neo traditionalist


Cupcake flash / before and after

Miss Freya – searching for an apprenticeship in tattooing in Germany

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me: *invites you to join my family and I for shabbat dinner*

you: h-hey man I dont think thats for me I dont wanna appropriate it. I think white people should only do white people things and I am comically unaware of how much of a de facto white traditionalist/neo nazi I sound like in doing so

Anti-sjw drinking game (add more for alcohol poisoning)

Take a shot every time they call you a variation of “cunt, twat, bitch”

Take a shot for every gif used

Take a shot for every use of “BTFO” and “REKT”

Take a shot for every use of “retard”

Take two shots for every use of racial slur

Take a shot for every “subtle” dig at minorities

Take a shot for every “christianity did nothing wrong!” and “muslims and Islam are all terrorists!”

Take a shot for every anti on thread taking part in verbally abusing someone they disagree with

Take a shot for every url with the words “patriarchy” “anti-sjw” “oppressor”

Take 2 shots for every “2edgy4u” posts

Take 4 shots for every post or reply that can be used as a navy seal copypasta

Take a shot for every “I’m not a nazi” from a neo-nazi, traditionalist url

How to say "I'm a Nazi" on tumblr without having to say "I'm a Nazi"

I am a: fascist, nationalist, neo-nationalist, white nationalist, ethno-nationalist, national socialist (lol), race-realist, heathen, odinist/wotanist, traditionalist, radical traditionalist, reactionary traditionalist, neo-reactionary, dark enlightenment thinker, anti-modernist.

this should go without saying but if you are a white nationalist, neo nazi, neo fascist, "traditionalist"/"third position", or any other euphemism for being a nazi please get the fuck off my page forever