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Miss Cats Finally Get Herself a Catsuit - AbbyCatsUK

So I thought being cat it was only a matter of time, before a got myself an outfit fit for the name. It’s not leather, PVC or latex, just a cheap faux material, I didn’t want to go crazy. It’s okay I guess, but I was hoping for something a little more figure hugging. It’s baggy around the bum and waist, so doesn’t have best of fits or looks.

I also feel the look it lacking something, even is a bit boring. It might need something like a neon pink belt or something just to make it more interesting. It certainly could do with a pair of neon pink heels, to complete it ;)

Still it was bit of fun to try out and possibly returned to in the future.

I was though super happy with my make-up, more certainly was an improvement here. Heavily slapped on foundation and powder really helped improve the look and hid that awful beard shadow :)

Blue Hour Varsity

By Alexander Liang

Right around the time of the “golden hour”, there’s also the “blue hour” just before twilight. As a lover of the color blue, it’s no surprise that I love the blue-ish hue of light during the “blue hour”/twilight. Not to mention the way the city lights twinkle.

For this look, I went for a chic and classic, sport inspired look. I started with this Coach leather varsity jacket, pairing it with a black crewneck tee, skinny khaki pants and white slip-on sneakers. To finish off the look, I added a punch of color by way of a neon pink Anderson’s belt. If you’re unfamiliar with their elastic, weaved belts, you definitely want to get up to speed. Available in an array of colors, these belts are super comfortable and versatile, while offering a perfect fit and function.

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Photos by Daniel Kim

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