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28. “That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.” for Jon x Sansa?

The UK is experiencing a heatwave. Or rather, England, Ireland and Wales are - Scotland, as always, is a law unto itself. Glasgow is currently covered in a sheen of mizzly rain - not enough to stop you leaving the house, but definitely enough to make you wish you’d remembered your umbrella. Jon turns up the collar of his wool coat and tries to find a dry patch on the park bench - there isn’t one. 

Sansa drops down next to him and winces at the damp patch on her jeans. ‘You’d think they’d get tired of the same four swings and roundabout after a while wouldn’t you?’

Jon smiles. ‘Ah, no. Freya’s got an imagination on her - I’m pretty sure we’re looking at an enchanted castle, you know. Or that’s what she was explaining to me yesterday. You know, I think she reminds me of someone…. can’t think who though….’

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Island of Misfit Delinquents Part 2

A/N: O wants to go to the zoo, Murphy advocates against Body Shaming, Jasper is zebra prejudice, and the gang runs into some trouble….. So like just any other typical day


The Island of Misfit Delinquents

5:15 am

Blake 2: *added Nathan Miller + JJ Goggles + Smol Son Monty to the group chat*

Blake 2: Which one of you sons of bitches is up for road trip to the Polis Zoo

Blake 1: I’ll gladly offer up my car to drive you back to where you belong among the wild beasts


Nathan Miller: I just spent the past three hours trying to get this lanky drunk dude in a neon pink spandex body suit and feather boa who was screaming obscenities at me home so count me as a no

King Azgeda: Wait I thought you were working last night. I didn’t know you were hanging out with Jasper

JJ Goggles: Don’t roast me like this 

Smol Son Monty: Yeah roast anything else about him but his body suit

Smol Son Monty: He’s very insecure about his figure


Commander Clarke: John Murphy- the hero I never knew our group needed

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Such a cliched anti-hero, that John Murphy


Blake 1: What a power couple

Blake 2: But for real lets go to the zoo today. Roan said he’d buy me a churro. Or twelve

King Azgeda: You’re definitely not having 12 churros 

Blake 2: You’re not my boyfriend anymore

King Azgeda: You’re definitely not having 12 churros CAUSE I WAS GOING TO BUY YOU 13 CHURROS

Commander Clarke: Nice save 



JJ Goggles: Hey O

Blake 2: Hey J

JJ Goggles: How would you feel about Monty and I sneaking alcohol into the zoo?

Smol Son Monty: HYPOTHETICALLY sneaking in alcohol

Blake 2: I’d say HYPOTHETICALLY maybe

JJ Goggles: I’ve always wanted to get drunk at the zoo and naked fight the zebras

Blake 2: OH MY SHIT

Blake 2: PLEASE

Blake 2: But what do you have against the zebras, Jas?

JJ Goggles: They’ve got SO many stripes. Like pick a single color you over-hyped up multi-colored horse fuckers

Blake 2: ?

Smol Son Monty: Don’t mind him. He’s already started pre-gaming

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

7:30 am

Caw Caw Little Birdy: For whoever is riding in my car to the zoo, your father and I are here outside Casa Blake

Murph-Man: Yes, it is I, your father. And you are all disappointments and the reason I drink

Commander Clarke: Awww it’s like I’m actually talking to my real parents

Blake 1: BABE OMG

Commander Clarke: Wow forgot to compartmentalize my feelings there for a second #wildin

Blake 2: Don’t worry, Clarkey. I got fruit snacks and juice pouches to help numb the pain 

Commander Clarke: Scooby-Doo ones?

Blake 2: Are there any other kind of fruit snacks?

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Like jinkies gang! Get in the Mystery Machine or Murphy’s pasty ass is the only one going to the zoo

Blake 1 + Commander Clarke

8:09 am

Blake 1: Remind me again why we decided to split up the cars into boys and girls?

Commander Clarke: Cause Raven, O and I aren’t about to spend the next two hours listening to you guys bitch about our music

Blake 1: You bitch about Taylor Swift one time….

