To the best of my knowledge, not one Republican Senator has stepped up to say: Secretary Clinton’s criticisms are unfair. Donald Trump is the man for the job. Not Mitch McConnell or Marco Rubio or John McCain.
   –Not any prominent Representative. Not Paul Ryan or Kevin McCarthy or any of their committee chairmen.
   –Not any governors (though we should check on Chris Christie).
   –Not any former Republican Secretaries of State or Defense or Treasury, or former Republican nominees or presidents, or national security advisors or trade neogiators.
   –Not Reince Priebus or anyone from the party establishment. No one.
   –Nor has any party leader chimed in to support his attack on Gonzalo Curiel, the “Mexican” judge from Indiana.
—  James Fallows, pointing out no mainstream Republican has backed Donald Trump’s recent tirades. Not even as a matter of party loyalty.