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Things that must have happened at the dance in Vol.2

Because once you remember that all the student teams introduced in Vol.3 were there at the time it gets interesting.

  • The dance wasn’t actually at night; the combined shade that Scarlet David and Emerald Sustrai were throwing at Sun’s dancing was just blotting out the sun (I refuse to accept that Merc & Em didn’t integrate themselves into the Haven students).
  • Neon Katt wore heelies.
  • The Team JNPR dance number somehow turned into a competitive dance off between Jaune and Nora.
  • Penny was introduced to the concept of “The Bass Face”.
  • Mercury spiked the punch (His explanation to Cinder was “Drunk people talk, you want intel this’ll get it” honestly it was for shits and giggles)
  • Jaune drank an amount of said Punch that would have made Qrow Branwen blush (Seriously the kid can forge Beacon transcripts, you think he’s never snuck into a club before?)
  • Penny drank even more of said spiked punch and became the star of Atlas overnight.
  • Arslan became team Mum for pretty much all of the teams.
  • Yang and Arslan chilling for most of the night.
  • Flynt Coal arriving fashionably late and making an entrance that was 112% Extra
  • Ciel Soliel decided that she was “Off the clock” and decided to have fun.
  • She was found making out with Reese Chloris in a corner.
  • May Zedong nervously asking her crush to dance.
  • Neo getting I.D’d at the door (Says on the guestlist that there’s only one fifteen year old attending and she’s accounted for).
  • Someone making the mistake of sending pictures of the party to Team CFVY who were still on thier mission and Coco breaking her scroll and letting lose a fifteen minute long stream of curses
The most ridiculous fight in all of RWBY hasn't happened yet

You thought it was the Nevermore fight. Then the gun-chucks vs pimp cane. You thought Pyrrha curbstomping four dudes at once was nuts? Try one-shotting a mech with a flaming corgi. No, try a purse minigun vs evil shadow animals. Nope. It was none of those things.

It wasn’t the meme team vs Freezerburn, and it wasn’t even Pyrrha standing tall against a demigod.

The most ridiculous fight wasn’t even wacky inflatable tube Grimm. So, you ask, what will it be? What will take the crown of most absurd fight in a show of insane battles?

A four-way fight between Blake, Sun, Neo, and Emerald. Hallucinations, shadow clones, illusions, and light-clones. No one would know who they were fighting. There would be like twenty combatants. Everything is just madness and shattered glass and “nope, you missed me,” over and over again. Please, CRWBY. Give this to me.

  • Yang: We all know Blake can't resist my charms! She loves my cuddles plus I always know when she needs cheering up.
  • Ruby: Yeah but she can't resist my cuteness! Blake loves it when I bring her a cup of tea and when we read books together.
  • Weiss: If anything Blake would prefer me to have an intellectual conversation with. Sure we had our differences in the past but we actually have a lot in common.
  • Sun: Umm have you girls seen how hot I am? Also we share faunus traits and know what it's like living in a world being discriminated against. I know how she feels.
  • Adam: But I've known Blake the longest! She belongs to me!
  • Blake: Guys, really, please stop arguing with one another. I'm really not that interested in dating anyone righ-
  • *Neo strolls up to Blake and picks her up bridal style before carrying her off into the sunset.*
  • Yang: Huh, looks like the cat wanted the ice cream.

[Rosaleen Norton, The Witch of King’s Cross].
Above is the original Press photo of ALPHA DRUID, aka Bill Turnbull, a friend and accomplice of Rosaleen Norton. The article was published on the 23rd Sep 1955 by the Daily Sun tabloid. The caption to the photo has been pasted to the reverse side which reads: “ALPHA, the druid, dressed in his ritual robes and masked in the King’s Cross “coven” early today. A coven is the meeting of adherents to witchcraft.“
A scarce and haunting image, and a nice piece of Occulture.

Rwby volume 5 ep 1 Blacksun update

  • It made me happy sun and Ghira(future Dad in law) are getting along and Kali(future mom in law) happy about it 😂

Also Blake telling them everything is gonna be ok

  • And the opening got them together thinking about somethin?? lol don’t know but still they together 😂 most likely somethin about the white fang tho

  • Or properly has somethin to do with Adam because it showed him before this scene?
To the tune of Guys and Dolls from Guys and Dolls
  • Sun: If you see a dude, stow away on a cruise,
  • Sun: You can bet, that he's doing it for some dooooooollll!
  • Qrow: If a guy and girl are fighting all the time,
  • Qrow: Chances are that the fight isn't the only thing on that guy's mind.
  • Neptune: When you see a guy, who can't dance for his life,
  • Neptune: But he's showing all of his moves at the baaaaaallllll!
  • Sun, Qrow, and Neptune: Call it sad, call it funny, but it's better than even money, that the guy's only doing it for some dooooooolllll!
  • Roman: When he's tired as hell from learning ASL,
  • Roman: There's no doubt he was learning it for some doooolllll!
  • Jaune: When a man takes night classes for the guitar,
  • Jaune: Chances are there's a dame, with whom he thinks, that he can go far.
  • Taiyang: When you see a dad, and he's hurting real bad, cause his wife died after his first love left him-
  • Roman: Neo, cut the music!
  • *Record Scrath*:
  • Taiyang, through tears: And then his 2 daughters left for school and one came back with one arm and the other left immediately after and the one that stayed is growing emotionally distant and he wants to find the words to say to fix her but nothing he tries is working and he goes to sleep every night feeling like a failure of a father because-
  • Roman: Take five, people! And someone get this blubbering mess some tissues.