Commander Clarke: I can assure you we will never forget

Commander Clarke: *I-Knew-Bellamy-Was-Trouble.vid*

King Azgeda created a new chat

9:54 am

King Azgeda: *named the chat Beastie Boys*

Murph-Man: I can’t believe youre subjectifying me to this 1987 swill 

King Azgeda: Appreciate the classics


Blake 1: *guitar solo from the gods*

Blake 1: B R O O K L Y N


Smol Son Monty: Ya’ll sleeping on Boyz To Men

JJ Goggles: I got you little homie 

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

9:57 am

King Azgeda: Had to make a small pit stop

Blake 2: What why

Blake 1: Just needed to stretch our legs

Murph-Man: All of us

King Azgeda: In separate directions

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Did you guys sing I’ll Make Love To You by Boyz To Men to each other again?

Commander Clarke: fuck you guys we’ve been over this

JJ Goggles: Idk what those others losers are talking about 

JJ Goggles: I was going IN on that song

Murph-Man: Yeah and making direct eye contact while singing it to us

JJ Goggles: Masculinity so fragile #cantrelate 

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

10:32 am


Commander Clarke: We’ve been waiting in the parking lot of the zoo for like 20 wtf

Caw Caw Little Birdy: O is starting to smell the fresh baked churros and honestly I’ve never been more afraid for my wellbeing 

Blake 2: HELLO

Blake 2: Listen here shit-for-brains 

Blake 2: You guys are going to get here and you are going to get here NOW

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Um pls hurry 


Commander Clarke: Did you have a stroke while typing, Monty?


Nathan Miller: I have about eight million texts to read through but I’m glad I woke up to Bellamy’s frantic text about being deceased

Commander Clarke: Are you guys ok?!

JJ Goggles: We’re fine bUUUT Roan totally made me spill like half my flask down the front of my pants when he went to shield me and Monty with his chiseled upper body

King Azgeda: Sorry???

Nathan Miller: He’s a real fucking monster

Blake 1: Murphy went like MMA street fighter on this dudes ass

Blake 1: Like I’m not even kidding. This rando serial killer comes charging up to the cash register where we’re all standing and demands all the money and cigarettes and lotto scratchers

Smol Son Monty: And our wallets and anything expensive we had on us!!

Blake 1: He’s waving this gun around and the gas station clerk is scrambling around to gather all his demands. And then the guy turns around to us and puts the barrel right against mURPHY’S HEAD

Caw Caw Little Birdy: OHMYGOD

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Murphy are you hurt?! 

JJ Goggles: HURT!?!??

Smol Son Monty: he literally stEPS CLOSER TO THE GUY

King Azgeda: AND SMILES


Blake 1: I honestly don’t even know what happened after that??? Like????

Blake 1: He’s literally standing there with the gun to his head one second and then the next he has this dude on the floor knocked tf out and with a broken wrist 

JJ Goggles: Like bone-popping-out-of-skin broken wrist 

Nathan Miller: I miss all the fun stuff :(

Murph-Man: Sorry the police just finished questioning me

Murph-Man: I’m all good Rey. Pinky Promise babe <3

The Island of Misfit Delinquents 

1:45 pm

Blake 2: Got my churros finally!!!!!!!!

King Azgeda: *churr-O’s happy dance.vid*

Commander Clarke: S’cute

Blake 1: Not as cute as Clarke tho

Murph-Man: I just barfed in my mouth

Smol Son Monty: Not to be like rude but the zoo is kinda underwhelming after the gas station

JJ Goggles: hella underwhelming 

Caw Caw Little Birdy: I’m just glad ya’ll are safe 

Commander Clarke: For real 

Blake 2: Don’t worry. Jasper is almost drunk enough to naked fight the zebras

Commander Clarke: what

Blake 2: what

JJ Goggles: Whhhhaaaaaaaaattttttttt

Seokjin Scenario: Serenity.

Request:  A scenario where It’s a few days before your wedding and you suddenly have those wedding blues. You dissappear during your bachelorette party and your friends panic and contact Jin who is currently having his bachelor party as well. Both parties were stopped while everyone tried to look for you (you don’t answer anycalls or left any message). You keep having thoughts about whether jin is happy with you. Jin finds you in a place he knows you’d be in and comforts and reassures you tnx

Genre: Fluff / Romance

The music was blasting loud and Jin fought to hear the girl speaking to him over the phone, he covered his free ear with the other hand because Jungkook and Taehyung were having way too much fun with the speakers. When he saw the incoming call from your best friend, he simply supposed it was a little check up on him and what was he doing in his bachelor party, which only made him smile because that was so you.

