neon colours are my new thing

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Name: Christine

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Gender: Female

Orientation: Pansexual

Favorite fruit: watermelon

Favorite season: summer

Favourite fictional character: Liz Lemon

Favourite flower: jasmines

Favourite colour: dusty pink

Favourite animal: peacocks

Favourite artist/band: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Lydia, Fall Out Boy, Halsey, Lorde

Average sleep: 7 hours

Number of blankets I sleep with: 3-4, I like to snuggle

Last thing I googled: Who the fuck is Damian Wayne?

How many blogs I follow: 108

Number of followers: 1515 (try not to act surprised that people like my POS blog but don’t talk to me)

What I usually post: smutty stuff, JDM, Jared Leto, Jon Hamm

My aesthetic: neon signs, city lights, and flowers

I tag: @prettyepiic @wolfgirl1074 @omgalittlebitofeverything @kazosa @ryangoslingstanktop @kazosa @cass-xxo @imstonecoldnegan @nopunattempted

list of colours and how I feel about them

black - black is a beautiful colour (?) I need my black to be pure black tho not greyish not green not blue. my mother only wears black clothes and I think often clothes look better black. Is the colour of lavastone, the inner part of a poppy and sleep

blue - is nice because it so prevalent but fake?? we say the sky is blue we say the sea is blue but is it really? the sky is transparent and water is too so im just gonna throw it out there blue is the fakest colour. is not the colour of anything 🙅

brown - brown is a difficult bc it does not feel simple, there’s no pure brown there’s reddish brown and there’s greenish brown and many more. Its the colour of many spices and im grateful

grey - grey or gray (js its grey) is a name too but it’s a nice colour (?) for decorating, if combined w black n white and green to break it up its the ideal colour scheme. Is the colour of some of my hair, raccoons and Im gonna say silver

green - often confused w blue like 青, is a beautiful colour that I need in my life to make a place feel like home, is the colour of green tea, plants and gems like peridot.

orange - has the same name as a fruit and I for one think that is an amazing idea. I think more colours/ppl should have fruit names. Like peach? Is the colour of kakis, knippa and oranges lmao

pink - is a soft colour like a whipped cream, is smooth and caring like body butter. Is the colour of peaches, cheeks and my bedsheets

purple - purple is a beautiful colour that fits most skin tones. It’s perfect for adornjng urself with. Colour of seashells, lipstick and the most peaceful sky

red - red is life, red is roses is blood red is romance red is heart, red brings energy to ppl of all walks of life. Red is the colour of everything w a beating heart, figuratively or not, is the colour of most flags and the colour of the perfect apple, is the colour of sichuan hot pot

white - white is a colour (?) for fresh and new beginnings, but it’s also a vacant space, which can be a good or bad thing. there’s few things pure white in this world and that’s a good thing, there’s more beauty in many different tones. Colour of milk, fresh sheets and snow (but not really)

yellow - yellow can either be beautiful in its dark creamy form, rich in its thick pigment, or bleak and flat in its light neon versions. looks beautiful on darker skin. Is the colour of bananas, my favourite shirt and markers

MY LIFE IS NOT A JOHN HUGHES MOVIE | a mix of modern day songs with distinct echoes and sounds of the 80’s. for transporting yourself back to the decade of neon colours, big hair and leg warmers and starring in the movie of your life with a stellar soundtrack playing in the background as you pump your fist into the air


01. can you kiss me first - college | 02. the best thing - electric youth | 03. new romantics - taylor swift | 04. ok pal - m83 | 05. 24 hours - sky ferreira | 06. back of the van - ladyhawke | 07. right back to you  - electric youth | 08. teenage colour - college | 09. heart out - the 1975 | 10. drove me wild - tegan and sara | 11. now is not the time - chvrches | 12night drive - chromatics | 13. i want you now and always - ice choir | 14. midnight city - m83

Dash Is Dead

Ok basically my dash is dying a painful death from lack of good blogs, just like/reblog if you post the stuff below & I’ll check your blog out, you don’t have to be following my blog it would be cool if you did

☆ lightning
☆ tattoos (legs, arms, chest, in colour)
☆ pizza
☆ Brand New
☆ The Front Bottoms
☆ Man Overboard
☆ The Story So Far
☆ Neck Deep
☆ Being As An Ocean
☆ Blink-182
☆ The Amity Affliction
☆ Rise Against
☆ Red Hot Chilli Peppers
☆ Hands Like Houses
☆ We The Kings
☆ anything pop punk
☆ Youtubers (Emma Blackery, LukeIsNotSexy, Danisnotonfire etc.)
☆ neon sign kinda things