neoma problems

((I think the thing other people’s perception of fatness that bothers me is not that people think I’m ugly for being fat – it’s this idea that I’m stupid, base, and greedy. That I’m weak and have no willpower. That I am as soft of spirit as I am of belly.

I pride myself in my intellect. I take pleasure from providing for others and helping my friends. When I most wanted to give in and roll over, I stole into myself and found the steel that runs through my spine, drew myself up tall, and carried on.

I am fat, and I don’t question how I got that way. I like food and I don’t exercise as I should. I can’t endure much sunlight and I have asthma and other medical disorders that make exercise difficult, but I don’t use those as excuses, because I need no excuses. I’m fat; deal with it.

Being fat doesn’t lower my intelligence. It doesn’t turn me into an immoral, one dimensional eating machine, either. I don’t personally think it makes me ugly either.

I dunno. It doesn’t make any sense to me, the assumptions people make when they look at others based only on appearance. It’s stupid.))