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catloverr24  asked:

I really don't want to sound stupid, but have you noticed that there is a Thatcher missing? I mean, there are only 5 busts that are being broken throughout T6T. Where (or who/what) could be the 6th?

Hi Lovely!

Okay I thought I was the only one who noticed this too. Let’s have a look. 

1) There’s the one at 18:20, the Welsboroughs’ Thatcher:

2) is this one at 23:45 (an unknown, possibly could be Ajay “remembering” Welsborough’s. I say this because at 28:30, Lestrade says there have been 3 in total, so this one may either be the above OR one Lestrade has not found yet):

3) is this one at 24:10 (said by Lestrade Mr. Mohandes Hassan’s at 28:34):

4) Here’s “another one, different part of town, Dr. Barnicot in Holborn” at 28:02:

5 & 6) Starting at 32:18, two Thatcher busts are smashed at the same location:

At 33:52, Craig finds out and explains for us where all six Thatchers are located, so now I am thinking (2) is actually Ajay remembering smashing the first one.

SHERLOCK (quick fire as he steps closer and leans down to Craig): Yes, fascinating, irrelevant. Where exactly did they come from?
CRAIG: I’ve got into the records of the suppliers – Gelder & Co. Seems they’re from Georgia.
SHERLOCK: Where exactly?
CRAIG: Uh, Tbilisi. Batch of six.
(Sherlock straightens up, looking thoughtful.)
CRAIG: One to Welsborough; one to Hassan; one to Doctor Barnicot. Two to Miss Orrie Harker …
(Sherlock’s phone rings and he reaches into his coat to get it.)
CRAIG: … one to a Mr Jack Sandeford of Reading.
(Sherlock answers his phone and starts speaking immediately.)
SHERLOCK: Lestrade, another one?
LESTRADE (over phone, sounding tired): Yeah.
SHERLOCK: Harker or Sandeford?
(Outdoors somewhere, Greg looks skywards as if wondering which magic pixie whispered those names into Sherlock’s ears. Behind him is a crime scene tape and two forensics technicians in white body coversuits, along with a couple of police officers in neon yellow coats.)
LESTRADE: Harker. And it’s murder this time.
SHERLOCK: Hm, that perks things up a bit.


Huh. Okay the sixth one is never mentioned by Craig. In fact, Craig says the sentence like he’s finished reading the information about all six – he’s not cut off from Sherlock. 

So okay, we have the first five above explained (I’m going to assume that (2) is Ajay’s memory).

Sandeford’s bust is the one with the AGRA drive in it, though:

Which begs the question… If there were two left, why was Sherlock so certain that the Pearl would be in this bust? Why is there the deliberate “mistake” then? You are right, they only smash 5 busts. There were 6 of them made (at 43:13):

None of them shot in the commotion. So that means that there is one more floating around. I am actually confused now, Lovely.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the original canon story The Six Napoleons, was not the last bust the one that contained the item everyone was after? Even on the original blog post, all six are taken and smashed. 

AND ANOTHER THING that immediately makes me think this episode is fake is that it’s a case that exists on the blog but is different completely from the blog. Anyway.  This was interesting to all note.

As an aside, this was six years ago, as was Tbilisi. Three sixes in this episode, only one of the sixes isn’t complete, LOL OH WAIT there was also the 666 reference by Mary about their baby too. Hah.

I dunno where I’m going with all this other than there’s a lot of fuckery going on in this episode.

Modern Spring Awakening Wardrobes

Anon said : What would the modern day dwsa cast wear?

i only did a few because it would have gotten pretty repetitive but here’s a handful of our Top Bois.

Words: 395

Moritz - Moritz rarely buys new clothes because he absolutely hates shopping. When he does buy things, it’s always from garage sales or really crummy thrift stores. Most of his wardrobe consists of oversized tee shirts to marathons in Canada, or Aquariums from the 80s or for an elementary school he’s never heard of. He wears the same brown bomber jacket daily even though it’s falling apart and smells like ass.

Wendla - Wendla does most of her shopping online, most of the time on Asian websites poorly translated to English. Her wardrobe has a lot of dresses in it, as those are her favorite. Almost everything she owls in some type of pastel and they all have cute designs. She practically wears a pastel goth tumblr blog on her body daily.

Melchior - Melchior is a simple man. Most of his clothes are hand me downs flannels or beat up converse. He’s against sweatshops and child labor so he refuses to shop at most mainstream stores. He layers a lot and is almost never caught dead I’m anything that’s not a long sleeve. His one and only weakness is Adidas brand anything, which they often mock him for because he always has at least one Adidas item on his body.

Hanschen- Hanschen gets shit all the time for having the generic fuckboy look. When he cleans up and puts effort into his outfit, he looks drop dead. But on an everyday basis, he’s covered head to toe in Nike, Topman, Calvin Klein, Diamond and a handful of other name brands he feels the need to shop at. His sense of style is impeccable and me never misses a chance to look the best and the most stylish.

Ilse- Ilse shops almost exclusively at vintage clothing stores. Her favorite item is always bell bottoms. But she’s never at a loss of flowy blouses, pencil skirts, neon sweaters, and fur coats. She even buys her underwear at vintage stores, giving her an endless amount of old fashioned lingerie.

Ernst- if it were up to him, Ernst would wear a pair of sweatpants every day for the rest of his life. But when he’s out of the house, he tends to lean towards simple skinny jeans and sweaters. He also wears an awful lot of yellow, with his wire rimmed glasses yellow as well as his favorite yellow wool sweater.

Tabloid Strobe

Lets name the stars
Name our pets
Name our enemies
Name the big guy in the sky who forgives us for our sins
Skim tabloids
Memorize headlines
Lose our voice screaming into the night

The air’s thick
I see headlights coming in the distance
Bare winter limbs sway side to side
I feel dizzy
Punch-drunk off glitter
Off chrome
Off clear-gloss coating
Neon thunder
Shadows dancing
Off the whiskey you hid on the top shelf in the the cupboard

The ground shakes
A man in an executive suit calls out
Vomit hangs outside to dry
Stampedes stupidly stammer on
The streets try their best to play it cool
My ears ring