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I suppose so

request from @ra-veela-claw x : Draco x reader where Draco takes care of her because she got stuck outside in the rain soaked to the bone…

sorry if its short, I can do part two if this not enough. I love draco requests guys so this made me super happy… keep sending me requests guys!!!!!

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Since it was the autumn holidays at Hogwarts, and you didn’t have another home to go to at the moment, due to your auntie and uncle staying, you stayed in school. It was quiet- it was miserable; the corridors were freezing cold and outside school grounds where full of puddles. Most of your house had left, and the others all went out for the day in Hogsmeade, so you were stuck in your dorm by yourself. 

You leapt out of bed, your feet hit the icy wooden floor, and your whole body shivered. It was freezing. 

The fire place had ran out of wood in your dorm, and lucky you, the only place for the fire wood- that was dry- was in Hagrid’s. So as fast as you could, you found the closest matching items near you and dressed yourself, along with y/h scarf wrapped around your neck and y/h bobble hat snug on your head. Leaving your common room, you set off to Hagrid’s. 

‘Hey Hagrid, how are you?’ you quivered as you entered the Gamekeepers humble hut. 

‘Oh, Hey love, I’m fine. Whats up wi’ you? Why are you ‘ere?’ He handed you one of his hot chocolates, in a gigantic mug.

‘ Yeh, I’m fine thank you Hagrid,’ you took a sip of the steaming hot beverage he gave to you  ‘but by any chance do you have any spare fire wood lying around, my dorm ran out you see and its bloody freezing in there!’ 

‘Ah-ugh, one sec there, ill have a check.’ and off he popped into the other room, hitting his head across the wooden beams. 

‘- AH, found some ‘ere!’ a muffled yet loud shout came from the other room. 

You stood up, taking the wood from his hands, and thanked him for the trouble you had caused. Before you went to sit back down, you heard patters on the ceiling. 

‘Oh, Merlin!’ you jumped up to see that the grounds were almost instantaneously soaked by the few seconds of rain that fell. ‘Hagrid, I’m awfully sorry, but I really must go, I can’t get this wood wet or it won’t work, thankyou Hagrid I had a lovely tim-’ and you were already running back up the hill. 

Your clothes were stuck firmly to your body, showing your bright coloured bra that you totally forgot about, but it didn’t bother you since you kept the wood dry. You walked the rest, looking like a drenched mess, when you come across a blond boy running towards you. 

is that Draco Malfoy? It can’t be. Why would he be running to me?

And to your surprise, it was Draco. He came rushing towards where you were stood, but slowed his pace when the two of you made eye contact. 

‘Er- I saw you, from the tower,’ he pointed up so you could see, ‘and you were running so, er- I came to check if you are okay? Are you okay?’ The blond boy stuttered, covering his head with, what seemed to look like, a book. 

‘oh-erm, yes, i’m fine Draco, I was just getting some wood off Hagrid,’ you shivered as the rain got colder and heavier ‘the dorm had no wood for fire.’

‘ah er, y/n’ he looked down at your chest to notice your neon underwear bulging through your white shirt, ‘here, you can use this.’ his cheeks became a shade of pink, and he wore his signature smirk, before handing you his long black coat. 

‘oh, Merlin sakes! I’m so sorry.’ you stammered, flustering at his remark, and obligingly took his coat, instantly covering your soaking shirt. 

You looked down to hide your redness, but it was too late, he saw. 

‘You know, y/n, I never thought that you would have bright coloured underwear, since you love dark colours..?’ he broke the silence, nervously laughing at the sight he had seen. 

‘well, it was the only spare I had lying arou- wait how did you know I love dark colours?’ you looked back up at Draco.

His hair flopped and became messy from the rain, it almost made him look attractive. Secretly, you blame the rain, making you think delusional thoughts about him; you have never even spoken to him! But then again, his eyes- blue eyes - made contact with yours and your stomach fluttered. Are you seriously developing a crush on Draco fucking Malfoy?

‘Ah, ur,’ he hesitated, looking for an excuse, ‘you told me one time, I remember.’

