neon tribal


Today at Toy World I saw they had new fashion packs so I grabbed what I could cuz fashion packs here tend to be seen once then they disappear forever. There was also tribal print sports wear set but I’m not a fan of neon colours, tribal print or sports wear.

My favourite of the set has to be the Pink Pony set. Finally, Mattel is using different textured fabrics together again, there’s no half prints and there’s a fair amount of separates. I love the pleated blue/pink dress cuz even though the skirt is pleated in the front, at least the same fabric is used for both front and back, and it’s nice having clothes that feel like cotton instead of shiny plastic junk. I also adore the chrome headband.

The Rawr shirt set is also fun cuz there’s a fair amount of separates, no half print clothes and everything looks well made. The leopard print jacket does tend to shed though but nothing is fraying so that’s weird I guess, but I like the use of different fabrics again, despite the high waist shorts being stiff. The glasses being chromed work well for it.

And I absolutely hate the last fashion pack. The colours are nice, but the fabric feels super cheap and papery and shiny. The romper and jacket look cute but it doesn’t lay like real clothing due to the cheap fabric. I hate the ugly fit of the dress because it’s frumpy and uneven, while the entire thing is an ugly half print, with a flat back, which really disrupts the look of the gathered skirt, and it only matches one of the colours from the front. It also has the least amount of separates, the boots were super stiff and made me think it was going to snap the doll’s ankles putting them on, and the necklace snapped when I tried removing it.

So two out of three packs worked out, but I hate being horribly disappointed by Barbie’s fashion sets so consistently ESPECIALLY when Barbie is meant to be a FASHION doll, not a “wears cheap half print stiff clothes” doll.