October 21st 1992 - On this day in Marineland history orca Neocia was born.   Briefly known as “Baby October” Neocia was Kandu and Nootka’s second calf born at Marineland.  During her short time in captivity at Marineland Neocia lived in the stadium pool, the warehouse and friendship cove.  She was often moved because of her aggressive behavior toward the other orcas in an attempt to dominate them.  Neocia was impregnated by her own father Kandu,  however miscarried. If she had been born in the wild Neocia’s life expectancy would have been anywhere from 50 - 80 years.  At Marineland she lived for only 11 years, 10 months & 11 days…dying August 1st 2004.  Her death would be blamed on an “internal infection”. Marineland: In Depth


Gender: Female
Pod: N/A
Place of Capture: Captive born
Date of Capture: Born October 21, 1992
Age at Capture: Captive born

On October 21, 1992, a female calf was born to Icelandic female Nootka V sired by Kandu VII. The calf soon received the name Neocia but was sometimes known as “Baby October”.

She was healthy and gained weight quickly, but was separated from her mother and the rest of her family at a young age and moved into the “warehouse” - an indoor pool entirely devoid of natural sunlight and fresh air.

In 1998, a new tank was built when Marineland ran out of room for the whales. Soon enough, Neocia was moved to the old tank, “King Waldorf Theatre” where she performed shows on her own.

Her half-brother Nova soon joined her in performances, though the two did not get along. Neocia would harass the younger male and assert her dominance over him on various occasions.

After Nova’s death in 2001, Neocia’s other half-brother, Hudson, joined her in King Waldorf. This arrangement also turned out very badly, and Hudson was sent back to Friendship Cove.

During the winter months, Neocia would be sent to Friendship Cove with the other Orcas, where she seemed to get along very well with her father, Kandu VII.

In their last interaction, Neocia became pregnant by Kandu VII, but miscarried a few months later.

Finally, on August 1, 2004, Neocia died due to an Internal Infection.

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