neon markers

Finished my Evangelion shoes :3

Message me if you’re interested in a pair! I’ve ready gotten a few inquiries.

Update: just want to clarify that these exact shoes are not for sale, but I can design a pair with anything you’d like on them!

Title: The Beauty and the Beast (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter auditions for the school musical to spend more time with the reader, not expecting to land a lead role or first kiss in the process.

Word Count: 1528

A/N: Okay I love this so much it’s so cute and fluffy? Let me know if you like and I hope you enjoy!! XOX :) 

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Some cool ladies
Other DGHDA drawings


The final results of the giveaway I held on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram last month! I hope to be able to give back to my followers even more in the future, I really appreciate the support!  ⭐

Micron, prismacolor markers, white gel pen, & glitter on paper.

Jackson | Shadow Allure

  In which Jackson Wang falls in love with a mysterious girl’s silhouette.

For my Love, @got7-texts<3

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