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30 Day OCTP Challenge, Day TwentySix— Draw Your OCTP Getting Married

“I got ‘n idea that’ll piss everyone off,” Sys said, slurring slightly as he rested his forehead against Nathan’s.

They were drunk, which was when Sys had his best ideas, or so Nathan thought. The human laughed, doing his best to focus on the Ticrih roboticist. “What’s that?”

“Let’s get married.”

((Nathan and Sys, characters from a sci-fi thing I have rolling around. Nathan is a human astronomer and star-ship navigator, formally working on the pirate ship Haldron. Sys is a Ticrih engineer, specializing in robotics. He was captured by the Haldron and tortured, basically for the fun of it, until Nathan smuggled him out.

Sys lost his secondary arms because of the injuries inflicted on him, which you’d think would turn him off to humans, but he ended up sticking with Nathan. They end up going together on a massive city-ship, where there are humans and Ticrih and other aliens besides, but not a lot of mingling. Basically from the moment they dock they’re encouraged by their respective species to go their separate ways.

Instead, after some recovery and a bit of emotional exploration, they end up going in together on a small ship of their own.))