actually help, waters the plants before he eats, chin on your shoulder asking you to make the pancakes into cool shapes, messy hair tickles your face, spills scrambled eggs on his lap

- 12:23 pm - chen linong

intertwined hands, stopping to pet every dog on the way to the park, a basket full of sandwiches he lies about making, quiet cafes, soft laughter, warm pastries, puts too much honey in your tea, sneakily takes pictures of you and smiles at his phone

- 4:54 pm - lin yanjun

packing for a road trip, buys too many snacks, singing obnoxiously loud in the car, makes you laugh till you cant breathe, drums his fingers on the steering wheel, swears he won’t kiss you until you make it to the beach

- 6:34 pm - wang ziyi

crushed velvet, smokey eye makeup, hand on your thigh while he drives, a bouquet of roses, fancy restaurant and expensive wine, kisses you until your head spins, says things to make you blush, diamond jewelry

- 8:56 pm - fan chengcheng

warm fleece pajamas, blanket fort, paper bags of candy from the convenience store, always wants you on his lap, playing video games, loud laughter, kisses you while you’re talking, tells you you’re beautiful at random times, falls asleep in your arms

- 11:43 pm - cai xukun

night clubs, loud music, neon lights, white t-shirt, kissing you in a crowd, compliments you above the club noise, holds your hand so he doesn’t lose you, kissing the spot behind your ear, whispering things he doesn’t want other people to hear

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what if kara’s eyes capture light different than human eyes do and instead of wearing pastel clothes she is under the impression she is wearing neon yellow shirts and orange skirts with lime glasses

Kara’s eyes capture light differently so everyone looks like they’re wearing those weed socks everything is covered in marijuana leaves it’s 420 blaze it 24/7 for this kryptonian

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I'm laughing from everyone's faces when Dante comes flying in to take off that security guards head, especially Hector's.

Every single shocked expression here is a gift. And everyone is absolutely caught off guard by the howling blur of color with the mini wings except for that one guy in the neon green t-shirt in the first screenshot just like annoyed that everyone’s making so much noise when there’s a show going on

Nobody Else But You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader 

Summary: You have a thing for frat boy Bucky Barnes, and he may have a thing for you. But relationships aren’t as easy as they may seem…can you and Bucky make this work?

Author’s Note: I’m kind of in a writer’s block with my Sam Wilson fanfic, so here’s something for y’all to read that I had posted on my now-deleted sideblog. Anyways, I’ve always loved the idea of frat boy! Bucky and couldn’t help but come up with a story. I’ve got tons more of other frat boy head canons and yeah, hope you guys enjoy! (Also, in this series, Bucky has short hair) 

Tag list & requests are open!  

Warnings: none really 

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

You always thought the whole sorority girl and frat boy thing was so overrated, it was so cliche and people tended to make a big deal out of it for no reason. So imagine the irony of you being at a frat party, one which your best friend made you attend.


“Y/N, you’re definitely coming.” Nat stated, hands on her hips as you sat on the couch scrolling through your phone. 

“No, no Nattie.” You shook your head. “Y’know I’m not a fan of them..” 

Nat chuckled. “What? Frat boys or parties?” 

“How bout both?” You grinned, placing your phone next to you face-down. 

“Lies. You’re a fan of one frat boy in particular… Bucky Barnes.” She had a smirk on her face, as you felt the heat rise in your neck. 

“Shut up! I am not!” You crossed your arms and looked up at the ceiling, trying to avoid her gaze. 

“Really? Because three times today you brought him up. This morning, during free period, and during lunch. You’re never the type to bring up anyone during any of our conversations THREE times!” 

“Okay? He was bugging me is all..”

Nat started to mimic you. “‘He’s always calling me doll. And, ugh, that stupid cap of his that he’s always one tells him to take it off! And don’t get me started on his tight shirts that make his muscles bulge out and somehow even though I hate him I can’t help but get lost in his icy blue eyes!’” She pretended to faint, then fell over in laughter. 

“Still not going.” You muttered. 

“Oh, you’re going Y/N. Definitely. Or I’ll change the Netflix password.” 

