To celebrate the start of this blog, I am hosting a neocash giveaway!!

There will be 2 Winners! The first winner gets to pick 2 NC items, and the second winner will get to pick 1 NC item


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  • Winners will be chosen on April 15th, 2017

I thank my lucky stars each time I buy NC that Neopets doesn’t have lootboxes. 

While some Neocash game prizes are random and will not always give you the item you want, you’re guaranteed to get something good at least. 
The only games that have a chance of giving you nothing are the free ones where you either have nothing to lose, or you can quickly get the Neopoints back without spending a dime of real money.

Just so grateful for that small thing (knock on wood.)


hey can someone please give me a morphing potion and, like, unlimited neocash so i can finally make my dream of owning p0pe___l3nny the lenny a reality 

My lovely Wymia! I created this customization after stumbling across the Neopoint item “Fancy Pink Gown”. It looked very much like a robe to me, which led me to designing an outfit centered around the idea of stepping outside to enjoy the morning before getting ready for the day. I was quite proud to have incorporated several Neopoint and Neocash items into this customization. Here is a list of what I used: Sun Shower (NC), Steaming Mug of Hot Borovan (NC), Wig with Curlers (NC), Sprinkler Foreground (NC), Neopia Central Neohome Background (NP), Fancy Pink Gown (NP), Kacheek Pyjama Slippers (NP), and Xandras Cunning Disguise (NP). All of the Neocash items were very easy to get (buyable or a one cap value) and I spent about 300k for the Neopoint items.

Neopian Gothic II
  • you never believed them, what they said about Neocash.
    • “it’s blood money, anyone who offers it can’t be trusted.”
    • “you can buy anything with it, anything.”
  • before now, it was just rumors - something you’d joke about with your similarly dark humored Neofriends.
  • but now, suddenly all that joking feels in poor taste.
  • in front of you is a stunning jacket - the likes of which you’ve never seen before.
    • it’s glimmering, light dancing off every seam, with immaculate craftship.
    • you can just imagine yourself in it - drawing eyes and compliments alike - you feel as if this jacket will instantaneously improve your life if you own it.
  • you stare at it long enough to draw the attention of the of the shopkeeper. 
  • an immaculately dressed green scorchio steps out onto the stoop of the small shop, smiling widely.
    • “you like that one? just got it in this morning!” he calls to you
  • you tear yourself from the jacket, and turn to him 
    • “yeah, it’s incredible, i haven’t seen anything like it before! how much is it?”
    • his smile grows wider, “150 neocash!”
  • you feel somewhat disappointed, you have no neocash, and have no idea how to go about getting some.
  • “ah, i see.” you mumble, eyes cast downward. turn to walk away, dejected. 
  • suddenly he’s before you - arms outstretched - smile as wide as ever.
  • “why don’t you try it on! c’mon inside!”
  • he places two hands firmly on your shoulders. his touch feels cold. a singular shiver races down the length of your body.
  • just a moment ago he was on the stoop, and now he’s an inch away from your face, this shouldn’t be possible. 
  • you chalk it up to just blanking out. it happens all the time.
  • “ah, no it’s alright i-”
    • before you know it you are inside the shop. its enormous on the inside, stocked floor to ceiling with beautiful garments; dresses, pants, shirts, even costume wings and wigs overflow from drawers and shelves.
    • the jacket is on you, the shopkeeper is behind you, you catch subtle glances of him in the three-sided mirror, but never a solid sight.
    • “wow i,” you pause “i love it.”
    • “like i said before, 150 NC and it’s all yours” his voice surrounds you.
    • “i don’t have any neocash” you say quietly.
    • “that’s not a problem, you can sign up today and some will be credited to your account!”
  • you don’t have an account, you think. you blink and suddenly you’re before a desk. you look around, eyes landing on a clock. it’s been three hours, but it only feels like it’s been a few moments.
  • an already signed document is before you, the scorchio is nowhere to be seen. your name is written out, it’s obviously your penmanship, but it looks panicked, rushed.
  • you blink again. you’re sitting in a heavily muraled room on a clean, silver table. you glance around the room, taking in the full breadth of the painting - it’s trees and sky. 
  • you grip your side, a dull throbbing pain radiates from your lower back. you gently feel around the area and you feel a thin long incision peppered with stitches. it only now occurs to you that you’re missing your shirt.
  • the world suddenly feels hazy, and you stand up. bumping into the medical table that sat just outside of your vision. on it is your shirt, and the jacket, both neatly folded. you pick them both up, a tiny slip of paper flutters out from between them.
  • you pick it up off the cold tiled floor. 
  • it reads “BALANCE: 350 NC”
  • you put on your shirt and hold the jacket in your arms, stuffing the note in your pocket. 
  • you look around for an exit, but your eyes fall on a thin window and long blinking digital clock.
  • “18TH DAY OF RELAXING, Y19.” if that clock was to be believed, it’s been two days.
  • suddenly a door you didn’t know existed creaks open and you reflexively wince.
  • now you’re outside the shop. jacket on. you’re starting to get panicked, your memory is proving to be no better than hole pocked cheese.
  • you walk home, exhausted and confused.
  • your roommate screams upon your entry, obviously shocked to see you. they’re shouting something, but the only word you manage to catch before going into your room is “missing”.
  • you toss the jacket onto your bed, suddenly it’s luster and beauty is diminished. it doesn’t look anything like the one you tried on at the shop. 
  • desperate to justify the entire ordeal you just went through, you try every single thing you own on with it - trying to find just one thing that’d look good with that wretched jacket.
  • hours later, both your room and mental state are absolutely trashed. nothing looks good. as time passes the jacket seems to grow more grotesque. at one point you’re convinced it looks and feels like flesh. it seems to pulse and writhe in no way any garment should. 
  • your roommate is pounding on the door.
  • they’re still shouting.
  • you have to get rid of this jacket. you have to go back.
  • you have to go back.
  • you push past your roommate and briskly walk back towards the shop. you catch a glance of a copy of the Neopian Times in the newspaper machine in the foyer of the appartment building you live in.
    • “28TH DAY OF RELAXING, Y19″ 
    • below the date is some alarmingly large and short headline, something about an market. something about clothing. something about organs. you ignore it. you don’t have time for this. you have to go back.
  • you practically run to the location of the store, the jacket tucked into your shoulder, you’re desperate to hide the smell of rot.
  • you round the corner and
  • it’s gone.
  • it’s g o n e. the shop is gone.
  • this shouldn’t be possible, this is the exact spot it was in. it looks like it’s been abandoned for years.
  • the windows are boarded up, the door is locked, and no matter how hard you pull it’s not coming open. 
  • the smell of the jacket can no longer be ignored. you leave it on the stoop, it looks horrible now, the seams are ripping and enormous holes have opened up on the panels.  
  • you begin to walk away, ready to ignore this entire day, when suddenly, your eye is caught by something glimmering across the road.
  • a beautiful necklace catches the sun and your eye.
  • your mind screams as your body crosses the road and towards the jewelry.
  • a yellow aisha steps out, an enormous sunhat hiding her eyes, seemingly anticipating your arrival.
  • “like what you see? just got it in this morning. if you’re lookin’ to buy, it’s only 150.”
  • “150 what?” you ask.
  • “150 nc.” she smiles.