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RWBY Chibi’ Subtitles are pure gold
2/2 (Do you remember that I said before there would be 3 parts of this? Well, I lied)
RWBY Chibi Season 2, episode 2.

  • Cinder: Cleanse them. Cleanse the world of their ignorance and sin. Bathe them in the crimson of...
  • *She pauses*
  • Cinder: Am I on speakerphone?
  • Torchwick: No. Absolutely not. Speakerphone, no. No, I wouldn’t do that.
  • Cinder: Yes, I am. I-I can hear the echo.
  • Torchwick: Oh, my God. You’re, uh, you’re right. Hang on one second, I’ll take you off.
  • Cinder: That’s rude. I don- I don’t know who’s in the room
  • *Torchwick pretends to take Cinder off speakerphone*
  • Torchwick: Fine. There, you're off.
  • Cinder: Thank you. Don't take this lightly, Roman. It wasn't all by your numbers. The Fool nearly derailed the invocation with his insolence. The Ancient Ones see everything. And they will not be...
  • *Cinder hears laughter*
  • Cinder: I'm still on speakerphone, aren't I?
  • *Torchwick and Neo burst out laughing.*
  • *In a back alley dead end*
  • Ruby: We've got you cornered, Roman!
  • Roman: You sure about that, Red?
  • Neo: *Comes down from sky*
  • Roman: Neo, if you would.
  • Neo: *Whisks Roman off to the get away chopper*
  • Ruby: Aw, come on!
  • ------------------------
  • *At the top of a really tall cliff*
  • Ruby: This time we've definitely cornered you, and there's not a chopper in sight! There's nowhere to run!
  • Roman: Not with that attitude there isn't!
  • Roman: *Jumps off cliff*
  • Neo: *Comes in flying a jet plane and catches Roman as he falls*
  • Roman: But I've been working with my therapist on my self-confidence and we've been making some real strides lately!
  • Ruby: Seriously?
  • -----------------------
  • *In an underground bunker*
  • Ruby, holding her gun to Roman's head: Alright, now there's really nowhere for you to run! Your life of crime ends h-
  • Neo: *Crashes through the ceiling in a highjacked commercial airline*