‘Draco, I have never spoken to you. I think I would remember speaking to such a pretty Malfoy,” you blurted out, not realising what you actually just said. 

‘Am I pretty, y/l/n?’ he grinned at your comment, and you felt helplessly under his control. How did he make you do that?

‘ugh,’ this time you hesitated, ‘I suppose so.’ 

You are such an idiot.

‘hm, well your not to bad yourself, love.’ he stopped walking and shuck his head at his response. 

You sniggered louder than you thought, and crunched your belly.


No, if you weren’t an idiot before, now you were.

You slipped on the wet grass, falling right on your arse. Draco chuckled, but little did Draco know, you gripped on to his hand, causing the pale boy to fall with you. 

‘Ah, so I see your already falling for me, huh?’ Draco smiled, causing you to mirror his image. 

‘ugh’ you brushed back his blond locks behind his ear, ‘I suppose so.’

arghhhh, I was really loving this request so I started to right immediately, I hope this is okay for you lovely! 

Right Round [Pt. 2] [a Kyle Spencer smut]


a/n: frat kyle is my weakness…


Part 1

Sweaty bodies bump into Kyle as he tries to get to the back of the strip club. Coming here without his frat brothers isn’t his smartest plan. He needed to though. It has been three days since he got laid…and it isn’t that he wants to have sex again, maybe a little; he wan- no, needs to see her. So, he sits alone in an uncomfortable black booth and waits.

His shaking hands are stuffed into his yellow and blue letterman jacket while he peers around. There is very few people here; a few strippers, some businessmen, probably because it’s a Tuesday night. Slouching, he sighs inwardly; what if that girl isn’t even working tonight? This is such a stupid idea.

A pair of violet heels stop in front of Kyle. “W-why are you back and alone?” The girl whispers, clutching the grey tray to her chest.

Kyle gulps, “I want to talk t-”

“I’m working, so…” She cuts him off, shaking her head. The tiny purple hat that’s in her hair starts falling out. Avoiding him, she looks down. “I gotta make more drinks.” She huffs, playing with the tray.

Frowning, the frat boy pushes the hat up her hair; she blushes. “What if you were working and talking?” He bites his lip; not taking no for an answer. Sighing through her nose, she grabs his hand, dragging him toward the silver bar. She puts the tray down, nodding to the bartender before going down the narrow hallway. This is deja vu for him; they go in the same room. It would be a lie if Kyle said he wasn’t excited.

The door slams closed and she jabs his chest with her pointer finger, stepping forward. “Why did you call me that? Nobody calls me that during sex.” She frowns, squinting her eyes. It’s clear she’s mad.

Kyle falls back on the bed, groaning. “First of all, please stop doing that!” He shouts, sitting up on his elbows, “Secondly, why can’t I call you beautiful, beautiful? You are…very much so…” He smirks; his jacket falling off his shoulders, down his arms. She shakes her head, kneeling on the silver sheets. “C-can I show you?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Show me wh-” His lips connect to hers, catching her by surprise. The jacket piles on the floor, leaving him in a dark blue t-shirt. She leans back and he crawls on top of her, straddling her waist. He stares at her in awe, mouth ajar; his hands roam from her stomach to her breasts, unclipping the front. Ducking his head, he bites and sucks on her neck, making red marks. “Y/N, m-my name…is Y/N.” She moans, turning her head to the side.

A throaty groan escapes his lips as he rips the neon purple underwear off her. He shoves them in his pocket before tugging his black skinny jeans down his legs. “Y/N, beautiful. Like you, baby.” He purrs, pushing himself in her.

She whimpers, gripping his biceps. Smirking, he pumps in and out fast, watching her breasts bounce in front of him. “Ky-le, I…can’t…” She moans, walls clenching and knot forming in her lower stomach.

Kyle pounds harder and faster, rubbing his thumb on her cilt. Sweat coats the front of his t-shirt; his bright blond curls mat to his forehead. “Cum for me, beautiful.” He urges, hitting her G-spot just right. She cries his name one more time before he pulls out, both panting heavily. He falls on the bed, looking at her. “Now do you believe me, beautiful?” He whines, giving her a not-so-confident smile.

