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I just finished this animated illustration for Collectif Rockabilly ‘s drawing contest :) These original characters belong to Collectif Rockanilly artists :
Hank © MIG
April © Ellana
Barbara © Rozenn illustration
Jack © Rozenn illustration
Cherry © Emy Folie & Fei
Blueberry © Nephyla
Betty © Aube

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First kiss story?

The “first” was an accident, so I don’t really know how much it counts. My godsister secretly invited her best friend over after midnight - we’d just turned 13 and were ready to be edgy and rebellious teenagers who did things like that.

The friend climbed through the basement window. She had neon blue hair, a leather jacket, fishnet tights, spiked combat boots, and knew every Bob Dylan song by heart. I was attracted to her in the way that square nerds are often attracted to unapologetic punks, but I wasn’t sure that I actually liked her very much.

We all hung out in the dark for a couple of hours, watching Beetlejuice or something. My godsister and her friend ended up talking about how they kissed each other occasionally and how that was normal, girls sometimes make out with each other, it was pretty punk-rock. The friend asked me if I’d ever kissed anyone and my godsister laughed kind of meanly at the suggestion. I was embarrassed and got pretty sulky.

We finished the movie, or turned it off, and kind of awkwardly admitted that we were all too tired to stay up any later. I’m not sure how it happened, but I turned my head and my lips connected with the friends’ - I yelped in surprise, right into her mouth, and it made a horrible gross sucking noise as I jumped away.

We never spoke of it again.

Not-sanders sides, person-lukas-ties

There’s this thing people are doing where you make your own sides like Thomas’s so I thought I’d join in to. The rules to this thing are available here > @pansexualroman so I encourage you guys to do this too if you haven’t already. Anyways here it goes ○□○□○□○□○□○□○□○□○□○□○□○

Anthony - Anxiety (He/Him)
Controls: Fears, worries,  procrastination

•Knows every negative outcome to everything
•Constant Questions
•Panic/Anxiety attacks
•Let’s no one in
•Cries a lot
•Always overwhelmed (lots of sensory overload)
•What are fingernails?…you mean the food attacked to my hand???
•second eldest
•evolved from fear
▪Hair’s colour changes with mood, usually black
▪Hair is long, Rockstar long
▪Sunglasses…Always (Hides the crying bloodshot eyes.)
▪Leather Jackets, Neon pants, Converse, Band Merch
-Slight with Zeke.
Oli -Musicality (They/Them)
Controls: singing, writing,  playing of music

•Can respond to anything in song lyrics
•Band puns
•Playing either drumsticks or humming a lot
•headphones are a lifestyle not an accessory
•Rock and alternative music is their oxygen
•Can’t live a day Without listening to Wild Wild World by Set It off
•Tumblr lover
▪Neon pink fringe, white for the rest of the hair
▪eyeliner on point
▪skirts on top of skinny jeans,  lots of galaxies
▪flaunts their acne to prove it’s not a flaw
-Sensual benefit with Anthony (cuddling and comfort)
Derek -Flirt/Confidence (he/him)
Controls: confidence, Flirtatious favours, public speaking.

•Flirts a lot
•Defensive about height
•Weakest of them all
▪Harsh Jawline
▪Striking blue eyes
▪just look up Austin Carlile and pretend he has blue eyes
▪5", causes some self esteem issues
▪Leather Jackets, ripped tank tops,  ripped jeans
Trying to rid of his crush on Danni
Daniell “Danni” -Dialectic (He/him)
Controls: reasoning, logical thought, argumentation

•There has to be a reason for everything
•Loves ASMR
•loves riddles and puzzles
•keeps host on track
•little voice that reminds you what you were doing
▪Fake glasses
▪Needs reading glasses though
▪Green eyes
▪wears dresses in secret
▪Dress shirts, Dress pants, Bow ties
▪Blushes a lot
-Crush on Derek that goes nowhere
Cynsige -Creativity (He/Him)
Controls: writing, art, all creative motives

•Writes a lot
•Voice recorder for plots
•Draws anything they want
•Will stop and sit with a sketchbook anywhere, anytime
•Uses music for influence and creative spark
•Daydreams a lot
•Randomly speaks, sometimes cute off their own sentences wuth their new sentences and sometimes interrupts the others
•Bouncy Personality
•Hates school
▪Paint in hair and on face all the time
▪Galaxy hair, in an unglued mohawk
▪Steady hands
▪loves white clothes, calls them Canvas Clothes
▪Favourite sweater they stole from Zeke
-in love with Oli, it’s a secret
Zeke -zealot, fanatic, adherent (he/him)
Controls: obsessions, main fandom,  fictional based opinions, and the keep of abandonment issues

•Stands up for their obsessions, not themselves
•Fander to the max
•A tad annoying
•Grammar police
•Only attends school to relate things to fandoms
•Never says goodbye
•loves some Swedish words, cause they’re fun to say
▪Shy kid, hair in face with slight curls, light brown
▪Pale from lack of outdoors
▪Sweaters bug enough for all their fandoms
▪Lanyards and buttons
▪Eyeshadow to hide 0-sleep eyebags
None yet, small interest in Anthony but refuses to go at it.

Other important things:
Each have a security item. Anthony has a small grey teddy bear, Oli has a friendship bracelet from a lost bestfriend it ripped as they grew up (true story), Derek has a blanket from when they were young, Daniell has a Necklace with a square root symbol as the charm, Cynsige has a caligraphy pen they got 10 years ago, Zeke has a necklace with a jade pendant.

They are all in control of emotions just matters who has the most control.

They all love silly putty, it’s just their favourite toy.

Now I need to tag:

@softlogic reminds me of Anthony cause they are always so worried
@the-prince-and-the-emo reminds me of Oli because both have a love for set it off
@analogically-prinxiety reminds me of Derek because they have confidence in themselves even though sometimes they tear themselves down
@notjustaterran reminds me of Daniell because they’re both really smart

@the-sanders-sides reminds me of Cynsige because they are both really creative whether they know it or not

@princeyandanxiety reminds me of Zeke because they both have a love for certain Swedish words

Send I’m asks for scenarios are just general questions for them (add ‘for sides’) if you like. I have no life so I’m bored