– She what? – Jin laughed a little nervously, thinking that he’d heard wrong, but when your best friend repeated again that they couldn’t find you anywhere, that you had left your party and nobody knew about you or your wellbeing because you didn’t even answer your phone, Seokjin had to shake his head a little and wonder if the mix of drinks his friends had shoved down his throat as his welcome were playing tricks on him.

But your best friend seemed desperate and at the verge of panic, he could hear some rustling at the other side of the line, other girl voices saying things he couldn’t really distinguish. You were supposed to be at your bachelorette party as well, you were excited about it, Seokjin had seen it in your eyes, in the playful cadence of your voice whenever you said that your friends wanted to bring strippers to it to try and get a reaction out of him, to which Jin had only kissed your lips and said his friends planned to do just that too, which wasn’t true, but you had kissed him sweetly and threatened to choke him to death with one of those girls bras if he dared to do that. Why would you ever leave from a party you had been looking forward to? It just didn’t make any sense.

–I’ll see if I can find her – he said quickly, shaking off the hazy high of alcohol. He quickly dialed your number and heard his attempt go straight into voice mail, he called to your apartment and waited until the call ended still with no signs from you.

His party was still going strong, every single one of his friends one bit too tipsy for their own good and Jin knew he wasn’t too far from that, so he downed a whole bottle of water in one go and looked around.

–Yoongi, Yoongi hear me up – said guy looked at him and patted his shoulder offering a drink to him in the middle of a fit of laughter from whatever Namjoon had said. –Where’s Hoseok, he’s got my keys –

Yoongi signaled towards the bar and Jin wasn’t surprised to see Hoseok flirting with the pretty barista he’d been ogling all night. He pulled him away and searched inside his pockets, Namjoon and Yoongi had followed Jin along and were looking at him weird.

–What are you doing? – Hoseok was also looking weird at him and by that moment Taehyung had approached them as well.

–I have to leave – Jin said quickly, finally with his keys in hand. Jungkook passed an arm over his shoulder and smirked.

–Already wanting to escape from the big day hyung? – they laughed and nudged Jin on his ribs, which was actually funny because maybe it was you the one who had wanted to escape form the big day even if he couldn’t believe it.

–No, but Y/N is lost… well we think she’s lost –

–Wait, what? – Yoongi tugged at his arm to make him look at him and Jin noticed how his friend seemed a little less tipsy now and more focused.

–Her friends can’t find her anywhere, she was at her party and then disappeared, I tried calling her but she doesn’t answer – He knew he should be looking a little ridiculous talking seriously with his glitter tie and the dubious state of his clothes and hair.

The news didn’t fall like a cold bucket on him only, because then his friends had a tint of worry on their faces too, so Jin didn’t need to explain much besides the imperious need he had of finding you now, so they all made a plan to search for you in different places; his bachelor party could definitely wait.

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Christmas At The Kim's: Part II



Day 1 - Christmas Eve

 “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US YOU WERE COMING BRUH?!” Bobby’s older brother boomed, eyes wide, arms raised high in a “what the hell?!” pose.

Laughing, Bobby ran to his brother in the living room and they both jumped and chest bumped before his brother tackled him into a hug, laughing and slapping him on the back.

Mr. Kim quickly emerged from the kitchen and wrapped both of his sons in a giant bear hug, lifting them off the ground. “WHO CARES? HE’S HERE NOW. WELCOME HOME SON!” Mrs. Kim joined in on the family hug too as Chicken, the Kim’s Golden Retriever puppy, jumped up and down by Bobby’s leg, yapping and wagging its tail happily, also wanting attention from the youngest master.

Bobby barely had time to wipe his tears after greeting his mom before a fresh batch started forming in his eyes. “I’M BACK!” he exclaimed, sniffing loudly.


“You’ve lost too much weight. You’re all skin and bones!” Mrs. Kim remarked, alternating between slapping and smooching Bobby’s cheeks. “What kind of diet does your company put you on? Air and water?”

“Ackkk. Mom~’ Bobby whined, leaning away from her as he simultaneously tried prying her hands away from his face. “I’ve just been working out more.”

“You must be real proud of the results because I’ve seen you take your shirt off many times on TV,” Mrs. Kim raised one eyebrow critically, pushing her round glasses up the bridge of her nose. “I’d prefer it if you left your clothes on.”

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