neon colored shades

I. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 1: Meetings]


Dionysus (THE MORTAL LOVING GOD) sees across the room, through throngs of people. Music shakes the ground, thrums up his veins, makes him feel like he has a beating heart. 

And The Boy (THE BRIGHT LIGHT, IMMORTAL WITH YOUTH), with laughter in him, is drunk on more than just wine. He looks the way Dionysus hopes these nights will let him feel. 

Instantly, in the air stolen from lungs, never to be recaptured, he’s in love.

He’s also across the room so Dionysus kisses the lips of his bottle instead.

II. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 2: Rumors and Background]


Those TWO (COLD TWINS) have knife sharp eyes and wicked teeth, that pull in and gut. Make you love and treat with reproach. 

Apollo has broken many hearts with love. A singing fire song.

(Artemis, does it by never giving love out at all. Quick in kindness, they fall at her knees in hope.)

Dionysus almost loves him on that alone, the wicked insanity of it all.

Rumors, of sweet ichor in his blood, wine that runs off lips, the heartless deity.

III. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 3: The pull]


He’s dancing on a table and the music is in him.

All the colors, so blinding before, have become swings of his hips. Neon colored lipsticks and shades of shoved off couches are flushes of cheeks. 

Dionysus: lustful and drunk.

Throws himself into the night.

“Apollo,” is in the shell of his ear. A prayer for the night. Dionysus screams with religious ecstasy.

IV. ACT TWO- Confrontation  [scene 1: In the presence of]

Soft skin forms soft lips forms soft words forms soft poems.

Dionysus revels in beauty, swallows the sights down hard, and he is that.

V.  ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 2: In the absence of]


with a white sun burning eyelids red.

Quiet rings loud, reverberating off four walls of unfamiliar rooms. Ataste in the air is sweet and untouched, morning.

And a spot of tangled dark clothes on a spotless carpet.


VI. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 3: Way Home]

(Setting, specific): Sunrise air sticks hot. Thoughts cloud together on humid winds. 

Sepia skin hands. Icarus, they say fell from those hands.

Tight muscled calves, to soft skinned thighs. Daphne, they say, ran herself to death chasing love, trying to run from the agony.

- Oh and how Dionysus (A GOD, ON HEAVENLY CLOUD) knows he would too. 

To wake in a cold room, to shuffle cold feet along air conditioned tile, to walk the sun’s path home. 

In those eyes were every sorrow he’s ever met. In the hot puffed breathes was the last sin he’ll ever breathe. In the pink flash tongue was the last bits of warmth before a winter you won’t survive.

VII. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 4: Last thoughts (the oracle) ]


Dionysus knowing he will never find the path back to that place.

Starts the dance with a golden (enough) girl, her whispers, her teeth. “A virgin.”

There’s an ethereal step to her twirls. “Won’t be for long.”

Her neck smells of incense, her body writhes with hope.

Pain, in her eyes, in futures she sees. Wine, on her lips, sacrificed blood of her innocence.

Dionysus knows her. She is mortal.


VIII. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 5: Comforts]

DIONYSUS WATCHES, dances and laugh into a listening night.

He is a god, he knows, and these are his worshipers. 

The words slur out, drunk with love and ripe with wine: 

                          “You are all I’ve ever needed.”

IX. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 6: First thoughts]

The night is a lost concept.

The day is a halo rising, a crown on gilded hair. 

Dionysus couldn’t tell how he got here but nector rests on his lips. Hard knuckled hands glide out word. From this angle: the god is blinded, he cannot see. “A Poem.” he is told. He is not the muse.

 At this table. In this light.

Words wash over him, warm as cascading light through the window. 

Dionysus can already feel his heart breaking.

X. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 1: audience]

She watches him. She watches everything. Her teeth, her mind,  her eyes, her nails are sharp. 

She ghosts soft silver over wood forest floors.

“My brother is a god of poison and disease.” Her teeth glimmer white.

“He is not good for you.” Her voice comes out throaty and soft. 

“You are a wild animal. And he loves to hunt.”


