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Kahlani Twins Beauty Essentials // Hair, Make-Up, Nails and more

HAIR (list of products)

If you’re hair isn’t naturally wavy, the easiest way to get the twins’ hair look will be hair tong. Take a larger iron and loosely wrap chuncks and ends around the iron (thanks Lou and The Craft!) and just simply brush the waves out! If you want your hair to be a bit messier, mermaid-like, spray your hair with bunch of sea salt spray and dry it with a help of good old diffuser. Both twins naturally have dark brown hair which they regulary light to get the orange tones. If you have blonde or bleached hair, try mixing BLEACH London’s Tangerine Dream and Awkward Peach to get the similar colour! For their Craft fringe, try Fudge Urban Paintbox colours, just array them like rainbow!

MAKE-UP (list of products)

For good make-up look in general GET YOURSELF ONLY THE BEST BRUSHES (my personal faves are Real Techniques brushes).Twins’ make-up is simple and basic. Start with a good primer which will prep your skin and keep your make-up on longer. If you have clean face, without heeps of blemishes and redness just add a bit of concealer and BB cream (if you feel insicure about your skin, go with the full foundation in darker tones). Twins put on fake tan, so put a good bronzer on your must have list. Eye make-up is typical smoky, smudgey and greasy. Get yourself good liquid eyliner and check 41st page in Lou Teasdale’s beauty bible, The Craft. Keep your lipstick natural and beige and matte (The Craft, page 43).

NAILS (list of products)

Nails are not much of a philosophy if you visit good nail artist and ask for bright and glittery nails. If you are crafty and have a calm hand, get bright and neon nail varnishes, glitter and a nail art brush and get going! If you are just a bit lazier and love a bit of risk, get yourself H&H 3D nails and just put ‘em on for raddest nails in the city! (For nail tips, check the Craft, page 81 and so on)

OTHER (list of products)

Twins’ skin is clear and dark. That means (if genes didn’t play a good role) you need loads of skin care and fake tan (the Craft, page 54). Don’t forget to put on a good perfume and some glitter on your face and skin!