neon top surgery


week 8 post op. as you can see my wound had cleared up and is slowly healing over, thank goodness! i’m having no problems with my chest at all really. slowly getting movement back. i went to the beach the other day and knew i couldn’t swim but as soon as i got into the water i forgot and did this breaststroke and i quickly pulled my fists to my chest as i felt pulling, i was terrified and just sat there in the shallow part of the sea. i can’t wait to get my full range of movement back so i can bike ride, swim and just stretch a little bit. they’re my 3 fav things to do.

i’m not too fond of the small bits of breast tissue/fat on my left side and in the middle of my chest and underneath my right incision. though i am going to give it some time to flatten out and get into the gym to see if i can exercise my chest a little to fix the shape of it before i consider a revision.