XI. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 2: Drink, maybe]

Nights like this:

Loud with silence. Loud with thought. Life eats him raw. And wisps of almost memory curl tight in his mind with rebuke.

He is unstable. Unstable is he.

XII. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 3: Next time]

Dionysus sees him across the room. Gold glints off bronze, even through the dull of lost souls he burns bright.

Dionysus kisses the lips of his bottle and drinks to drown.


Well, this was how much progress I made on today’s drawing before my tablet decided to brake… I probably won’t be uploading anything the next 5-10 days, since I can’t get it fixed before that…

(This drawing was actually going to be a surprise, but, yeah ;’> I hope you like it!)

Wicked Games - Part Two.

Rating: NC-17

Content: Sexual situations, some language, kitten!kink, main character’s point-of-view.

Word count: ~5.0 K

This is the second part to something I did a while back. It’s a little kinkier than my usual, so there’s that. 

Part one. 

Feedback is always welcome.

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How He Proposes to You | The Outsiders Preference


You lay with your legs crossed and draped over the arm chair you were sitting on and your back ached uncomfortably on the other arm. Flipping another dog-eared page of an old novel you found about a guy trapped on an island, you furrow your eyebrows in an intense manner and bite your lip. You can feel the dust collecting on you and the curtain beside you has a slit opened so that the setting sun can flash it’s blinding heat over your eyes but you were too trapped in the book’s words to find a different position. The front door screeches and then slams shut. A pair of footsteps shuffle through the hallway with a little bounce to their step and you can feel the excitement radiate from those two feet.

“(y/n)!” Pony sighs.

You glance upwards, flash a bright smile then go back to your book. His eyes were twinkling like nothing you’d ever seen.

He hesitates a bit before holding out a thick book he’d been hiding behind his back, then stretched his arm out to hand it to you so he could lower himself down into his desired seating place on the floor simultaneously. Your eyebrow shot up.

“It’s drugs.” He laughed as he rose just enough to gently set it on your blanketed lap.

“Alright,” You sigh, setting your book down.

Taking the book into your hands, you laugh.

“How To Treat A (y/g)?” You suppress a giggle after having read the title. “A book for dummies who can’t court?”

He shows all of his teeth.

“Open it.”

Sighing and resting your head against your fingertips, you flip it open and are surprised to find it roughly hollowed out. A rich amber stone sat on a proud, thin golden ring. Thick peaches made clouds of swirls like milk in coffee inside of the orange, clear gem.

“Ponyboy Curtis.” You simply say as shock sets in.

“Yeah?” He say quickly, kneeling next to you as if worried of your reaction.

Instantaneously flicking your head in his direction while continuing to marvel at the wedding ring, you breathe “Kiss me, please.”




You giggled and he pressed his lips to yours over and over again with a goofy smile on his face. You were laying on the front seats of the old car in The Drive In. Soda was stretched over you with his hands on either side of your face kissing you over and over again as you laughed and squealed. It wasn’t quite night yet, as the sun hadn’t set and it was the hottest tuesday of the summer. So, there weren’t many kids out in the theatre tonight.

Soda’s windows were open and you were crumpling his shirt underneath your back from when he had offered it to you to keep you from sweating.

“Sodaaaaaaa” Whines escaped your lips write before you chirped out laughs between kisses placed messily over your face.

“Hush, Darlin’.” He held a finger to your lips before returning to his activity.

You jutted out your knee and knocked something heavy from a compartment. It made a loud thump noise.

He hurried off of you and you scrambled upwards to see what it was. Soda darted for a dark container, clamped it shut and proceeded to search under the seats for something.

“Soda, what’s wrong?” You asked.

He snatched something and shoved it into the box. “Nothing, babe.”

A frustrated furrow became of your brow as you watched him place it back into the compartment. You grabbed it as soon as you saw the opportunity.

“(y/n)-” Sodapop started with warning and worry seething through his lips.

It was too late. You popped open the case and a Rose-Quarts gem on a thick silver ring sparkled so obviously that t could have been waving at you. Smaller of the same stone were sprinkled around the large, main one like a flower patch. Your breath was caught in your throat and your hand was to your mouth.