A sigh pushes past her lips. She glances at him, sniffling slightly. “I’m starting to.”

“Then I guess I need to try harder then.” He says in his cocky frat boy voice. Challenge accepted.

pierozekzczekolady  asked:

Hi! I just fall in love with shorts about reylo you've wrote and saw this post about asking you and i was wondering if you can make something from college au? Of course if it's not a bother!

It’s a little longer than I expected, which means a lot more grammar mistakes.
I hope this qualifies as College Au😂

“Thanks for helping me bring my stuffs up, Finn. Are you sure you don’t want any help with your dorm room?”
Rey asked, putting a box down on the floor as her best friend put two other boxes on her bed.
“Nah, Poe finished unpacking yesterday.”
The corner of his mouth lifted when he said he boyfriend’s name. Three of then are inseparable since they met each other in the orphanage, and they were lucky enough to get scholarships into the same college. She was really glad to have them near.
Her roommate would be here tomorrow, so she got the whole room to herself for the first time in her life, and Rey wasn’t sure whether she should be excited or terrified.
“Wanna grab some lunch? I’ll text Poe to meet us in the cafeteria.” Finn asked.
“Let me wash my undies real quick, otherwise I’ll have nothing to wear tomorrow.”
Rey checked her clothes to make sure that the only thing she lack is a clean underwear, her shirts could wait until Friday. Finn wrinkled his nose.
“TMI, Rey.”
“Sorry.” She laughed, made her way to the bathroom and proceeded to was her neon pink underwear with a cat’s face imprinted on the back she got from donation, it was hideous, but it was free, so she kept it.
She opened the door to a small balcony of her room and hung it on a hanging rope to dry.
“Rey, we are on the 20th floor. Are you sure it’s a good idea to-“
Strong wind knocked the small piece of cloth right off the hanging rope. Rey gasped, trying to reach for it but she was too late. The under flew trough the air like a hideous pink butterfly with a face of a cat…
…and fell right on top of a guy’s face.
Rey covered her mouth with her hand in terror, she quickly ducked behind the balcony when the tall man grabbed the underwear off his head and looked up.
She heard Finn’s laughter rang through the room, but she was too embarrassed to even asked him to stop.

“It didn’t sound that bad. I mean, that guy might not even know where it fell from! And I’m sure he knew in was an accident.”
Rose, her new roommate comforted her as they sat down in empty seats near Poe and Finn in their first class together.
“Yeah. I think that guy might even thank you for a souvenir.” Poe winked at her, and got a smack right across the back from his boyfriend.
“Maybe he didn’t mind that, you said yourself the guy was hot. Maybe he got girls throwing their underwear at him all the time.”
Finn tried to make her feel better, but it really wasn’t helping at all.
“Good morning class. Welcome to Literature 101. My name is Professor Kylo Ren. And I am in charge of this class for the whole semester.”
There were gasps and squeaks as girls saw their new professor walked into the room. Rey turned her attention to the tall figure standing on stage, and her eyes widen in horror.
“It’s him!”
“Wait, what?”
Her friends looked like they weren’t sure whether to laugh or express their sympathies.
“I’m so screwed.” She almost sobbed. She didn’t know if Kylo Ren had seen her yesterday when he looked up, but if he did, her fate was pretty much doomed. Finn gave her back and awkward pad.
“Come on. It’s not like he can expel you over that or anything.”
“Actually,” Rose started. They all turned to her with questioning look. Rose looked down to her lap and mumbled. “His mother is the dean…I’m pretty sure he can.”
Great. She barely started her first day and she already might get herself kicked out.
“Don’t panic. You don’t even know if he saw you.”
Poe said when she saw her trembled. Rey nodded, concern still clear on her face.

Rey almost thought she got away with it when Professor Ren called her name at the end of the lecture.

