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Fire Starter (a little part) - Demi Lovato - live in Belo Horizonte, Brazil 

Determination to Exhaustion

“Take this!” Rogue yelled as she flung a shuriken (ninja star) at a tree branch, slicing it all the way through. Then she ran and round house kicked the branch into another tree. “Gotta…keep training…” She panted, wiping sweat from her forehead. “That bastard deserves all the pain I’m gonna give to him!” She hissed as she threw a dagger at a dummy, which she set up months ago, lodging it into its head. Then she jumped back and threw three shurikens, two hitting the ground and the third hitting the dummy’s chest. She huffed and plucked out the dagger and shurikens. “Man, who knew the over ground had such good weapons? Even if I stole them.” She chuckled, taking a few steps back. She cracked her bones, which were sore from training. She ran at the dummy, roundhouse kicking it in the head which backfired when the dummy leaned to the side and quickly shot back up (cause physics), knocking Rogue to the side. “Oof!” She skidded on the ground, palms riddled with dirt, and pebbles that dug into her palms. “Shit!” She panted in exhaustion, sweat dripping from her forehead. “I can’t…give up…I have to stay…determined!” She yelled as she continued her bone aching training in the forest. 


Demi performing “Fire Starter” in Atlanta, GA 2/21/14