You rolled your eyes. “Ugh, fine. But I’m not gonna enjoy it.” 


You had stuck to your word. You were leaning against a far corner of the wall, where it was almost completely empty except for some crushed beer cans and a couple that was making out next to you. You were holding a red cup that was filled barely half way with water. You weren’t trying to get drunk..especially at a frat party. 

And it was almost exactly how you pictured it to be: a room filled with college students that reek of Bud Lite and sweat. Some grinding action going on in the corner and a few girls dancing on top of a table, thinking they’re the hottest thing since sliced bread. A few boys wearing neon blue shirts that say “sober monitor”, while holding warm keg beer in their hands. The latest hits playing in one room and body-thumping techno music blaring down in the basement. Failed attempts to pick up girls and drunken PDAs with complete strangers. The beer pong champ running the table and a floor so disgusting you wouldn’t dare take off your shoes… Yep, first frat party. What a delight. 

Thankfully, no one was paying much mind to you. And Nat was only a few steps away, standing with her boyfriend Clint and sharing passionate kisses every second. Clint was a frat boy, which you almost always forgot because once you got to know him, he wasn’t cocky and rude…like most frat boys are. 

Your luck was starting to run out though, because Bucky was making his way over to you. Okay, Nat was right that you had a crush on him. But who doesn’t? He’s so mind-shockingly gorgeous that even if the most stupidest thing came out of his mouth he’d have every girl (and maybe every boy) on their knees. His hair was always ruffled in a cute “I just woke up like this” look, his face was always clean shaven showing his jawline of perfection, he always wore different colored caps but put them on backwards, and he was always wearing loose fitted jeans that made his thighs look good. 

The thing you loved most about him though, were his beautiful blue eyes. They were like two deep pools, but always changing color. Sometimes they were grey, like storm clouds. Other times, they almost looked green; resembling sea foam..

You didn’t realize you were in a trance until Bucky cleared his throat. “Hey, doll. Never thought I’d see you here.” 

“What do you want, Bucky?” You furrowed your brows and tightened the grip on your cup. You tried ignoring the light skip of your heart at the sound of his nickname for you.

“You on your knees.” He smiled cheekily, leaving you unfazed. “C’mon, Y/N. Be a party gal and go up there and show some of your moves.” Bucky gestured vaguely to the table top where suddenly two girls were making out. 

You made a face. “You want me to make out with someone?”

Bucky chuckled and leaned against the wall. “No, doll. That would be entertaining though. I want to see your dance moves.” 

“Yeah…you’re not ready for that.” You grinned, taking a sip from your cup. 

“What does that mean?” Bucky still bore a smile on his face. “Do I have to take you out to dinner first?” 

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to trouble you. We all know Bucky Barnes takes it straight to the bedroom..” You scoffed sarcastically.

“Oh, but baby it’d be different with you. I’d meet up with you at a party like this…” Bucky started to come closer to you. “Take you alone in a corner..” He was standing in front of you now, one arm extended forward on the wall as he leaned in closer, your guys’ lips barely an inch apart. “And..” 

“Hey, Barnes! Somebody beat your beer pong record!” A dark skinned boy called from across the room. 

You heard Bucky growl as he turned his head. “What, Sam?” He sounded angry, but you didn’t think it was about the beer pong thing. 

Bucky’s blond best friend, Steve Rogers, stepped out from the crowd. “It was me, Buck-o!” He had his hands on his hips, smiling proudly as a bunch of people slapped him on the back and a few girls gave him kisses on the cheek. 

“Great job, Stevie!” Bucky yelled, but everyone ignored him as they quickly turned back to the game. Bucky turned back to you, smirking. “Now where were we?” 

“You were invading my personal space.” You were still holding your cup, but you were now pushed up against the wall, your chest touching Bucky’s. 

“This okay?” He stared at you innocently, as fluorescent lights shined down on him. You nodded your head, too nervous and excited to say anything. 

Bucky put his lips softly on yours, gripping the back of your head with his hand that was originally placed on the wall next to you. His free hand drifted to your hips as he deepened the kiss. You dropped your cup as you placed both hands around his neck, pulling him in for more. One of you let out a moan, and suddenly it didn’t feel like you were at a frat party anymore. It felt like you two were isolated in your own bubble, filled with lust and passion as the smell of Bucky’s cologne and thumping bass of the music urged both of you on. 