“Miss Rey…Skywalker? Please please come see me in my office after this.”
Rey almost jumped. Rose looked at her with sympathy in her eyes. Finn and Poe looked concerned.
“Don’t worry, Biscuit. Whatever happen next, we are here for you.” Poe squeezed her hand under the desk, and seeing Poe worried made her felt even worse. Rey picked up her stuffs quietly and walked toward the waiting professor.
“Um…I’m- I’m Rey.” She stuttered, feeling like her heart was about to jump out of her throat.
“Ah, Miss Skywalker.” She didn’t dare look up, but Professor Ren sounded…amused? “Let’s talk in my office. I don’t think this…matter is appropriate to be discuss in public.”
Rey nodded, following him to an office near the lecture room.
“Take a seat, make yourself comfortable.”
His voice was deep, soft, almost like he cared for her. Rey mentally hit herself, why would he care for a girl who drop her hideous underwear on his head.
“So, Skywalker? I couldn’t help bet notice there are three Skywalkers in my class…”
“I grew up in an orphanage run by Luke Skywalker foundation. We all use the last name the orphanage assigned for us in legal paper.” Rey explained, her voice barely came out of her throat.
“Luke Skywalker is my uncle, so technically that make you guys kind of my family?”
Rey didn’t respond. She wasn’t sure what to say.
“Am I so scary you wouldn’t look at me in the eyes when I’m talking to you?”
He sounded hurt. Rey quickly looked up, just to see those dark eyes looking at her intensely. Seeing him up close, she realized he was really attractive, not in that ‘hot professor a girl fancy about’ kind of way, he looked like he walked straight out of the cat walk and into the classroom.
“No! I’m just…please don’t expel me. I swear it was an accident!”
“Expel you? Why would I do that?” Professor Ren looked confused.
“Well, m- my…undergarment incident…” She didn’t know how to call it. The man before her still looked confused, until his eyes widen in realization.
“That was you?”
“It was an accident! I was hanging it on the rope and… wait, you didn’t know?” Her brows furrowed in confusion. If that was not reason she was here, then what was it?
“How was I supposed to know.”The professor shook his head and sighed. “Then we better get that back from the university lost and found before some creeps take it.”
“Yes, you don’t think I would let you go that easily after all this time, do you?” He raised his eyebrow, which didn’t clear anything up for her at all.
“I’m sorry. Do we know each other?”
She asked, and regretted it immediately when the young professor looked like she just punched him in the gut.
“You don’t remember?” When he saw how lost she was, he looked disappointed. And Rey hated to admit she didn’t want to see that look in his eyes ever again.
“Of course not. I apologize for bothering your time, Miss Skywalker. You may leave now.”
His voice sounded distance as his eyes grew harder. Rey didn’t know why, but it made her heart clenched in her chest.
“Sir, whatever I did to upset you. I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad.” She plead, but Professor Ren just looked away, that was when the door swung open.
“Are you ready for lunch? Oh, you have a guest.”
Dean Organa was standing outside the room. She tilted her head in surprise when she noticed Rey sitting in her son’s office.
“Don’t I know you from somewhere?”
“I wrote about you in my scholarship essay. Maybe you know me from that?” Rey helped. Leia frowned, didn’t seem to think that was the case.
“What’s your name, Darling?”
“Rey, ma’am. Rey Skywalker.”
The dean gasped. A smile spread across her face as she looked over Rey to her son.
“I’m sorry, Sweetheart. I will leave you two love birds to catch up, okay?”
“What?” Rey felt like she was going to faint. Leia gave her a warm smile that looked really familiar somehow.
“You and Ben were inseparable when you were young, remember? When Ben got into that boarding school in Alderaan, you were the only reason he hesitated. I’m glad you guys found each other again. Ben was never the same without you.”
Rey heard him cried, but all she could think about was the name Leia called him.
The name of the first boy she loved. The only boy she ever loved.

