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Can you describe each member of the bat-family's aesthetic?

Bruce: the city skyline, cars driving down empty roads at night, old movie posters

Dick: the ocean and the beach, old carnival rides and stands, sunsets

Jason: old and weathered books stacked up, rain on windows, faded polaroids

Tim: nebulas and galaxies, old black and white photos, coloured lighting

Damian: lightning, pictures of animals on solid coloured backgrounds, close ups of fire and candles burning

Cass: close ups of spider webs, calligraphy, floral patterns

Duke: neon lights, old cassette players, vintage items displayed on shelves

Babs: fairy lights, pastels contrasted with rich colours, small cafes in the wintertime

The sun signs
  • Aries: is a boiling tea kettle
  • Taurus: is the softest shirt you own
  • Gemini: is a stick of peppermint gum
  • Cancer: is your future wedding dress
  • Leo: is the morning sunrise
  • Virgo: is a clear umbrella
  • Libra: is a cup of hot jasmine tea
  • Scorpio: is a black pair of shoe laces
  • Sagittarius: is a neon record player
  • Capricorn: is a pair of black sunglasses
  • Aquarius: is a brand new pair of sheets
  • Pisces: is a bag of cinnamon tea