neo rama


Haha wow what an amazing night!  Thanks to everyone who showed up, it was great to meet everyone.  Gosh I’m going to try my best to list everybody.

I was the girl drawing sketch covers and doing signing like clockwork from about 7-9, and also the one who made those cool sculptures on display (and three of the pieces in the show).  I’m the one bent over the black table on the right in the first photo haha.  I was so busy drawing I hardly had time to walk around the gallery myself once people started filing in.  But I had a wonderful time! 

Thank you to all the sweet people who came up to the table, shikai-of-the-4th-world, artemispanthar, purplekecleon, rasamune, heartscale and everyone else!  Really, the turn out was incredible!

Thanks SO much to folks at boomstudios for getting me one of Rebecca’s covers signed by rebeccasugar and colemanengle, with Opals to boot~

Thanks to wendichen for the awesome print and thanks to stevensugar, ben-levin, and Christy Cohen for the sketches.  And though it isn’t pictured, thanks to emilywalus for the adorable little Foodiverse zine, it’s adorable!

It was great seeing members of the stevencrewniverse, ianjq, neo-rama, toffany, joethejohnston, stulivingston, aromanillos, and anyone else if I missed someone. Thanks for everything!

And a special thanks to bargeist for curating the show, providing a display case for my sculptures and overall being awesome and putting on a stellar show, I think the opening night was by far a fantastic success!

To anyone who got a cover or drawing from me, I would love it if you you take a pic and post it!  I would love to see them all and will most likely reblog it haha!