neon pink lipstick


(Yes specifically ginger not just red, unfortunately this is a very specific issue)

How the hell do you guys wear your makeup?

I’m serious

Bold lips are my signature but literally everything clashes with this middle ground haircolor

I am this ginger right now (sans makeup for reference), and I have a couple of big events coming up that I need to look my best for. Who has tips and tricks?

Whilst I’m a major red lipstick addict (ask anyone, my personality completely changes when I’ve got a beautiful red on my pout), bright pink lips are one of my favourite looks for the spring and summer time, and even in the cooler months for a pop of colour. Bright fuchsias and pinks are less daunting than a red, but they can actually be harder to pull off…

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Love Wins

pairing: Jasmine x reader

warnings: cursing, homophobic people mention?

summary: You meet Jasmine at a Women’s March, and you are struck by how unfairly beautiful she is.

DAY TWO. This is my first femslash, and I’m as straight as an uncooked spaghetti, so go easy on me. This was mostly written to vent about how much I love Jasmine. Again, sorry for the lack of An Actual Good Fic™, life has not been good to me. See ya tomorrow!

words: 1130

“Look around, look around,” you said excitedly. You were initially apprehensive about ditching class, but once you arrived at Washington Avenue, all your worries disappeared. One look at the sight of all the women in the street and you forgot everything.

You were holding a sign saying “All men AND WOMEN are created equal!” sign. It was written in a messy scrawl, not because your penmanship was bad, but because you were kind of overwhelmed by trying to convey an emotion you’ve felt all your life into a sign you made in 5 seconds.

You were listening to the singer onstage, some B-list singer with neon pink lipstick and a green wig. You moved closer to the stage in an attempt to recognize the song.

“Fucking finally!” a female voice said from your right. You turned and found yourself face-to-face with the most beautiful hair you’ve ever seen.

“What?” you asked, deciding that she was talking to you.

“Your sign. All men AND WOMEN are created equal. Finally, someone noticed that in the Declaration as well. Angelica Schuyler would approve,” she grinned, turning to look at you. Huh. Beautiful hair, beautiful face. The world really was unfair.

“Angelica Schuyler? What does she have to do with this? This is me attempting to destroy whatever reputation Thomas Jefferson has,” you said with a small smile. She laughed. Beautiful hair, beautiful face, beautiful laugh. Unbelievable.

“Can’t say I disagree about Jefferson, but you don’t know Hamilton? Hip-hop broadway musical? Ringing any bells?”

You shook your head. “US History major. I know nothing about musical theatre. My burning hatred for Jefferson is just the result of having to read hundreds of pages describing in excessive detail about how great his contributions were to our great nation, while glossing over the fact that he was sitting on a throne of slaves,” you said bitterly.

Most people didn’t really care when you started talking politics, but the girl grinned, looking impressed. She pulled out a pink Pussyhat knit cap, similar to the one she was wearing, from her messenger bag and offered it to you.

You took it and put it on, wiggling your eyebrows at her. She laughed and adjusted the cap for you, her hair falling on your face as she did.

“I’m Jasmine, by the way,” she said, holding out her hand.

“(Y/N). Nice to meet you, Jasmine,” you said, smiling.

“I keep thinking you’re just pretending not to know me so you can befriend me. You’re not secretly a fan, right?” she asked.

“Cocky much?” you teased.

She opened her mouth, no doubt to deliver a witty response, when her phone rang. It was an alarm. You leaned closer to see what it said.

‘Go backstage for performance’

“Shit, I forgot I have to perform,” she said, looking apologetic. “Come on, I’ll get you near the stage so you can see me perform up close. Then you can see if Hamilton’s worth a watch.”

“It’s not a matter of whether your show is worth a watch or not, it’s that I’d have to sell my firstborn and both my kidneys to get tickets,” you grumbled. “Broadway shows are insane.”

Jasmine laughed. “I’d agree with you, but they’re the ones paying my bills.”

You reached the front of the stage. You hadn’t been paying attention, but Jasmine had been holding your hand as she led you to the front. She gave it a small squeeze before walking onto the stage.

If Jasmine was beautiful as a person, she was fucking ethereal as a singer.

