The creature told him to speak; though he wept with leaves falling onto his face. A familiar feeling arises within the changing of a tree. From warmly dressed to a nakedly cold skeleton crass.

I stand hugging this brumal night; humming constant vowels.

“Skin turns a shade of blue.
Icy tongue weighing down my voice.
Curiously aroused in the moon-light.
Dancing with my shadow in the snow.”

And I kissed him back just as he wanted me to.

Welcoming Winter

V. Valentine

Jar Of Lights

Shimmering diamonds at my feet,
a cold minor’s daughter had me beat.

At words of love and notion free,
her words fell forth on my feet.

I felt pain.
I felt defeat.

All-in-all it was just self grieve.

I gave it my all and understood why,
my house was as hollow and covered in leaves.

Though I stood tall and gave her my speech,
my confessions and love found my cheeks.

As tears of relief and joy were to reach,
the home that we would grow old until the end.

Never have I forgotten the words that we wore;
across our back, our sleeves, our face and door- of our home.

Where a jar of lights sit resting with our souls enclosed-
you can still see the twinkle of our dust born bones.