if memes are a contemporary form of anti-art, so be it, but they’re not. if anything could be identified as a sort of internet neodada it would be the type of work that the people of thejogging used to put together, things which operated under a specific understanding of the existing types of art they were working against or in parody of or in dialogue with. if you want to talk about internet viral images, get excited about the fact that a community for the creation and propegation of images exists almost entirely exterior to philosophies of artmaking. get excited by how multinational corporations try and consistently fail to mimic the visual language of that community for profit because there’s some kind of anonymous mass exhange of trust and failure that makes imposters automatically recognizable. note how activists more often than not are not considered imposters despite having an agenda and despite the fact that they use the same platforms as corporations and viral image makers do. do something with viral images besides making dadaism jokes.