Soda smiled sarcastically as he casually leaned against the dashboard with his elbow.

“Cat’s out of the bag.” He grinned. “Might as well…” He snatched the ring from you and it felt like he had torn a hole through youreart as he hurried out of the passenger door. Much to your surprise, instead of running away, he slid over the car’s front and opened your side as he landed smoothly on his knees.

“(y/n),” He began with the widest smile a man could possibly own “Will you marry me?”




Ever so quietly, you unfolded Darrel’s arms off of yourself and then proceeded to unwrap the blanket burrito you were trapped in. Then, you hurried out of the room and into the bathroom just as Darrel groaned and went into a fetal position in his sleep, subconsciously searching for you with his arm.

Content with your skills, you stripped off your clothes and started the shower. Rubbing soap into your hair, a tapping on the doorframe takes you out of your mid-morning-ritual trance.

“Hey ya, Mrs. Curtis!” Shouted Soda from just outside the open door.

You grabbed the curtain and pushed it aside just enough to show your face and the pushed it back in so that it was tight against your neck. “Sorry?”

He went wide-eyed and then backed away. “Oh, uh too early, i guess…” Then hurried away.

You dismissed it and went back to your shower. After you were done, you took a towel, dried yourself off and the grabbed your clothes off of the floor before anybody could see you.

Fully, clothed, brushed, wet hair made you feel alert for the day. You did a quick once over in the mirror and went for the toothpaste before a massive wall grabbed you from behind and swung you in circles.

“Morning sunshine!” Crowed Darry.

You tugged at his warm arms from sleep and laughed. “Darrel Curtis! Put me down this instant!”

He slapped a hand to his forehead and you watched a large smile comically spread across his face through the mirror.

Darrel dropped you and rushed to the kitchen. You hurried after him, laughing. Finding him searching through all of the drawers in the kitchen, you suddenly began to question why today of all days he was so darn happy.

With glee vibrating from every inch of his tall frame, he grabbed something from a drawer finally and then slammed it shut. Shielding it from your eyes by covering it with his hadn’t yet acting like it was the most precious thing ever, he held it out in front of him and lightly walked back to you. He kneeled graciously down on one knee and then realization dawned upon you.

Tears pools your eyes so you could barely see him as he opened his hand and revealed a simple diamond on a gleaming, thin ring.

Right as he opened his mouth to say the words, you screamed “Yes! Yes!” and then threw your arms around him sobbing happy tears. Pity Darry having to pay so much for a small ring.

“Alright!” Soda hooted “Soooooo, how ya doin’ Mrs. Curtis?”




“Hey, honey.” Greeted Johnny, peeking over the side of the hospital door way.

It ached your body to move, but you turned your head and meet him with a pained smile.

“Hey, Johnny.” You answered.

“You don’t look too good..” He bit the inside of his mouth as he walked over with a small bouquet of flowers. Worry creased his forehead and made his eyebrows tilt.

“Alright,” you smiled, trying to cheer up the mood. “Get your jollies; I know you love to see me in pain.”

His face was still dead serious but he managed to emit a sad chuckle for your sake.

Sighing, you focused on the roses he had set on your bed side.

“They’re beautiful.” You cooed.

Johnny scraped a chair across the floor so it was beside your bed.

“I really hate seeing you like this, (y/n).” Your boyfriend leaned forward onto his knees and covered his face with his hands. “If-if only i was there when those punks grabbed ya, and-and tried ta-”

A sob shook his frame as he ran his fingers down his face. Something sparkled on his hand and caught your eye.

“What’s that?” You’re voice went raspy halfway in the sentence.

He slipped it off his finger and held it closer to your face, so you could see.

“Now, i can always be there, (y/n).” He cried, tears running down his face. You could barely understand him. It was obvious he had not planned on crying so hard when he’d tell you this.

Nonetheless, the ring struck you and filled you up with warmth by blessing you with it’s simplistic beauty.

It was a simple, milky white opal with gleams of neon colors spotting and shading it in various places and patches. The opals enclosed the entire ring, so you couldn’t even find where the material of the actual ring was.

