neo queen serenity looks

So I was looking through the Sailor Moon tag, and ended up reading a review of SMC by ptduckie.

I noticed they were using Miss Dream’s translation as basis for one of their criticisms against Crystal, this page specifically:

Supposedly Neo Queen Serenity says that they will all go together (in spirit, or physically, who knows. They don’t actually go anywhere.)

This doesn’t match the dialogue in Sailor Moon Crystal. Which made me take a look at the Japanese raws again:

Neo Queen Serenity says: まちましょう.   ここで. or machimashou. koko de. Which translates to “Let’s wait. Right here.” But it actually continues on the next page with  三人 を or sannin wo. So it’s really “Let’s wait. Right here. For the three of them.”. If you want it to sound less literal I guess you could go with “Let’s wait here for those three to return.” This part of the dialogue is identical to the one in SMC, actually. Miss Dream translates her dialogue as “Let’s go together. Right here. Those three on the planet.”, which doesn’t really make much sense.

This is just another example why it’s important to make sure your translation really is as accurate as possible (when this is one of your claims). Especially when you’re the #1 go-to resource for an entire fandom. ;x