neon cloud


Japan’s NEON CLOUD just dropped their EP Knit, a 4-track electronic beauty which includes a brilliant-as-always remix from Luxembourg producer Sun Glitters. All the track titles are shapes, which forces us to wonder if you’re just supposed to phonetically call them ‘triangle’, 'square’ and 'circle’, whereas as symbolic text they can just be shapes.

Aside from our curiosity of the linguistics of track titles, the EP is just simply stunning with its breathy female vocals and haunting soundscapes. The album is full of dark and mysterious entities that creep into your head and body, a state of hypnosis that abducts you from mundane forms of reality and transports you into its dark abyss of external space. Check out “△” and the Sun Glitters remix for it down below and head over to Flau RecordsBandcamp to grab the rest of the EP for free.


MP3: NEON CLOUD - △ (Sun Glitters Remix)



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