Giveaway time! To celebrate achieving my goal of an UC Darigan Wocky I’m giving away some NC items from the “NC UFT” section in my gallery!

1st Place:
3 Neocash items

2nd Place:
2 Neocash items

3rd Place:
1 Neocash item

First place winner will get first pick of the NC, and so on.


• You do not have to be following me for this, although it would be nice!

• 1 like + 1 reblog per person!

Winners will have 24hrs to respond to my message. Failure to do so will result in everyone’s standings bumping up one place.

This giveaway will end on September 11th at 11:59:59pm NST! You have 48 hours.

Kitty's NC give away!

First prize:

525 custom. 





Like as many times as you want, but they don’t count.

Reblog as many times as you want, they count. (I will be using the random number generator.)

No side or giveaway blogs. (Unless the side is neopets related.)

Give away ends on the 31st. (No certain time, it’s whenever I get on.) 

TAG THIS AS ‘CATAIR’S GIVE AWAY’ (It’s easier for me then.)

I’m in a super good mood right now, so let’s all take advantage of it:

I’m gonna give away three faerie cookies.
(OK, I know it’s not that great, but roll with me on this one) 
You absolutely do not have to be following me (I’m kind of dull, anyway). Please don’t follow me because of this post.
However, one of these cookies WILL go to a follower.

So basically: One cookie to a randomly selected follower who reblogs this, two cookies to two randomly selected people (doesn’t matter if they’re following) who reblog this. I know it’s confusing :/ but I think it makes it fairer for the small amount of people who already like me :D

Likes don’t count.

I suppose I’ll find one of those random generators everyone’s always talking about.
I’ll pick winners in 48 hours.

$20 NEOCASH CARD GIVEAWAY!! End Date: 5/10/2015
-> Two Entries Available 

Rules to Entries:

*First Entry
1. Follow our page.
2. Reblog this post. 

*Second Entry
1. Proceed over too:
2. Leave Tumblr username and Email to contact you at. (Either will do)


Please be kind everyone. 

Oh hey a giveaway!

So I spend all my NC on mystery capsules and chance stuff and now I have a bunch of items I don’t want. 

I will choose 2 winners at random! And you will receive your choice of one of these fine items:

Decorative Flower Shoulder Armour

Charming Pink Bouquet

Fingerless Polka Dot Gloves

Wavy Long Wig

Towering Over Tyrammet

Eye Flower Contacts

Colourful Birthday Shirt

Grand Carmariller Throne



1.) First winner gets first choice
2.) Must be ok giving me your neopets UN
3.) No need to follow but I would like that.
4.) reblogs only, reblog as many times as you want
5.) I’ll be choosing a winner around noon tomorrow (7/11/14)


So because I’ve got some spare boxes and a bunch of crap I don’t need (and I’m trying to keep my mind off of the fact that I’m not at the Korra panel at SDCC right now) I wanted to do a giveaway!

Basically just like or reblog this, whichever you’d prefer (only one of each though, please), and sometime tonight I’ll randomly pick 3 people to choose one of the items shown above! Some of it’s buyable, some of it isn’t.

You don’t have to be following me either. 90% of what I post isn’t Neopets-related - although if you like funny text posts, Craig Ferguson, the Big Four, A:TLA/LOK, and Disney, feel free to follow me! Haha.

I don’t know what time I’ll end this - probably after I get home from work tonight. So maybe 6 or 7-ish? Oh, that’s Eastern time. That would make it 3 or 4 NST.  :D


Hi, first I wanted to say I’m sorry this blog isn’t really active~ u.u I’m definitely not quitting Neopets or anything like that, but my life has just been really busy and will continue to be busy for a while unfortunately. Lots of good changes happening in my life though, so no worries! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

Anyway, the reason I’m making this post is because I have these 4 unused Neocash cards and it would be really helpful to get rid of them. *I am willing to take more pictures to prove these cards are really mine and unused.* I’m trying to get rid of these ASAP so I’m willing to sell them for $20 each instead of $25. There’s a lot of things on Amazon I need to buy, so I’m really looking for someone willing to pay in Amazon gift cards. Obviously we would exchange codes (or if you are buying the amazon gift card, send to my email), not snail mail.

If this is against Neopets rules or something, please let me know because I’m not trying to break any rules! I just won’t be using these and could really use the money. Thank you ♥