neo style

Members of the Red Warriors – a French street gang part of the ‘80s anti-fascist punk movement, known for violent confrontations with neo-Nazi skinheads

Okay so I was really intending on posting only doll art here on Tumblr, but. Anyway, here’s the adult (?) version of that bughead kitchen scene ✌️ Drawn in a Sin-City-esque noir/ neo-noir style


A fine embroidered black wool gentleman’s court tailcoat, French, 1800 - 1820

the back with curved side and straight centre seam, high stand collar the front cut away short and high with angular rear tails, embroidered to shape in neo-classical style with silver purl thread and sequins, the tails with faux pocket flap motifs, half lined in ivory silk, with silvered fleur de lys and crown buttons