neo roman

  • *In a back alley dead end*
  • Ruby: We've got you cornered, Roman!
  • Roman: You sure about that, Red?
  • Neo: *Comes down from sky*
  • Roman: Neo, if you would.
  • Neo: *Whisks Roman off to the get away chopper*
  • Ruby: Aw, come on!
  • ------------------------
  • *At the top of a really tall cliff*
  • Ruby: This time we've definitely cornered you, and there's not a chopper in sight! There's nowhere to run!
  • Roman: Not with that attitude there isn't!
  • Roman: *Jumps off cliff*
  • Neo: *Comes in flying a jet plane and catches Roman as he falls*
  • Roman: But I've been working with my therapist on my self-confidence and we've been making some real strides lately!
  • Ruby: Seriously?
  • -----------------------
  • *In an underground bunker*
  • Ruby, holding her gun to Roman's head: Alright, now there's really nowhere for you to run! Your life of crime ends h-
  • Neo: *Crashes through the ceiling in a highjacked commercial airline*
  • Mercury: Torchwick, your little sidekick is an idiot
  • Neo: ....
  • Torchwick: *Lights cigar* now why would you piss her off like that?
  • Mercury: She uses a parasol with a knife in it as a weapon. It's just dumb *Glares at Neo*
  • Neo: ....
  • Roman: Y'know, he's got a point. I even stole that Death Ray and you never use it
  • Neo: ....
  • Neo: *Steals Mercury's Scroll and begins typing*
  • Neo: Aesthetic or die

shinha21  asked:

Cinder, have you miss Roman and Neo. I mean don't you want to know actually what happens to them after the fall of Beacon?(sorry I'm not good in english)

I would like to know what happened, although I assume Roman is dead from the way one of the asks was worded. As much as he sometimes drove me insane, he did what I paid him to do.

As for Neo, I’m unsure where she went or how she’s doing with the loss of Roman, but I would gladly employ her again. She was a very competent ally during the fall of Beacon.