neon off


decided to just //flips// miraculous neon genesis or something @A@ guys it’s 8.13am and i haven’t sleep yet, gotta get this out of my head after watching neon genesis evangelion and realised that adrien is like shinji (well in a way, he doesn’t see his father often) and they are wearing suits so why not pair this suit with ml suit. things that i should be doing now -sleep-rest-drawforwork-morecolouring-gdi-dearlordsavemysoul

Miraculous Ladybug x Neon Genesis Evangelion au

[ rei voice ] ikari-kun

twenty days left till AN and i don’t think i’ll get to do a fenris one haha

eta: changed a couple of things up top

eta2: apparently i got the quote wrong 8D;;;;;;;;

molotov cocktail || a mix for dangerous women || listen

i. pompeii is radioactive // bastille vs imagine dragons ii. laura palmer // bastille iii. bad reputation // joan jett iv. sleeping with a friend // neon trees v. bubblegum bitch // marina and the diamonds vi. gravity // nico vega vii. kings // tribe society viii. castle // halsey ix. high tide rising // fox x. run boy run // woodkid xi. i’m so sorry // imagine dragons xii. evil ways // blues saraceno xiii. black bat licorice // jack white xiv. bad intentions // digital daggers xv. centuries // fall out boy xvi. ready aim fire // imagine dragons xvii. everybody wants to rule the world // versus remix xviii. seven nation army // the white stripes xix. the devil within // digital daggers xx. spectrum // florence + the machine xxi. irresistible // fall out boy xxii. bombastic // bonnie mckee xxiii. control // halsey xxiv. howl // florence + the machine xxv. monster // imagine dragons xxvi. mad hatter // melanie martinez xxvii. chandelier // sia xviii. black // kari kimmel xxix. yellow flicker beat // lorde xxx. seven devils // florence + the machine xxxi. marked man // mieka pauley xxxii. glory and gore // lorde xxxiii. iron // woodkid xxxiv. icarus // bastille xxxv. transpose // bad suns xxxvi. kill your heroes // awolnation xxxvii. youth // daughter xxxviii. i’ll be good // jaymes young xxxvix. we are young // hozier xl. silhouettes // of monsters and men xli. white blood // oh wonder

Scrolling through the evangelion tag on any given day:
-4,000 gif sets of the 3.33 piano scene
-a variety of porn of Asuka and/or Rei, generally depicted looking literally 12 years old
- someone’s random #deep theory about nothing
-maybe some cool art, possibly an alright text post, potentially an interesting idea about something actually plausible
- A Cruel Angel’s Thesis

Batch 1 of 2 Open~!

1. Took - CantheDog/Tera

2. Taken -  Hondo

3. Terk - Zunrin

To claim a slot send a message to inbox with desired kind/character ref/necessary details~

Prices can change based on complexity of character. (yah rabbit pure white? probs chop $5 off, neon rave scene with hearts and blood and lots of teeth? Probs add $5)

A 2 character comm would be 2 slots, but I’m trying to give priority to single character comms before taking 2 character. 

Stream will be this Friday or Sat pending other events!

PAYMENT: is done via invoice, so I’ll ask for an email when we agree on the commission~! They’ll be sent out promptly.

How do you want to be remembered by history: as someone who tried to make the world better for everyone, or better only for yourself?

@nimoui; i wanted to ask you if you could maybe draw a black dragon with stars in their eyes saying “I Miss Being Me”?? – a cool cat who donated and was moved way up front!