“Ben! Look! I got an A!”
Rey, who was twelve at the time, showed her quiz paper to the tall boy who was reading a huge book in his lap. Ben looked up, smiled at her fondly.
“Good job, Rey. See? Literature isn’t so bad, is it?”
“It’s only because you read the whole book for me.” She protested. She loved it when Ben read for her. She knew Ben’s family ran the orphanage so he got permission to hang out whenever he wanted. “I liked it because you liked it.”
And he spent most of his time sitting under the big tree behind the building and read her many classic literature with that magical voice of his.
“Rey, I need to tell you something.”
The older boy looked serious. She didn’t like it when he looked at her like that.
“What’s the matter?”
She scooted closer to him, to the point that she almost sat on his lap. Rey used to sit on Ben’s lap all the time when he read for her, but as she grew older, Ben insisted it was ‘inappropriate’ to do so.
“I got into a boarding school in Alderran. It’s a very competitive school and once I got there I might not be able to contact you.”
Saying it pained him almost as much as seeing how it affected her. Rey froze, her lips trembling and her eyes was tearing up. Ben started to panic. “Please don’t cry. I’m sorry, please don’t cry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“You are leaving.” She sobbed, feeling his strong arms pulled her into his chest. “Just like my parents, you are leaving me!”
“Rey, no. Please, I’m not anything like them.” Ben whispered, brushing his lips gently on her head soothingly. “I will come back for you, sweetheart. I promise.”
“Yo- You mean that?” She voice was hoarse from crying so hard. Ben ran his thumb on her wet cheek to wipe her tears from that beautiful hazel eyes.
“Yes, and we will be together, forever. In a beautiful house by a river with garden full of flowers. How does that sound?” He knew he was too young to promise such a thing, but it felt so right. He could not imagine his life without her.
“Can we have babies too?”
She asked innocently, bot it almost made him choke on his words.
“I want a house full of babies and puppies! They are so adorable!” She smiled, and he could never deny her anything when she looked at him like that.
“Of course. Whatever you want.”
His girl pursed her lips thoughtfully, and leaned closer. Before he knew her soft lips was on his. It was nothing more than a peck. But it almost made him throw away his full schorlarship and stay here with her.
“You are mine now. Don’t forget that.” She grinned through her tears. “I’ll wait for you. I promise.”
That smile was the only thing that kept him sane through all his years in the First Order boarding school. It was a hellhole, but one with a very high chance to get into ivy leagues university.
His would get his success, and then he would be able to provide his girl anything her heart desire.

“Ben? But.. you said your name is Kylo…”
Rey looked at him in disbelief. He hadn’t contact her in years. Sometimes she even thought he was just a figment of her imagination.
To be fair, she was moved to a foster home not long after that, so he would’ve had no way of contacting her anyway.
“Kylo Ren was my pen name. People in the business know me by that name, so it kinda sticks.” He shrugged.
“Oh my god, Ben!”
She threw herself at him across the desk without even thinking, wrapped her arms around his neck as she buried her face in the crook of his neck.
“You came back. You actually came back!”
The realization hit her like a brick wall. He was here. Her Ben was here.
“Of course I came back. I’m yours, remember?” He said, running his hand through her soft hair like he imaging himself doing several time for the past years. His disappointment of her not remember him fainted quickly when he saw her blinding smile he had always missed.
“Okay, as much as I would love to have grand babies really soon, but as the dean I have to suggest you two go somewhere else before someone see you.” Leia, who was long forgotten by them both spoke, made Rey and Kylo jumped in surprised. “As a mother, I’m glad I finally can welcome you as my daughter. I’ve always been fond of you, Rey. And my son was just a total pain in my ass without you around.”
“Mother! For the love of-“
“Okay okay. I’ll leave you two be, bring her to dinner next week, yeah? I think Han would really love to meet you, I remembered you loved racing cars? He was dying for someone to talk to about his collections.”
Leia smiled at them for the last time and walked out out her son’s office. Kylo sighed and turned his attention back to the girl in his arms. His eyes softened.
“Now, where were we?”
“I believe you are about to kiss me, and help me get my undies back from lost and found.”
Rey grinned. Kylo chuckled, stole a quick kiss from her with a wicked smile.
“Let’s go get that back. I would love to see you in it sometimes in the future.”
“Slow your horse, cowboy.” Rey laughed. Although she knew he would likely see her in it sometimes soon. “How about you take me to Lost and Found and then we go shopping for my new ones?” Rey suggested. “Because that was literally the only clean undies I had.”
“Wait,” Kylo couldn’t help it, his eyes dropped to her Yoga pants suspiciously. “ what are you wearing then?”
Rey didn’t answer, but her awkward smile answered everything he wanted to know.
Going in Blind Chapter 2 | Archive of Our Own
Ronan is trying to forget about Adam, but Noah and Blue have other plans.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pynch Week 2017 Day 6: Fireflies

So I decided to fit chapter 2 into the fireflies prompt! Hope you enjoy! 


