neo trance

“La locura, a veces, no es otra cosa que la razón presentada bajo diferente forma.”


Fairmont - Darling’s waltz

pyraxis-deactivated20141228  asked:

If you ever want music that will put you in space, listen to Solar Fields (aka the greatest ambient/downtempo musician alive). Check out his song "Surface" on YT for just one small example ;).

Solar Fields is a regular addition to my homework playlists, as a matter of fact! 

Since I got so many questions about music I made a Pandora station featuring some post-rock, ambient, neo-classical, and trance music for y’all to follow. And anyone can feel free to follow my personal Spotify — I am always looking to swap new tunes with people. Most of my playlists are private but I make a new public one for each month.