“Johnny, i-”

“You don’t have to say anything, (y/n).” Johnny said, wiping his eyes away.

He cupped your chin and leaned his face so close, your noses were touching. It hurt so much but you didn’t care.

Apparently, he decided it was his turn to lighten the mood. “Blink once for yes. Blink twice for no.”

Then swooped in for a kiss.


“Steve.” You groaned as soon as you saw where you two were headed.

You recognized the trees as you zoomed by in your car. You knew this place well and you did not enjoy being there. Buck Merill’s.

The first time you had went, some kid was trying to cop a feel and Steve was too damn drunk to hear you. You promised yourself you’d never go back.

“Aw, come on (y/n). You never give this place a chance.” Steve said, preoccupied.

Pursing your lips, you turn back to street-watching.

“You still love me, right babe?” He asked, completely out of nowhere.

“What are you saying, Steve?” You laughed hesitantly, turning towards him.

Steve had seemed anxious ever since you two left the house for a drive. Betting it was some car trouble at the DX, you dismissed it. Now, you were rethinking what could possible be so wrong.

“Nothin’” He shook his head and and his muscles tensed.

You sighed.

Steve suddenly pulled to the side of the road, parked his car and then turned so that his complete upper body was attentive towards you.

He took in a deep breath and held intense eye contact with you for what seemed longer than natural. Your eyes widended. What’s going on with Steve?

Suddenly, he turned away and slammed his fist against the dash.

“Steve! Steve! Calm yourself!” Your hands fluttered over him, holding him down.

He gripped the steering wheel with desperarity.

“I’m such a wuss.” He mumbled.

“Sure you aren’t.” You smiled reassuringly.

He fumbled through his tiny breast pocket in his jean jacket with his two fingers. “Then how come i can’t even-”

A ring slid out with his hands and you brought your hands over your mouth with huge eyes.

He rolled down the window.

“What was the point. You’re never going to say yes.” He gripped it firmly like he was about to throw it out. “Sorry to waste your time (y/n).”

“No! Nonononono, stop!” You held out a hand as he looked back at you with surprise.

“Let me see it.” You stated calmly.

Steve cautiously dropped the ring into your palm. A warm, triumphant smile spread his lips like peanut butter as you fit it onto your ring finger.

A beauty of a moonstone stood like a round, milky dumpling on a golden ring. It was so large that it spilled over the sides. It was a bit heavy, but then again Steve wouldn’t know what was heavy or not to you.

“Yes.” You glanced up with a smile that looked a little pained, but only because you were holding back tears.

He took you in for a bear hug and a big kiss so fast, it was like a train hit you.


Standing on your porch, you couldn’t rid of the warm feelings of butterflies in your stomach. Keith had told you to wear your best outfit over the phone an hour ago and he’d be here any minute.

The sun was setting and erupting golden hues across the sky that cast dark shadows of leaves from down the block against your skin. A car spat down the street and vroomed up to the drive way.

You hurried down the porch steps to make the transportational part go quicker. He stepped out of the drivers door.

“Woah-woah-woah, WOAH! Now darlin, what do you think you are doing trying to step into my car?” He smiled with a hand on his hip.

You froze, your leg still midway sliding-in. “Going to our date, i believe…?”

A low chuckle shook his frame as he walked to your side, took your hand and brought you back to the porch. You leaned against a wooden column as he scratched his jaw and furrowed his brow.

“Babe,” He started. “How would you like to be married?”

Your jaw popped open. “What?”

“How do i propose to you?” He tried again.

You shook your head and blinked. “I-i don’t know. I guess anyway you had in mind is fine.”

Another grin stretched across his face.

He dramatically pulled out into a tight grip and looked off daringly into the sunset.

“(y/n)!” He bellowed. No doubt, all of Tulsa could hear him. “THOU ART THE MOST OKAY MAIDEN I HAST BLEST MY SIGHT UPON-”

“Okay! Okay!” You giggled, squirming around so you could smush a finger against his lips.

“How about… something more… you?” You squinted an eye and raised the opposite eyebrow.

