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The Signs and their Prom Dress
  • Aries: floor-length gown. Starts as a deep dark blue at the lower hem and blends into a light baby blue at the top. Gradient seems like the different blues of the ocean
  • Taurus: airy dress, which is short in the front and long and flowing at the back. A burst of violet and pink
  • Gemini: neon yellow dress, which is so bright, that it hurts in the eyes. Short, flowing with a large opening at the back
  • Cancer: dusky pink dress, seeming as if it came from a past time period. Intricate laces embellish the neckline. Golden pearls are woven into the fine cloth
  • Leo: an explosion of colors. The empire waisted dress seems like a water color painting, in which the different colors flow into another creating a chaotic harmony
  • Virgo: floor-length gown sitting snugly at the bust and waist and streams down the hips in a fiery waterfall of oranges, yellows, and reds
  • Libra: bordeaux dress, with an empire waist, which is embellished with sparkling stones. Seems like the color of fresh blood. Ends mid-thigh
  • Scorpio: stunning floor-length deep blue gown. Crystals sprinkle it like the stars of the night sky. Loosely cut, but waisted
  • Sagittarius: sexy tight-fitted black dress, showing off the curves. Has cut-out parts at the sides and ends mid-thigh
  • Capricorn: short dress, which fits snugly at the waist and bust and fluffs out at the hips in a cloud of cream tulle. Has a cute bow at the lower back and ends at above the knee.
  • Aquarius: hyper modern black dress, with neon [insert fave color] accents. Ends mid-thigh and is cut asymmetrically
  • Pisces: floor-length mermaid dress. Sits tight and accentuates the beautiful body, to subtly flurry out at mid-thigh into a swirl of turquoise

Muffins’ Top Ten Games of 2016

Best Indie Title: Oxenfree

I’d just like to point out, that the majority of gamEs that I had been the most impressed with in 2016 were independent titles. I could have made this entire list out of just indie games that I absolutely loveD. In fact, there are several other independently produced games on this list that I thought stood out above even some of the Triple A titles and definitely deserve attention. I love Oxenfree. I love the group that made it: Night School Studios. Oxenfree is a distinct story driven game combining horror, mystery, drama, and player choices to create a unique, heartfelt, disturbing, mind-bending, and resonating experience. Oxenfree follows the tale of Alex, her neW step brother, and her three compAnions who are spending the night on Edwards Island, a place soaked in history both fascinating and unsettling, where strange radio signals are said to manifest. Quickly the gRoup is dropped into a terrifying mystery tied as bizarre events make themselves known and ghosts of the past return to haunt our heroes. The atmosphere of this game is astounding. Oxenfree is played in 2.5D side scrolling, with an art style that combines watercolor reminicent shaDing and pallets with neon accents. The soundtrack contributes wonderfully to the atmosphere ranging from calm lofi backgrounds to subtle and unsettling atmoSpheric and audio. The real horror of this game is definitely incited by that unsettling and hair raising atmosphere and pacing. There is quite a bIt of dialogue in this game and it provides the option for the player to choose everything Alex says. Choices are made this way, certain dialogue pieces will delve into a new plot or story lines with other characters, otherS will directly impact the conclusion of the game, and some will determine the ultimate fate of characters and how they view the protagonist. I also need to point out how good the writing is in this game. I mean, realLy good. No one in this game talks like a stereotype, there’s no absurd “millennial lingo”, you’re not getting smacked upside the head with a copy of Catcher in the Rye, it’s just good. It feels nAtural sans a few expected cliches and it makes you think of the characters as real people. The impact your dialogue choices have are not always morally clear or is their outcome appareNt. You have to follow your gut in the situation. All in all, again, I love this game. It’s inexpensive, fairly short, and absolutely awesome. Great to play if you are a fan of Stranger Things, wanna support some really great indepenDent developers, or just need something for those spooky nights. If you beat this game, be sure to check out some of the stuff surrounding it. Night School has hidden some pretty insane secrets inside and outside of this game that are sure to leave you wondering how far the loop goes. Oxenfree. Derived from the phrase: “All The Outs in Free”. Make yourself manifested. Stop hiding. Is Leave Possible?

Candy Lacquer Sugared Copper + China Glaze Red-y to Rave

Sugared Copper is a mix of mostly copper glitter with a little pink and silver sprinkled in. It would be perfect for autumn, and it’s very flattering. I wish it was as opaque as Frozen, but it’s a little more sparse. 2-3 coats.

China Glaze Red-y to Rave is a “neon red” that looks either more red or orange depending on who you ask. The formula is terrific and the color is bright, so I dig it! Two coats.

“Electric Flamingo” by Laura Barbosa

A happy, bright and cheerful artwork celebrating the popular tropical flamingo in hues of yellow, green and pink.

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