“Mm, Bucky..” Your voice came out muffled against his lips, as you placed both hands on his chest trying to push him away. 

Bucky kept his lips against yours for a little bit longer, before pulling away. “What, doll?” His pupils were blown and his hair seemed messier, if possible. 

Nat suddenly called out your name. “Y/N! C’mon, girl, we gotta go!” She was wearing Clint’s varsity jacket over her black dress, one hand wrapped around Clint’s arm. 

“Right..” You whispered under your breath. You stepped out from underneath Bucky. “Um..bye.” You didn’t wait for a response as you made your way over to Nat and Clint. And as you guys walked out of there, all you could think was, What the hell was that?

Alive!Noah Headcanons 
If Noah was alive and if he was the same age as the rest of the gang.

  • Noah is your typical angsty teenaged skateboarder to be honest so keep that in mind.
  • Bleaches his hair blond but then always dyes it a different obnoxious color when he’s out of school for the summer.
  • Blue helps him dye his hair because they are literally best friends. He teaches her how to skateboard and they spend a lot of weekends hanging out and creating art together. Where Blue is focused on fashion, Noah is obsessed with abstract sculpture and painting. 
  • His artist signature is always having glitter in all his work.
  • Actually, one whole corner of Monmouth is dedicated to their art. They have a huge white sheet covering the area that is splattered with paint and theres all sorts of weird shit over there.

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Lacuna| Hybrid au /Jeon Jeongguk

Part 10

Word Count: 2,4k

Genre: Hybrid! BTS, Fluff, Angst, Eventually smut, Romance, Friendship, All the feels

Pairing: Hybrid! Jeongguk x Reader

Warnings: Cursing/ Mentions of abuse, emotional torment, mistreatment, violence/

Summary: Doing laundry sucks in general, but having a companion makes it a bit better.

Authors Note: Lacuna - (n.) a blank space, a missing part|

/ Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 /

Frowning I place my hands onto my hips as I stare around me glancing briefly into the next room. It’s actually one room shaped into a rectangle, located on the right side and corner of my also rectangle shaped apartment. Its right next to the small entrance hall once you step inside, and as I said before it has been divided into two parts of a room. I’m currently standing in second part where I got a laundry machine and a drier with of course products at the side the shelves I’ve build in myself next to the two machines that are I’ll admit too big for only me (but hey money I have it, I got them I’m not complaining). There is a month worth of clothes sprawled over the floor, that I divided into three sections. White, blue and red. There aren’t many other colours to be honest, I just wash onesies and like other coloured pieces with the bedding and towels.

But I sigh quietly to myself as I stare at the piles of clothes. Half of them don’t even belong to me. And like I don’t mind doing laundry, my mom taught me since I was like 14 how to do household stuff. Leaning against the wall, I lull my head left and right closing my eyes briefly.

Ugh. Doing the laundry isn’t the issue!! Neither is hanging up the clothes or switching them into the dryer that I rarely use for some reason. The frustration is about the ironing. I hate doing that; I despise it with a passion. Other two things no problem, but ironing fuckkkkkkkk.

Frustrated I grab the white pile of clothes and start to stuff it into the washer. Damnit Kookie I’ll have to put two rounds of white. I mean it’s fine, just…I’m getting annoyed with myself. Crankyyyyyyyy. Once finishing setting the machine up, I sit down for a moment and stare at the small screen. Washing machines have gotten way to modern in my opinion. Like there’s so many ways, options, demands to wash your stuff. Unnecessary, because again it takes effort to read the manual. I’ve never bothered by looking at the tags on my clothes I just went with my gut feelings about it. Never ruined a piece, only maybe coloured one round of white into blue, but that wasn’t even my fault because my friend threw his neon, yes neon blue shirt with my white round.

‘’Are you hiding away from me?’’

Glancing up Jeongguk is peeking over the open doors munching on something and watching me with curiosity. I shake my head and straighten up glancing around.

