neon links

It’s so hot today, so on stream I just decided you know what, lets just focus on a color study today, and I think it came out pretty neat. i might actually render it out in this style

EDIT: I went and polished this painting. You can see it clicking here

(I stream quite often at feel free to give it a follow if you want some soothing art streams)

Link tried to teach Kena how to gain some confidence. I don’t think those lessons are going too well.


I realized a bunch of my fave aesthetic posts had neon signs in them, so I wanted to play around and see what I could come up with and how realistic I could make it look.

I tried to arrange these in a way that doesn’t sound like a sentence, but you can rearrange these in pretty much any way and it sounds kinky as hell, so I gave up.


Jongdae + Love Me Right MV  (1)