neo umbrella


All teams that are in the Resident Evil saga, from the classic to the newest.

Umbrella Corporation.

  • Hunk
  • William Birkin
  • Albert Wesker 

S.T.A.R.S.( Special Tactics and Rescue Service.)

  • Barry Burton 
  • Chris Redfield 
  • Jill Valentine 

R.P.D (  Raccoon Police Department.   ) 

  • Kevin Ryman
  • Marvin Branagh
  • Leon Scott Kennedy

F.B.C ( Federal Bioterrorism Commission.)

  • Morgan Lansdale 
  • Jessica Sherawat 
  • Raymond Vester

  • Excella Gionne
  • Albert Wesker
  • Ricardo Irving

Terra Save.

  • Moira Burton 
  • Claire Redfield 
  • Gina Foley

B.S.A.A( Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance.)

  • Jill Valentine 
  • Chris Redfield 
  • Barry Burton 

D.S.O ( Division of Security Operations.)

  • Sherry  Birkin
  • Leon Scott Kennedy 
  • Helena Harper 

La Vita Nuova.

  • Jake Muller

Neo Umbrella Corp.

  • Carla Radames
  • Alex Wesker
  • Derek Simmons
Amazing Carla

Carla Radames was an awesome villain and i really don’t understand how people can see her only as a clone of Ada. There exist so many hints that show how different Carla is, the only thing what they share is the similar look nothing more. Carla’s gesture and facial expression are different she has her own characteristic. It’s impossible that she is exactly a clone of Ada, by the way i am very sure that Carla know and accepted that she is the woman who eclose from the cocoon. I mean she saw the experiment video and hear the recording of Simmons, and also know the fact that she is the only person who work as Ada for Simmons. It’s impossible to ignore this. If Carla really believe that the “real” Ada is an imposter so she would start to kill her and don’t show her all these informations about the experiment, the mission in Edonia and the voice recording and in addition she wouldn’t try to destroy the world and start all this revenge against Simmons. I personally think that Carla also get her complete memory back and act with her original characteristic as Carla Radames. It seems like that her virology knowledge survive this experiment and if we also include the informations from the files with the “voice” that she hear, so it looks like that the complete Carla is inside her such as the virology knowledge and it appears step by step back. Another quite interesting thing that confirm my theory is the video that Ada saw before she enter the laboratory. The scene where Carla talk with a researcher.

The dialogue:

Carla: “You’re the one who chose me as a test subject, aren’t you?
Researcher: ” No,no… no, it was Simmons! He forced me to! Please, don’t do this!                                                                                                               Carla: “Believe it or not. I said the exact same thing”

This dialogue between Carla and the Researcher is in my opinion the confirmation that Carla get her memory back. The Researcher say, “please don’t do this” and Carla answer with “believe it or not i said exactly the same thing”, this means that Carla remember how she was forced against her will for this experiment and also remember the time than she was Carla. Another hint is the dialogue with Simmons, where Carla say “i am just giving you exactly what you gave me, Simmons”, it seems like that she know and accepted the fact that the person who eclose from the cocoon is her and show in addition that she isn’t the real Ada Wong. Why she say then that she is the real Ada Wong during the confrontation with Ada? Well, the enhanced C-Virus confuse the infected people completly. The enhanced C-Virus catapult Carla’s memory back to the time than she didn’t knew something about the experiment and where she thought that she is the only Ada who exist. The similar effect you can also see on Simmons, who also confuse with his talking, at first he say it was a mistake to create you, to the real Ada Wong and a few minutes later he say that no one can be so perfect like you Ada. What i want to say is that the enhance C-Virus blow up Carla’s mind completly. Why she say in Edonia that she is Ada Wong? I think the reason for that is that she want Ada’s attention, to achieve this she try to show her how she act on her name and what kind of chaos she spread. Carla is a person who can’t simply say “please help me i can’t manage this alone” so she try to involve Ada into this by showing her the chaos what she did on her name and that the person behind this is Simmons who experiment on her because of Ada. I must admit that it worked, after Ada stopped Carla she could stop right there because she achieved to stop her doubleganger but she decided to continue and stop also Simmons. At the end i want to say some words to Carla’s death. It’s really hard to believe that this was the end of her. I mean she was spread over the whole ship and not exist only in this room there Ada destroy this face with nitrogen,and before this you have to shot on a nitrogen too which destroy a face of her but she doesn’t show any reaction. Simmons showed a few times how tough the enhanced C-Virus is. The aircraft carrier also still exist it wasn’t destroyed. If we look at the game where every unimportant thing like open a door has a cutscene it’s unbelieveable that Capcom didn’t add a scene where you see Carla’s death. It seems like that this was purpose of Capcom to hold her end open to have the chance to bring her back. Her death than she fall down  was more impressive as her death than the one during the boss fight with Ada. Don’t forget that she is a person who planned everything detailed, so i think that she also make thoughts about the situation what will happen if i inject the enhanced C-Virus into my body is there a way to reverse this process. This would also answer the question why she created three of them. This can’t be accepted as her death… never!

Carla was the smartest villain in RE series that ever exist. It’s amazing how she planned everything very detailed and had for every situation a few backup plans. It was also great that she act as herself and didn’t sit in a office and give orders to her researchers and j'avos.

Please don’t understand me wrong i don’t try to persuade the people to like Carla, that’s not my aim. My aim is to show the people that she is more than a copy of Ada, that she is a seperate character with a unique personality. There’s more behind this person Carla Radames than it seems like at the first sight. In addition i don’t claim that all what i wrote here is true, it’s more like a personally view about this.

Thank you for your attention!

“Being in the cold rain with a hot robot like this immerses me in a special feeling.”

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gotta protect the hot robot from the rain

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Pun of the day: Old grudges, new puns.

Yang: *looking down at the tiny girl* Hello Neo-bitch!

Neo: *cocks her head to the side*

Yang: Just when I thought my opinions of you couldn’t get any LOWER…

Neo: *narrows her eyes*

Yang: You go and almost cut my little sisters life SHORTER then you!

Neo: *pulls out her umbrella*

Yang: I know you really LOOKED UP to Roman..

Neo: *bares her teeth*

Yang: So do me a favour, and follow in his footsteps and DIE!

*Neo launches herself at Yang, and the two fight again*


Dawn had yet to break over the gray horizon as Chris pulled up to the beach. It was far too early to be here, the chill of the night seeping in through his olive jacket. Tents and containment units lined up across the sand as BSAA dragged in something from the dark waters. He felt his heart sink into his stomach. The oil rig.

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