You weren’t sure if it was just you or everyone felt the same, but it was like she was the only person onstage. Even when the guitarist was doing his guitar solo, you found yourself captivated by Jasmine’s dancing. She looked you in the eye at the end of the song, and you felt like someone yanked a carpet from under your feet.

“You were amazing,” you gushed, running up to her once she left the stage. Driven by emotion and admiration, you pulled her into a hug. She laughed softly, tucking her head into your neck. After a while, you pulled away and made a face.

“Ew. Sweaty,” you frowned.

“You gotta get used to it if you’re gonna date a Broadway star,” she said with a smirk, knowing exactly what she just said.

Your tongue froze. “Oh. Um. I-”

“So much for the genius US History major,” she teased. “Would you like a pick-up line instead?”

“Try me.”

“Meeting you makes me want to veto the Non-Intercourse Act,” she grinned.

You stared at her blankly. “The Non-Intercourse Act was about lifting all embargoes on American shipping except for those headed for the British and French ports.”

“Yeah, but-”

“I know what you mean, Jas,” you laughed. “Just give me your number so you can text me when you find a better line.”

It had been 2 days since the Women’s March, and Jasmine still hadn’t texted you. Were you holding on too much hope? Maybe she felt that she was famous, and she didn’t want you caught up in her life. Which was a shame, considering she was one of the realest people you’ve ever met.

You were just about to delete her contact when she texted.

‘hey US history major girl, wanna do something fun?’

what’s your idea of fun, broadway girl?

‘text me your address. I’ll be there at 9 tomorrow’

“Where are we going?” you asked, watching Jasmine drive past buildings, heading towards an avenue filled with a mass of people. “Is this another protest?”

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t text you. I was figuring out what second date would ever top a Women’s March. Then, I got an idea.”

“What is this?” you asked her.

“An anti-gay protest,” she said with a small grin. “Filled with old, white homophobes.”

“Why did you take me here?” you said, torn between amusement and confusion. She took your hand and led you outside. She walked towards the front of the people, making sure that everyone’s eyes were on the two of you.

“Love wins,” Jasmine whispered softly to you, hooking a finger under your chin to kiss you. You wrapped your arms around her neck. Her lips were softer than they looked.

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the faces of shock and outrage of the protesters. You fought a strong desire to laugh. You pulled away gently and looked around, watching the protesters begin yelling at you in disdain.

“Love wins indeed,” you whispered back, pulling her into another kiss.


Hey! This is my submission for @everlarkficexchange Spring Time Edition! I plan on making this a multi-chapter fic. After doing research, this is my own twist on the show I hope everyone enjoys!

Clash by @peetazeus 

@katnissdoesnotfollowback thank you so much for the amazing prompt! Hope you enjoy :)

Prompt 20: The Amazing Race AU where Katniss & Gale are teammates, Peeta & Madge or Delly are one of the other teams. They’re neck and neck in the contest, but Peeta & his partner are having more fun because hotheads Katniss & Gale keep fighting/are too competitive. New challenge! Switch partners. What happens next?

Rating: M

Warnings: Minor Violence and swearing. 

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Fic: Duet

Summary: Kurt Hummel has certainly complicated Blaine’s life. And it’s Blaine’s own fault. But still. He’s just not sure what to do. Duets. That is the Glee club assignment of the week. And that’s really what has gotten him into this mess.

After being beaten up at a dance for being gay, Blaine leaves his old school for McKinley - where he promises to jump right in - glee club, basketball, choir, even superhero club. But he will not come out. Not until college. He’ll just manage and thrive knowing it’s just two years away. Kurt Hummel was not part of the plan.

Loosely based on the prompt: “Why are you so clingy people will think we’re dating- I know we are but you’re the one who wants it to be secret you moron!” AU

Words: 4100

Rating: Mature

On AO3


Kurt Hummel has certainly complicated Blaine’s life. And it’s Blaine’s own fault. But still. He’s just not sure what to do.

Blaine has known he was gay since he was 11. It was nothing earth shattering or terrifying really. More like a ‘Huh. okay. I guess that’s me,’ when he was watching Dawson’s Creek and there was actually a gay kid on his screen.  He knew that that’s who he would be one day.

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