I played samurai shodown today and I spent literal hours trying to beat hanzo and eventually prevailed and it was completely miserable I like samurai shodown but it is WAY too hard, I really want kof 98 so I can be terry and not be bad at the game
ON THE LIGHTER SIDE for some reason my neo geos marquee finally lit up, I don’t know why it didn’t work until now but I’m very happy it does

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A whole Lotta Neo Geo gims! 😎

Neo Geo project update #1

The board I’ve bought is an old MV1. It’s a bulky bugger, but I’ve chosen it for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it has a socketed BIOS - a huge advantage if I choose to install a UniBIOS, which I likely will. Secondly, it will require less work if I choose to consolize it in the future, as it already has joystick ports and other niceties.

For now, I’m going to hook it up with a Vogatek Supergun. If you’ve never looked into this area, it’s basically a very cheap route into hooking up JAMMA arcade boards. I’ll need to add my own power supply (which I’ll repurpose from an old PC), video cable and controls. On the Mk.IV model, those are RGB SCART and Neo Geo controllers, making things very easy for me. Other models offer S-Video, screw terminals and Mega Drive pad support.

The first hurdle to overcome is sound output. The Supergun offers speaker output, but the arcade board only offers mono sound from the JAMMA connector. In any case, it would be preferable to have sound through the TV’s speakers. I can have stereo if I take it directly from the board, so what I’m likely to do is wire up a headphone socket and draw sound from that, much in the same way as people get stereo sound over SCART by using the Mega Drive’s headphone socket.