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honeys-u-c-k-le  asked:

Hello! do you have any recommendations for field-work appropriate clothing? NC is very spicy right now and the only thing I can get out of my mentors is 'wear shoes and sunscreen', which is good advice but not especially helpful. Thank you!

Oooh boy spicy is right. I have been digging and digging for photos other people have taken of me at bioblitzes, and the best I could find were these:

Photo credits to my BFFs Sam (left photo, from 2017! outside of Palestine, TX)[link], Chris (Center photo, this April in Del Rio, TX)[link], and James (Right photo, also Del Rio)[link]

They’re not… uh… too helpful. But notice there’s one thing you can see in all of them? LONG SLEEVES. Sam’s photo was taken in 91°F/32.8°C (in a swamp—very humid!). James’ photo was taken in 84°F/28.9°C. This may seem counter-intuitive, but I am adamant about long sleeves All The Time (and actually, in James’ photo, I am legitimately wearing a jacket). Several reasons: (1) I hate the way sunscreen feels but I’m paler than a blind cave newt’s belly (2) I hate wearing bug spray (3) when it’s hotter than balls out, you’re not going to feel any cooler in short sleeves (4) long sleeves actually help you cool down better by maximizing convective cooling aka the reason you sweat in the first place. Also, related to (2) I hate wearing bug spray: you can spray your clothes with permethrin, an insecticide which chemically binds to the fabric of your clothing and lasts for weeks and through several washes. If North Carolina is anything like Texas, you know that insecticide is not exactly optional. One thing to note: permethrin, when it’s wet, is extremely toxic to cats, so if you have pets, spray outside or in a garage where they can’t get exposed.

Anyway, I took the liberty of staging some photos so y’all can see what I look like in My Natural Habitat. Temperature was 95°F/35°C in these photos. I also included supplies/accessories because they have been very helpful for me and y’all not may know about them!

Headlamp: You don’t realize you need a flashlight in the middle of the day until you don’t have one. Or maybe it’s not the middle of the day! A headlamp lets you see in the dark and use both hands (amazing!)

Wide-brim hat: Protects your face/neck from the sun, and makes it a lot easier to take photos and use binoculars.

Wet bandana: Take a normal bandana, get it wet, and tie it around your neck. Offers extra sun protection AND keeps you cool. If it’s really hot out, wrap it around your forehead.

Hand sanitizer: Hopefully self-explanatory. Look out, if it’s hot out it will be HOT and RUNNY. Shake the bottle before opening!

Camera support clips: I have a superzoom camera which is pretty heavy. These clips let me take all that weight off my neck, since my backpack is supported by the waist strap.

WATER WATER WATER: WATER WATER WATER WATER. My backpack holds a 64 oz water bladder. In the morning, I will fill it all the way up with ice water and it will stay cold all day. Drink A TON OF WATER.

Long sleeves/quick dry shirt: This may or may not be one layer. My neon green/yellow shirt is one thing (also thin and breathable!) but I frequently layer a button-down shirt over a shorter sleeve shirt to avoid using sunscreen.

Sweep net: If you’re doing field work already, you know if this is useful for you or not. If you aren’t familiar with sweep nets, these are great for finding bugs that are hiding in tall grasses. The net is a sturdy canvas (lightweight mesh nets will easily tear). Usually you’ll catch a ton of grasshoppers and spiders.

Nitrile gloves: I only wear these when mosquitos are really bad. Because most of my body is covered, all they have to go for are my hands and face. And oh boy, mosquito bites on your hands are the worst. Also helpful if you have a tendency to manhandle plants while chasing bugs before realizing … wait… is this poison ivy…? Also useful if you wanna touch something real gross without touching something real gross!

Man-pouch: It’s not actually called a man-pouch, but that’s what I call it. These are molle pouches or something like that, and they’re like a tactical military thing I guess? It’s basically a fanny pack with belt loops and a carabiner instead of straps. They are pocket paradise. More on this next photo.

Quick-dry underwear: Nothing is worse than wet sweaty underwear chafing you all day. I wear synthetic undies, typically marketed as activewear, but any synthetic material will work to be honest.

