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To the tune of Guys and Dolls from Guys and Dolls
  • Sun: If you see a dude, stow away on a cruise,
  • Sun: You can bet, that he's doing it for some dooooooollll!
  • Qrow: If a guy and girl are fighting all the time,
  • Qrow: Chances are that the fight isn't the only thing on that guy's mind.
  • Neptune: When you see a guy, who can't dance for his life,
  • Neptune: But he's showing all of his moves at the baaaaaallllll!
  • Sun, Qrow, and Neptune: Call it sad, call it funny, but it's better than even money, that the guy's only doing it for some dooooooolllll!
  • Roman: When he's tired as hell from learning ASL,
  • Roman: There's no doubt he was learning it for some doooolllll!
  • Jaune: When a man takes night classes for the guitar,
  • Jaune: Chances are there's a dame, with whom he thinks, that he can go far.
  • Taiyang: When you see a dad, and he's hurting real bad, cause his wife died after his first love left him-
  • Roman: Neo, cut the music!
  • *Record Scrath*:
  • Taiyang, through tears: And then his 2 daughters left for school and one came back with one arm and the other left immediately after and the one that stayed is growing emotionally distant and he wants to find the words to say to fix her but nothing he tries is working and he goes to sleep every night feeling like a failure of a father because-
  • Roman: Take five, people! And someone get this blubbering mess some tissues.

Baddies and heroes all together! Overall I really liked this little mini series, looking forward to Season 2 of this. If there will be. But’ll be all Volume 4 of RWBY hype.

  • Yang: We all know Blake can't resist my charms! She loves my cuddles plus I always know when she needs cheering up.
  • Ruby: Yeah but she can't resist my cuteness! Blake loves it when I bring her a cup of tea and when we read books together.
  • Weiss: If anything Blake would prefer me to have an intellectual conversation with. Sure we had our differences in the past but we actually have a lot in common.
  • Sun: Umm have you girls seen how hot I am? Also we share faunus traits and know what it's like living in a world being discriminated against. I know how she feels.
  • Adam: But I've known Blake the longest! She belongs to me!
  • Blake: Guys, really, please stop arguing with one another. I'm really not that interested in dating anyone righ-
  • *Neo strolls up to Blake and picks her up bridal style before carrying her off into the sunset.*
  • Yang: Huh, looks like the cat wanted the ice cream.
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Ok I had way too much fun with this

Based on this Post

  • Me walking up to Rooster Teeth: No no no nope nope nope hell no nopeity nope nope no.
RWBY Ship names (that I’m aware of)

please add some if I missed any

(bolded ones are ones I ship mainly (in fanfiction that I will keep secret))

Arkos (Jaune x Pyhrra)

Black Sun (Blake x Sun)

White Rose/Ice Flower (Ruby x Weiss)

Monochrome/Checkmate (Weiss x Blake)

Bumblebee (Blake x Yang)

Combat Goggles (Yang x Neptune)

Freezerburn (Weiss x Yang)

Ladybug (Blake x Ruby)

Bunanas (Sun x Velvet)

Arctic Ocean (Weiss x Neptune)

Nuts and Dolts (Ruby x Penny)

Rosearc (Ruby x Jaune)

Renora (Ren x Nora)

Seamonkeys (Sun x Neptune)

Red Sun (Ruby x Sun)

Baked Alaska (Yang x Neo)

Veggie Pasta (Jaune x Sage)

Seaweed (Sage x Neptune)

Wise Dragon (Yang x Sage)

Sunflowyr (Yang x Ren)

  • Gladion: I'm here to fight! Fight me!
  • Hau: hey buddy! I'll be your friend!
  • Gladion: no I want a figh-
  • Lillie: brother! I missed you so much!
  • Gladion: that's nice sis but-
  • me: I'll protect you, emo blonde child!
  • Gladion:
  • Gladion: I came out to be attacked and honestly I'm having such a good time right now.