Ronan couldn’t stop thinking about Adam. They had had such a good time until fucking Trae interrupted. Of fucking course Adam hadn’t been his actual date. That would mean that something good would have to happen to Ronan.

Ronan knew he was moping but he couldn’t get himself to snap out of it. He hadn’t left Monmouth in three days and had barely left his room. Gansey had attempted to find out what had happened a couple of times but Ronan had always shouted at him to leave him the fuck alone and mind his own fucking business. For once, Gansey listened and dropped his attempts at getting information, but that didn’t stop him from checking in on Ronan every few hours like an overbearing mother.

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S.O.S. Chapter 5

Ashton Irwin

He has gotten more toned. And that healthy glow that seems to have indulged his body in a tan golden colour. My eyes rake over all four of them.
They do not belong together, but somehow it works. I’m actually really excited to hear what they have to offer, and if they are any good. I am not one to shatter their dreams just because of one dick. Those other three deserve a chance anyway.

“What is your name, I’ve never asked, now that I come to think of it.” I slur out, my eyes widening when I realise there had to be a lot of alcohol in my drink. I shoot Natalee a small glare, in my head cussing her out for adding so much, before returning my gaze to the four uncomfortable young lads on my stage.

“Five seconds of summer.” Calum mutters out, turning to Luke, who is still trying to tune his guitar. I jug the rest of my drink down my throat, standing up as I turn to Nat.
“Care for a drink yourself?” A lopsided grin has taken over my usual smile, I am so uncomfortable right now, trying not to cry and yell and slap him in the face, that I start to act differently.
“A beer, and I suggest you keep it low as well.” I grumble in return, she was right. She always was.

I tap Natalee and myself a beer, rimming off the glasses before lightly pushing the glass in the water to get all excess of foam to come of the sides.
“Whenever you are ready boys.” I smile, sitting back down as I take a sip of the bitter yellow liquid. Calum takes the upper hand, telling Natalee and I that the song they will be performing now is she looks so perfect, and I nod to get the ball rolling.

One two three four

I am actually captivated by their voices. It is mostly Luke, but his voice sounds pure, with a rough edge to it. Natalee is bobbing her head along with the music, my gaze still on the foursome sitting in front of me.
“Thoughts?” Natalee whispers in my ear, both of our gazes remaining on the boys, scared they’d catch us whispering together.
“Fuck.” Natalee chuckles, and I know she was thinking the exact same thing as I was. If they suck, I could simply tell them no and I would be rid of Ashton and his three bandmates.

The last strum comes and both of us applaud politely. I make the mistake of letting my eyes dart to Ashton, and our gazes catch one another before I scrape my throat and quickly look away again.
“Not bad, much better than expected actually.” I smile, standing up. “What do you think?”
I turn to Natalee, my arms crossed over my chest while I keep standing, Natalee still sitting down, rather man-like for once actually.

“You have some serious potential. I’ll leave you with Y/n to get all the details settled.”
My eyes widen as I hiss in her direction giving one of the most invisible shakes of the head of all times. “Whore.” I mutter under my breath as I turn back to the boys.
“Can I get you anything to drink as we speak over the formalities?”
“I’d love a coke.” Luke replied, Calum and Michael both nodding their head. I turn to Ashton, a small smile on my lips. “Let me guess, half and half?”

He gives me a shameful nod as I roll my eyes. Ever since I met him he had been drinking half and half, half grenadine and half lemonade. It wasn’t that bad, you would just think he somehow grew over it. On the other hand, it is incredibly cute.
I take my time gathering the glasses and drinks, trying to recollect my thoughts before heading over again. I am interrupted though as that stupid bell rings through the room, the shrill sound going through my marrow and bone.

