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:) hello~! whats the difference between witchcraft and neo-wicca? (sorry i dont know much on the matter and nothing helpful is coming up on google)

From an older ask:

(Neo-)Wicca is a religion because it has set holidays, theism, customs, etc. Sabbats, esbats, the Wheel of the Year. Duotheism with the (N)W God and Goddess, soft polytheism with deities (from open cultures) acting as facets thereof, hard polytheism with or without patron deities acting in the former’s stead. Classical elements, casting circles, communion with nature is common in most (N)W traditions. The Wiccan Rede, though totally optional, is a (N)W creed, as well as the Threefold Law even though its origins are fictional. Some (Neo-)Wiccans believe in reincarnation, or some afterlife in some vague place called the Summerland. I’m pretty sure this all falls under the dictionary definition of a “religion”.

Witchcraft, on the other hand, is a practice of magic. There are no set holidays. No set theism. No set customs. There’s also no guarantee that any two given witches have the same religious beliefs; one may be atheist, another is simply god-bothered. Witches can be pagan, Christian, Christopagan, Satanist, Luciferian, (Neo-)Wiccan, heathen, Kemetic, Hellenic, etc. Any of them may practice witchcraft alongside their religion, or apart from it (secularly). One could even use witchcraft as a religion, but there’s more speculation on that then actual information at the moment. And, if witchcraft can be practiced without doing spells, take in just how diverse witchcraft really is as a magical practice, genres aside. Even other magical practices can fall under it, or be utilized with it, like chaos magic or pop culture magic. It’s why there’s a lot of “do what you feel like” as answers to witchy questions rather than uniform responses.


There’s That Cute Term Again: Broom Closet

I have always felt immensely uncomfortable when someone asks me what denomination I belong to. They are always referring to Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Mormon, etc. If I say that I belong to none it’s like their immediate reaction is that I need to be saved. That I am too pretty to burn in Hell. It is the same thing when someone asks me what I believe in. I tell them that I follow a pagan faith and then I become some weird chick who should be wearing some fru-fru witch’s hat and boiling children in a cauldron. It’s hard to tell people that I’m pagan because they do not understand. They do not allow themselves to listen. Instead they simply nod, turn away, or slip a little bible in my purse - “for when you’re ready”. What is that supposed to mean?

And then I feel bad. I feel bad because I do not usually admit that I am a pagan unless I am close to said person. I do not want to listen to their lectures. I do not want them to ask such moronic questions. I do not want their scorn. I do not want them to try and change me. So when they ask I say, “I was baptized Methodist” (which is kind of nice considering they’re one of the first churches to allow homosexual marriages) but still… That’s not who I am and I feel like I’m hiding when I shouldn’t have to.

Three years ago today I “came out of the broom closet” !!!!
I was practicing in hiding for eleven years by myself, then three years ago for one year I joined a small Wiccan coven. But after a year with them I had to move to a new city and I decided to do my own thing and still am. I did have a four or five month phase where my overwhelming catholic guilt got to me and I sadly went back to the church. My heart wasn’t in it and I tried desperately to force it until it felt right and it never happened. But in that phase my husband found out he really really loved Catholicism and that that path was for him and he converted. I am so happy we both have our niche.
He has been catholic for a year and a half now but he stopped going to church and bible class. Part of me believes he is still searching and that my husband is really interested in witchcraft but the fact he was raised strict baptist (and his family is not supportive of anything but Christianity) makes him feel he cannot…or he feels guilty for being interested. His parents already gave him a raft of shit for joining Catholicism. Yeah we clash but I am really supportive of people finding a religion (or none) on their own and not what they are born into and forced to do.
But ever since he saw zeitgeist he’s been acting differently. I’ve tried to tell him about the truth of the origins of Christianity but he never really listened but so many Christians here in the south have NO idea of the inquisition, the pagan theft, and just blindly follow what a preacher says. It’s not his fault or any of the majorities fault… It’s our education system here.
I genuinely think he is interested and would be happy with witchcraft… but I am not one to push my views on anyone, even someone I live with and love deeply. He loves divination, practices reiki, and I believe he is a full on natural medium, he is SO energy sensitive, and two days ago he asked me if he could read some of my witchy books! Eeeee!!! How exciting!

I’ve been veiling/covering for religious reasons a lot lately. Like I don’t really do it in any traditional sense beyond I just feel a draw/reason to do it, and in a weird way its one of the ways I show devotion.
I’ve mostly been just wearing hats that I can tuck my hair into/under, mostly my beanie, and I really like it. Sometimes I do a bandana if its too hot for the beanie

I’d like to use some kind of scarf to do it, but I don’t know how without it being appropriative and I dont want to risk it…

anyways thought id just share..

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Who or what is a wiccan? I'm just curious 'cause it all seems so interesting c:

hey! thanks for the ask :) to answer your question, Wicca is a neo-pagan religion. A Wiccan is a person who practices is. tbh I’m to new to this religion to go into detail with confidence so take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. also , if anyone sees this and I say something wrong please correct me! okay. so. basically, from my experience, wiccans tend to be witches who follow the rede “an it harm none, do what ye will” I believe there are some wiccans who don’t follow this but most do. keep in mind not every witch is a Wiccan and not ever Wiccan is a witch! it is a very complex religion and I suggest you do some of your own research, it’s really interesting! anyone else feel free to add on! Hope I kinda gave you a basis to start on , much love 🔮

Neo-Orientalist Islamophonia Is 'Maligning' the Reputation of the False Prophet Muhammad Like Never Before (Bonus pics challenging fear of the evil, blasphemous religion)

Neo-Orientalist Islamophobia Is Maligning the Reputation of the Prophet Muhammad Like Never Before

Munawar A. Anees


… In the West’s cultural delirium, the military, economic and political mindsets involving the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and covert and not-so-covert intrusions into Pakistan, the most prominent target is the life, personality and character of the Prophet Muhammad. …

More baggage about the West’s delirium and the false prophet at Huffington Post

Making and using Witches black salt:

Items needed:

Salt/Sea salt


Mortar and Pestle (or some other place to grind and mix your charcoal and salt)

There is often a misconception that Witches Black Salt is used in black magic or is evil, but contrary to this belief it is primarily a very powerful Protective substance to be used in ones magickal workings.

In order to make your Witches Salt, take your charcoal (I took mine from the remains of a ritual bonfire, so it was infused with very happy positive energy already) and crush it in your mortar.  After you have enough crushed you can add your salt to it and mix it together.

Now you have a very powerful magickal item to use in your workings, to banish evil, and to protect from evil or negativity!

For various uses on Witches Black Salt look here!

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I kinda forgot that the fan mail is only available for followers after a few days. Anywho, here's a part of what I was going to say: "Awe, thanksies. My religion is neo-pagan, I want to be goth and pale. I'm also transgender."

yeah the fan mail thing is weird 

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Various uses for Witches Black Salt:

Keep in a small bag under your bed to ward away evil dreams and unwanted watchers

Cast a line across a window or doorway to keep away negative energies

Add to bath water if you are feeling angry depressed or upset, this will help alleviate the evil feelings

Keep on your person to keep away bullies, gossip, rudeness, bothersome co-workers, etc.

Can be used in Spirit callings and ancestral workings

Often used in ritual during the holiday of Samhain

Can be sprinkled over items that have bad or negative memories/energies