neo science fiction

i’m never going to reblog those “support poc representation” posts or variations thereof ever again because every time a genuinely good show pops up with many well-written main characters of color who are human and realistic and authentic, who are clearly written properly and with good intentions, said show will always, without fail, flop. shows with actual good racial representation will never gain the visibility that shows with a high number and low quality of characters of color do gain. fans of the 100, for example get to say that their show is progressive because some of the main characters are nonwhite, and that it’s “racist” to want the show to get cancelled, all the while turning their heads when you remind them of the brutality inflicted against the characters of color on that show, of how nonwhite cast members were treated by the white cast members or writers or fans, of how the premise of the show itself is basically neo-colonialism with a science fiction spin, of the appropriation and mockery of south asian and indigenous cultures, etc. that’s what you get when you have a show that sets itself up as “diverse” yet uses its diversity tokens as pawns, punching bags, scapegoats, sexual objects, desexualized tokens, and tools. meanwhile, genuinely good shows like the get down and still starcrossed are cancelled because they don’t have enough of a viewership to sustain them. 

what this proves is that even if you claim to support “poc representation”, you either don’t want to see us nonwhities on your screen at all, or you’d love to see us on your screen if only to watch us suffer, squirm, cry out in pain, and die. you want to fetishize us or make jokes at our expense. you want to see characters of color die for and serve white characters. but you cannot fathom watching us in loving relationships or having fun or having fleshed out plotlines. you’d rather see a man of color be reduced to his relationship with a white woman, one that is not as of yet romantic yet already has a power imbalance in place (the 100) then genuinely good interracial relationships including same-gender interracial relationships (the get down, still starcrossed, etc). you’d rather see racist white gay characters (the 100, supergirl) than lgbt characters of color (shadowhunters, the get down, etc). you’d rather see racist white women than women of color. 

be as explicit as possible, at least. save us all the trouble and outrightly admit that you hate us and that our problems inconvenience you. your entertainment, your sexual pleasure, and your fun time are all more important than humanizing media representation of people of color.