“Good afternoon Y/n!” Rose chirps as she hangs up her coat by the rack, still haven’t noticed the company we have.
Her head turns and her eyes widen, a shy smile on her lips before her eyes fall onto Ashton.
“Isn’t he –“ her voice raises and I slam the counter to gather her attention.
“I am pretty sure Natalee can use your assistance in the back,” I sharply nod my head, ordering her to get out of here as quickly as possible.

“Are you still going to the hair dresser later?” Rose tries to make nonchalant small talk, and I nod. After this, I am going to visit Josh and follow up on Nat’s advice.
“You are opening with Sophie, if you think you can handle it?” I smirk at Rose, never have Natalee and I given away that task for someone else other than ourselves. But Natalee needs a trip to the hairdresser as well as I do, and I decided we could go together.

“Are you serious? Thanks Ari.” Her small arms wind around my shoulders to give me a small squeeze, my right hand coming up to tap her gently on the shoulder to let go.
“Tell Nat to give Sophie a ring then, alright? I’ll be done here soon.”

I take the platter and make my way over to the boys, who are all staring at me with looks I cannot quite decipher.
“Here you go.” I set them down, letting the platter hit a table behind us.
My ears gather a series of thank you’s and I smile politely. My fingers tap on the wood as I think of what we should discuss.

“I think we can handle all of this without paperwork. Saves me some late eve booking.” I chuckle, my eyes catching Luke’s as I see him nod his head with a smile on his lips as well.
“Drinks for that eve are on our tab, and I’m thinking a two-hundred-pound fee, if you show up on Friday and do your best that is.”
I can see their eyes widening and I absolutely love it. I don’t think they’d expect to get paid, and get their drinks free, but that is how we roll. We want to make the interaction between the musicians and us as good as possible.

“You can go on at eight. I suggest you bring the same instruments you have brought today, seeing as they are of slight better quality than what I can provide, sadly.” I nod my head, standing up as I jug the last of my beer down my throat.
“Thank you for giving us an opportunity, really. You are the first.”
A small smile makes its way onto my lips as I see Luke holding my hand like a true gentleman. So sweet.

“I know how it feels to be as young when nobody wants to give you a serious opportunity. Don’t worry about it.” I show my teeth, shaking all of their hands except for Ashton’s. I do not want to, they can’t make me anyway.
I turn away and disappear behind the bar as they loudly, with a choruses of bye’s, leave the pub. I am washing the six glasses we’ve soiled by hand for now, not wanting to fill a whole sink for this small amount. As I am humming along, I hear that obnoxious bell again.

“Y/n?” His voice is like a hot knife cutting through smooth butter, like a hot chocolate on a cold winter day, as smooth as velvet.
I hum, not wanting to look up and catch his eyes again. I have fallen for those beautiful eyes once, and I’m sure I am the donkey that would hurt itself twice on the same stone.

“Thank you for giving us, me, a chance.” He sighs out, and as I look up, I see him standing in the middle of the empty space with his head down. He looks like a lost puppy, but I am not falling for that. I was in way worse condition when he decided to disappear.
“This a total professional approach. Otherwise you wouldn’t even be standing here. See you tomorrow.” And with that, I quickly leave to the office, closing the door behind me and leaving him standing there. My heart is beating like crazy and I feel as if I can pass out any minute.

I still cannot believe that he decided to join a band. He had always loved drumming, but I never knew he was actually serious about it.
The way his muscles contracted whenever he tapped his ‘box’, and his bright smile showed me that he had made the right decision for himself.
Even after two years his name or appearance can make me go weak in the knees until the point of almost fainting. Although I am not certain if it is from love of pure anxiety.

“Love, are you ready to go?” I am pulled out of my trance when I hear Natalee’s voice on the other side of the door. And then I notice I am sitting on the ground with my knees pulled close against my chest. I haven’t cried in ages, and I am proud that today is another day to add. I sigh loudly, muttering a yeah as I push myself up off of the floor. The door clicks over and Natalee’s head appears.

