The set is now complete!  You can now sew 80s Punk outfits for:

  • Petite Slimline (Monster High, Ever After High + others)
  • Petite (Neo Blythe, Disney Descendants, Hasbro Disney Princesses)
  • Medium (Barbie, and all those other ‘standard’ 11.5″ fashion dolls)

All the patterns have the same pieces, so the example outfits on the Barbies can also be made for MH or Blythe and vice-versa.  This is a REALLY easy, versatile pack, so just pick the size you need for your dollies and you’re good to go!


PART1 - CARVING a Blythe doll - by UNNiEDOLLS
Part 2 + Part 3: SOON!

The holiday season is finally here and we can’t wait to share our Christmas cheer with you!

This year we have taken fashion nods from The Nutcracker and created sophisticated velveteen dresses with contemporary, cute design points. The sweet puff sleeves, poofy skirt and Peter Pan color makes this holiday dress seasonally spectacular. The look is topped off with a Russian inspired fur cap to keep Blythe cozy in the winter months. To keep it super kawaii, we’ve embellished the hat with a pretty bow and “Merry Christmas” decoration.

Each dress set comes with a one piece dress, hat, socks and a special mystery mini ornament (which you can add to your Blythe’s pull ring!).

This item ships from December 11th, so your Blythe can dress up for the holiday celebration.

Junie Moon Dollywear “White Christmas” Dress Set
Price: 6,300 JPY

** Purchase here **

* This design is available in red or green colorways.
* Doll and shoes not included


Part 3!  So what IS the closest existing doll size out there?  Blythes.  WOW didn’t see that coming!

Well, actually, it’s Pure Neemo.  Which falls into the same size as Blythes (Petite Fashion Doll) in my sizing system, but with the wider-hip option when something fitted to the hips, like pants, is involved. 

Some clothes swapping confirmed it: Blythes can wear the Hasbro Disney Princess clothes with the closures all lines up and vice versa. 

So if you’re desperate to start sewing for these girls, the section you want to check out is the Petite Girls Fashion Doll size in my shop.  I’ll be putting together a thorough sizing chart for help in making the leg length adjustments shortly.
RequiemArt's Pattern Store on Craftsy
Check out all the wonderful patterns from RequiemArt on Craftsy!

Just a heads up, since I’m a bit ahead of schedule I’m knocking some other things off my ‘to do’ list, like put some patterns on Craftsy!  Since that’s all patterns and tutorials, it seems like a good match for me.

So if you see my patterns popping up there, don’t worry!  It really is me :)


Neo Blythe Slow Nimes preorder has begun!

“Slow Nimes is a unique girl who lives life on her terms. She chooses to live slowly and cherish each moment of the day.”

Face Type: Fairest
Skin: Fair
Makeup: Rose Blush, Brown Eyeshadow, Pink Lips.
Eye Colors: Dark grey (special front facing), green, pink, and blue.
Hair Color: Light Brown
Set Includes: Camisole, bloomer pants, coat, hat, boots, underwear, and stand.

Release Date: October 2, 2012
Price: 14,490 JPY

** Buy her here**

Introducing…Penny Pleasant! Flickr set.

Penny just simply loves pink! Her favourite food is fairy floss, her favourite movie is Pretty in Pink and she almost always wears ensembles of this hue.

When she is not acquiring more pink objects, she is working with her best friend, Honey Humbug, in Honey’s old-fashioned sweets shop. Penny prefers making the sweets to serving the customers, as she is a little awkward with people.

Unsurprisingly, her whole room (in the flat she shares with Honey) in pink.


She arrived on the26th of February, 2014.


This week’s pattern is an awesome A-line coat with different trim, collar, cape, and hood options!  Blythe got the minimum trim options because the fur didn’t go so well with her vintage corduroy print fabric choice, but hey that just shows how well this pattern also works as a long sleeved A-line dress! 

You can check out the Blythe-sized pattern here, or the Monster High/Ever After High sized pattern here :)

Introducing…Trillian! Flickr set.

Trillian aka Miss Pussy Katz (her stage name) is chipper but often sarcastic. She is a ukulele chanteuse extraordinaire, and enjoys tap dancing.

When she’s not performing songs on her ukulele, she likes to collect records (particularly twee and britpop), watch B movies and read fantasy novels.

She dislikes drab colours and unnecessary romantic subplots.

Her favourite colour is blue and her favourite food is cake.


Named after Zooey Deschanel’s portrayal of Trillian in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

She arrived on the 23rd of October, 2013.