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*Inhale* OKAY, it took me like… an eternity to get that picture done but AH ! I did it ! It’s completed and I’m so proud about how it turned out ! So uhm… you guys requested for a UnderDecay print a while ago. I couldn’t exactly stream it because my internet is really slow lately and I’m kinda sick. BUT I managed to work on it little by little, one character at time and I can say that I actually ENJOYED to draw this… like… there’s so little details and the dynamic and composition were absolutely… gosh I cant even describe it.

I had FUN, especially since UD is my baby and I’ve been working hard on this AU for almost a year now. ANYWAY, I really hope that you enjoy it !

Okay… SO… I’m still without any form of income, so if you guys are interested to get that print shipped at your place you can order one over HERE. Any reblog would actually help me a lot… and gosh… thank you so much for every nice comment and the support that you guys give me. I deeply appreciate it.

Art and UnderDecay© @little-noko


More architecture and cityscapes from Katsuhiro Otomo’s “Akira”, Issues #17-#29, in which our heroes struggle to survive in a ruined Neo-Tokyo. (followup and contrast to previous post found here.)

I just had to dump all of this because this idea would not leave me alone, but think of the possibilities that would come with Mettaton as Captain of the Royal Guard. 

He’s placed in the Guard because of his Human Eradication features and there’s some grade-A MTT brand tears to be shed, but eventually he accepts it and becomes the best god damned Royal Guard ever because never let it be said that Mettaton half-asses.

It might not have been the way he intended to get famous, but hey, everyone still loves a good ‘Hero of the People’ when they see one and he’s still got fans all the same.

Go for the club, stay for the DATE

An actual god damned NEO fight him and Mad Dummy argue the whole time over who gets to play hero and never actually take their turn therefore preventing the fighting from going anywhere ala sans

Color? What is this color you speak of?


Undertale: The Power of NEO

All the NEOs have their own themes!

  • Mettaton NEO - original NEO; the Last Reaper
  • Napstablook NEO - Angel of Death (music)
  • Madsta NEO (Mad Dummy) - Feral Tiger; Ultimate Deathbringer
  • Shysta NEO (Ruins Dummy) - Steampunk Dragon; Arcane Vampire


complicatedslut  asked:

Neo Nazis ruin everything. Them shutting down Shia's 4 year protest, was like a sliver of hope being cut out of me. How do we fight a system that's will to defend Nazi rights, but not rights of innocent citizens?


Live Blog TWP Ep. 7

This week’s episode was… so bad.  So, naturally, I wrote down all my thoughts to share with you all!  It’s about 5.5 pages of me breaking down the stupid.  Enjoy.

Lol how Richard/Perkin is brought with a bag on his hand.

He looks nothing like a York - he just has golden hair and his hot af, as we know all Yorks are.

Henry’s been wearing the same outfit(s) for EPISODES which translates to YEARS.  One of the richest kings in Christendom and he had legit four outfits: his bdsm jacket, his triangle jacket made out of shoulders, his dark green long housedress, and his rare happy mood red and gold housedress.  Am I missing anything.

Glad to see Lizzie’s *finally* got something new to wear.  Also, if they’re going to do her hair like that and put that doily on top why can’t they give her a hood?

I like how Richard/Perkin thinks he’s going to go through the doors, then Maggie B is like “THINK AGAIN IDIOT!” and shoulders past him.

Maggie B’s like “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a Tudor.  I don’t fit in.  And I don’t want to fit in.  Have you ever seen with without this stupid red and green dress on.  That’s Tudor.”

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