“I’m sorry, I thought it would be best if you’d were alone to cope.” I roll my eyes at her, but still smiling, because that is the most utter bull shit I have ever heard.
I grab both our coats, flinging hers at her head and shrugging mine over my shoulders. “Have you phoned Sophie up?” I question as we make our way out of the door. I yell a faint goodbye to Rose as I walk through, the cold London air whipping me in the face immediately.
“Yeah, everything is settled. We can even go out for dinner tonight, something tasty.”
“Nando’s?” I smirk, batting my eyelashes at my best friend. She isn’t too fond of chicken, but I on the other hand, am freaking in love with their chicken.

“Of course, if you wish so. These past few days, maybe even weeks have been harder on you than on me.” Natalee shrugs as we hop on the Underground, pursuing our way to Josh.

“There is some weird people on this planet, I tell you.” Natalee chuckles loudly as we take the last steps up before we would be out in the open again. I laugh as well, remembering the two girls she speaks about that were sitting in front of us at the Underground.
One was in complete spandex, white with rose flowers on it and I swear I could see everything she ‘had to offer’. The other one left much less to the imagination, everything that could have a rip, ripped up completely showing her neon pink underwear.
It didn’t help that both of their clothing were a few sizes too small either.

“If I ever look like that, oh please do tell me.” I wipe away a stray tear, making a sharp corner as we already see Josh’s place come up.
“I am so glad I decided to become friends with that gay man.” Natalee sighs, nodding her head to the bright pink lighting.
Josh’s place was one of the most privileged places in London. You had to wait months to even get an appointment and he was immensely expensive. It helps that Natalee and Josh met at a party and bonded immediately.

“Ah, my princesses! It’s been forever.” Josh greets us with his typical two kisses and I smile brightly, glad to be among people again.
Natalee, I’ve reserved Brit for you, and you my dear, are coming with me. I heard you were the hopeless case today!” Josh shrieks, pulling me along as I shoot Natalee a harsh glare.
“A hopeless case? Way to overreact Josh. It’s not that bad..” I chuckle nervously, not ready for the philosophy crap he was going to pull on me while cutting my hair. I swear that bartenders and hairdressers are the psychologists of the normal people.

“So I heard you were thinking about changing it up a bit but sort of backed out? I have something that I know would suit you terrifically.” Josh’s hands are raking through my hair, our eyes locked through the mirror.
“You know what, you get the green card. Knock yourself out.” I breathe out, taking the tips of my hair between my fingertips. I receive a nod as he slaps his latex gloves on, grinning evilly at me before shooting me a wink.

There has been small talk all through the dyeing of my hair, but nothing of great importance. But I knew he would bring it up eventually, Natalee tells him everything.
“I heard something..” And there it is, I know he is going to ask me about Ashton now, and I am not sure I want to talk about it.

“Oh yeah, really?” I whimper, fiddling with my fingers underneath the cloak he has pulled over me. He has an apologetic smile on his face, almost as if he doesn’t want to talk about it.
“Is he back? Tell me Nat was kidding.”
I shake my head, taking a deep breath as I gather all my strength to reply.
“Yeah, all of a sudden he’s in this band, and apparently I had spoken to one of his mates about booking a gig at S.O.S.”

“How is he? Please tell me he became as ugly as the wench from Snow White.” He sighs out, closing his eyes as if praying for the answer he knows he won’t get.
He takes my hand, guiding me over to the washing tables to rinse out my hair, granting me with another smile before disappearing from sight.
“He looked, ah – amazing. So much more toned, grown up. A real man.”
“Ah well,” the cold water hit my head as his hand starts to knead through my locks, “you have become a woman yourself love. You can’t expect him to be a boy forever.”

I feel the shampoo being added, and I close my eyes at the wonderful sensation Josh’s hands provide on my tense head. He seems to massage all of the worries out of my brain, and I can’t help but sigh in content.
“Couldn’t he just stay in Sydney, though?” I whimper, gooseflesh covering my arms when I recall the feeling when I first laid eyes on him again in almost a period of two years.

“Think of this, after this one performance you’ll probably never see him again, London is a big city honey.” I nod my head, he is right after all.

xox L.