Long pants: If you stay on trail all day, shorts are probably fine. But… who does field work from a trail? I wear quick-drying hiking pants, preferably a lightweight fabric but when I do manage to overheat, it’s not my legs, so I’ll also wear pants designed for cooler weather. Benefits of long pants: tucking them into your socks and/or boots to avoid ticks and chiggers; nobody noticing the mis-matching socks you threw on because you were running late.

Waterproof boots: I don’t know about you, but if I see something in the water, I’m gonna go in the water to see it better. In this photo I’m wearing my rubber boots, but I also have waterproof hiking boots that are more comfortable for longer distances. For my swamp trip in 2017, I also bought super expensive/super fancy waterproof socks, which were a lifesaver because we crawled through the swamp first thing that morning, and I definitely went in way deeper in the water than the tops of my boots, but my feet were dry all day.

pStyle: If you don’t have the anatomy that lets you pee in the woods without getting half-naked, I highly recommend this particular product. I did a TON of research on pee funnels, and this one got the best reviews and I can see why. It’s more of a spout than a funnel (so it won’t overflow), it eliminates the need for toilet paper, and it’s easy to use one-handed. If you’re out in the field for a long time AND/OR it’s super hot out, you will need to go eventually. Before I got this thing, I would just… not drink water to avoid dealing with this issue. That’s bad when the heat index is 120°F! Drink tons of water—NO EXCUSES!

Snacks: Ya gotta eat! I like clif bars and skittles! :D

Man-pouch II: The Pocketing: This thing has so many pockets. I keep lots of stuff in my backpack, but it’s a hassle to take it off every time I need something. So I keep things I might need in an emergency in it: extra snacks, ruler, first aid supplies, and extra batteries/memory cards. You may want to hold a notepad, collection supplies, magnifying glasses, etc. If your pants are deficient in the pocket department, this is a great solution.

The other side, for good measure. My backpack has lots of pockets for extra layers (either to put on or take off, depending how the weather changes). If rain is a possibility, I’ll shove my rain-proof shell in there. I also have my backpack loaded up with my knee/wrist braces and my cane.

More fashion accessories!

Gold Bond Rapid Relief anti-itch cream: This is the only anti-itch cream that works for me.

Emergency eyewash: I typically only need this at night, when eye gnats kill themselves in my eyes. I thought they were attracted to my headlamp, until I read up on it. No, there are flies which specifically fly into mammals’ eyes and I hate them. They’re horrible. If you need this, get the kit with the cup, and keep the cup in a mini-travel pill zipper bag as shown to keep it clean.

Moist towelettes: I don’t keep these in my backpack. I keep these in my car in the cooler with ice. Do this, trust me.

DEET wipes: I hate bugspray, but sometimes ya gotta. When I went to Malawi (you know, where the mosquitos carry the lethal strain of malaria?), I didn’t want to mess with a dinky travel size bottle of bug spray. These wipes fit in a pocket and you can take as many on an airplane as you want and nobody can stop you. Also, you can have them in a hot car and they won’t explode! Fun!

Sunscreen on a Stick: I hate sunscreen, but oh man I keep getting sunburns on my hands and it’s silly. This stuff doesn’t feel like sunscreen, so maybe I’ll experiment with short sleeves someday? (ha ha ha ha ha)

Emergency backup camera: Ya never know! Mine is a waterproof camera I bought 12 years ago, still takes great photos (and it’s WATERPROOF!)

Keep in mind: this is what I wear, and not necessarily what I recommend for everybody. You’ll need to try a few things out before you discover what works best for you. Plenty of people I go on bioblitzes with wear t-shirts and shorts, but plenty of people I go on bioblitzes with aren’t crawling through poison ivy and trampling through fire ant nests. Also, it’s possibly worth noting I have chronic health conditions which mean I’m (1) extremely sensitive to cold and (2) in pain all the time. This translates to (1) when normal humans are sweaty messes, I’m still wearing a jacket because I’m cold (2) when it *does* get a bit warm for me, I don’t notice because my shitty body lost attention privileges ten years ago.

Hope this helps!

June 10, 2018