“You’re asking me to get very drunk, you know that right?” He cocked an eyebrow but held the same grin he had when he meet you. You were swooning hardcore.

“Okay…” You stole a quick peck from him. “How about… a different you?”

He got down on one knee and slipped a ring out from his back pocket. How it never broke, you’ll always wonder.

“(y/n), Will you be the Minnie to my Mickey?”

You leaned down in front of him, so lips were inches above and away from his.

“I’ll think about it.” With a quick wink, you strut towards the car.

Two-bit broke into loud guffaws. “Now baby, that just ain’t fair!”

As soon as you were safely in the passenger side, you take a quick peek at the ring you’d managed to swipe from his hand without him noticing.

An oval, coral gem with an orange color that were spotted white at each end rested on a fat ring made out of silver metal. You smiled and tucked it under your leg as he approached the car.




“Babe, Babe i’m sorry!” Dallas followed you out of Buck’s place, a little drunk as usual. He was holding a steak to his face to cool down the throbbing bruise on his face.

It was a below-zero night that emitted dark blue shadows as you ignored Dallas on your quest to walk home by yourself.

He grabbed your shoulder and you did a 180 to smack his hand off.

“What else am i supposed to say!” He shouted with his hand thrown up and an outraged look on his face. “I’ve already apologized twice! What else do you want from me!”

“Oh don’t play innocent!” You cried as you turned back down your designated route.

“Babe!” He began again. “I didn’t do anything!”

“Really?” You sarcastically shouted over your shoulder.

“Yes, really!” He yelled back.

“This is the last time i have to pick up after your sorry ass, Dallas.” You picked up your pace.

“Wait, wait.” He said. You heard him fall behind.

You sigh as you spin slowly back around.

“I-i-i have a ring.” He said softly. Somehow, even his soft sounded sarcastic.

He took the ring and placed it in your hand.

“If you’re gonna leave, take it. Take it and you never have to give a shit about me.” He licked his lips and avoided eye contact with you. His voice sounded hard.

You squinted your eyes hard at the ring when you realized it was a simple, thick ring completely made of smooth onyx.

You felt your nose go runny and face go warm while your eyes glistened.

“I thought that… i don’t know- i thought that we could marry.” Even though he was talking to you, he was facing a tree in the park at the edge of the street.

“Figured: minus well. You weren’t going anywhere.” He chuckled darkly.

“See you later… maybe. Or whatever- like i care.” He turns and begins to stride in the opposite direction, back to Buck’s.

“Wait- Dallas.” You breathed heavily in defeat.

He paused. “What?”

You gingerly came up behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist. In front of him, you put the ring on your finger, so he can see.

“So you’re still into me, huh?” He yet again found a way to sound tuff in not-so-tuff situations.

“As long as you’re still into me.” You whisper into his back.

He turns around in your arms and smooches your forehead and then kisses you on the lips.

“Then i guess that means we’re married.”


anonymous asked:

art question! do you think making frisk yellow in serious art (and making it look good) is possible?

yeah man any color can be serious bsnss you just gotta believe [parappa intensifies]

my big tip is, make it really unsaturated and shade with black + cross hatching. I don’t like using black because yk i’m a color child but if you wanna make something look serious black is your pal

here, small unsaturated doodle child made to look a bit more serious than the usual

but do you want to know how to make it with REALLY bright yellow? ultimate saturated yellow??? NEON COLORS????

use black for shading and white for highlights(if you make any)

thats, thats it

edgy doodle with max saturation and black for shading

theeeeeeere u go

this has been ur art tip of the day

I woke up at 5am with really intense anxiety so I went on a bike ride and caught the sunrise for you guys. It’s about 6am now.

It’s just??? So nice?? At 5:30 no one is on the road and the air is crisp and cold and all the birds are chirping, and the jackrabbits are out in families. I put Vick’s under my nose too for some extra calm. I am calm. I was shaking and my mind was racing and I couldn’t really breathe, but nature has this fun way of fixing all that. You go, nature.

I hope you all have an awesome day! Imma go home now and drink some hot tea and take a hot shower with my vanilla chai soap.