neo tribal


Ulu Dawn .

 A Neo-tribal style Ulu knife I made up for a very good customer in the US who had grown up in Alaska .

 The blade is recycled high carbon saw blade steel with forge finish and has a Nessmuk style tip one end and a more pointed drop point at the other .

The handle is Red deer stag antler from the herd I used to look after , the cut ends have been sealed with copper dust / epoxy mix .

The pins are square head copper boat nails , scavenged from an old wreck on the Jurassic coast and the tang has been wrapped in 3 strand braided sinew .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Sheath for my primitive Neo- tribal kiridashi  .

The friction fit sheath was made from a mountain sheep leg bone from Snowdonia National park mountains .

Sun bleached then aged brown with potassium permanganate  wrapped with 3 strand braided sinew and added beads in bone, buffalo horn skulls from Nepal and ship wreck found copper nail eyelets  scavenged from my local beach on the Jurassic coast .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


A bit of that old cyberpunk.

Not trying to push any lines or go in any radical directions with these.  Afraid I don’t remember where most of them came from… though I know most are from fashion shows.  I wanted a good spread showing very different fashions.  There’s men’s and women’s wear… there’s neon club-type wear and super formal… there’s futuristic and there’s neo-tribal… there’s operator and high fashion….

A little something for everyone!

(If anyone really wants to know where a particular piece is from I should be able to figure it out pretty quickly and get back to you; feel free to ask).

  1. randomghost said: I know that one piece bathing suit looking one is from Demobaza. I wish I knew where the orange dress was from.

Good call on the Demobaza, that’s exactly it.  The orange dress at the end is Alexander Wang SS15.  Which, sadly, means there’s probably no way any of us are ever going to get one.  It’s a collection very worth checking out, though!

     A few more Identified:

      The first one is Rick Owens (Thanks Eclipsephase)

      2, 5, and 8 Gareth Pugh

     6 is Bluemarine

Still not sure on 2, 3, and 9….


neo tribal perfomance by Luy Romero

this guy is a really incredible dancer, I can’t wait to attend one of his classes :)