neon furniture

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if i were a month: October

if i were a day: Tuesday

if i were a planet: Mars

if i were a god or goddess: Hephaestus, GOD OF WEAPONS AND FIRE AND FORGING

if i were a sea animal: does otter count? bc i love them

if i were a piece of furniture: a neon sign

if i were a gemstone: tourmaline

if i were a flower: tiny but abundant wild flowers

if i were a weather: thick fog on a sunny day/ or a clear night sky

if i were a color: BRIGHT VIVID BLUE or neon green. or both!

if i were an emotion: that bubbly feeling you get with adrenaline rushes..

if i were a fruit: a giant blueberry 

if i were a sound: AAAAAAAAA

if i were an element: chemical fire

if i were a place: abandonded building probably filled with ghosts. 

if i were a taste: that fake ass lime shit mmmm like those lime chips? u kno? that me.

if i were a scent: either roses or pine trees … a mix of both!

if i were a song: Prime by SebastiAn

if i were a bodypart: the tongue caus i get to do all the talking and all the fun stuff

k im gonna tag @mojavewinchester @1975weed @edmund-grayson @edbangingrobot @kyoki-no-otoko @crusheramaris idk who else wants to do this and none of u have to do this, but i liked this one :)

Just picture it: One day Ragnor shows up again/gets found/whatever. Point is he’s alive and he shows up at Magnus’ flat and this scrawny eight year old warlock with blue skin and ram’s horns answers the door and Ragnor is just so confused and in the background he hears an exasperated Alec chastising Little One for opening the door without waiting for him. 

Ragnor is incredibly confused because as far as he knows there is absolutely no reason for there to be a kid in Magnus’ apartment. Little One is confused because he knows about his Daddy’s brother that died in the war, and yet here he is looking equally confused. Then Ragnor gets even more confused because this Shadowhunter walks up and he looks totally at home there, but this is clearly still Magnus’ loft because the currently neon furniture SCREAMS Magnus. And now Alec is confused because, what the hell, Ragnor was supposed to have died nearly ten years ago now.

So everyone is just standing there with zero idea of how to handle the situation and after a minute Little One announces he’s gonna go make some tea and asks what kind Ragnor wants. So Ragnor sort of stumbles out an answer and awkwardly steps into the apartment as Alec finally manages to gather himself enough to decide what to do about this situation.

Magnus gets home about twenty minutes later after a mildly concerning “Please come home right now…” text from Alec. He finds a still incredibly confused looking Ragnor sitting on the couch being served tea by Little One and having his hair molested by two of their cats. Alec at this point just looks bemused by the whole situation.