neon ravemaster

So you asked what Colors the Cat looked like. I pondered over how to describe her for a while, and then just decided I would send you a remake of the original picture. She was my very first fan character, as in I was 6 or 7 when I came up with her. 2008 was a dark time. Before the “slightly-grimdark” overhaul, this is what she looked like, and her powers were basically creating UNAVOIDABLE BEAMS OF RAINBOW THAT COULD DESTROY EVERYTHING BAD WITH A SINGLE TOUCH. She was best friends with the main cast, at first being best friends with Knuckles(he was my first favorite character… because he was red.), then growing closer to Tails(I decided that choosing a favorite because of color was stupid, and I thought Tails was cute), and the Tails Doll(ugh I became obsessed with him) made an evil doll version of her which Colors then turned good.