neon pink lipstick

Whilst I’m a major red lipstick addict (ask anyone, my personality completely changes when I’ve got a beautiful red on my pout), bright pink lips are one of my favourite looks for the spring and summer time, and even in the cooler months for a pop of colour. Bright fuchsias and pinks are less daunting than a red, but they can actually be harder to pull off…

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(Yes specifically ginger not just red, unfortunately this is a very specific issue)

How the hell do you guys wear your makeup?

I’m serious

Bold lips are my signature but literally everything clashes with this middle ground haircolor

I am this ginger right now (sans makeup for reference), and I have a couple of big events coming up that I need to look my best for. Who has tips and tricks?

I don’t want makeup to make me look pretty
I want makeup to turn my face into a monster, with red eyeshadow and smeared black liner telling a tale of the battles fought everyday against the world and myself.
Or an alien,
with stars of glitter collapsing and dying on my cheeks,
Showing all the magic of the galaxy that is me.
Or maybe a neon sign;
Garish pink lipstick with yellow and purple shadow up to my eyebrows, screaming
In a world, body, mind, life where I feel I don’t belong
Or am not wanted or not understood
I am still here.
Makeup provides a way to express all of these uncertainties.
It can be ok that I don’t know who I am, because I can be some other creature,
And I can wear that identity as armor.
When I feel invisible
Lost in translation or assimilation
My face can loudly tell a story that could otherwise have been buried.
And no matter if my own brain is sick and tired of this life, confused and unsure and afraid,
I can find comfort
In all of these colors painted on my skin.
- Jasper Mancebo