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As much as I would like to believe in a doting dad King Endymion, isn't that contradicted in the anime when Chibiusa is whole-heartedly convinced that her parents don't care about her? That Pluto is the only one who even likes her? And in the new Sera Myu, if I remember correctly, she feels that she's rejected by everyone, not just some dumb kids. That doesn't sound like a child who grew up with loving parents by her side. She just sounds so lonely.

That is Chibi Usa’s perception, and I think it’s pretty clear in both the anime and manga (especially the anime, honestly) that Chibi Usa is a flawed narrator on that front.

For example, look at the memories we’re shown in the anime to illustrate the idea that Chibi Usa was lonely. There is the one where everyone mysteriously was too busy to celebrate her birthday. Then it turns out they were planning to surprise her with her parents returning from their trip early to celebrate it. Then there’s the one when she falls down in the rain and her parents did not immediately pick her up. In her mind, they were coldly refusing to help her. In reality, it turns out they were encouraging her to pick herself up (and I’m no parent, but it seems like pretty good parenting to me, not to race to pick up your toddler every single time she falls).

I think there’s a lot of factors in Chibi Usa’s loneliness growing up.

  • Her parents are busy all the time. They’re king and queen of the world, after all. There’s a reason most politicians and monarchs employ full-time nannies. The most loving parent can seem distant and cold if their attention is divided because of their job.
  • She’s an only child.
  • She’s the one and only child of the king and queen of the world. Think how much scrutiny she must have been under from the moment she was born. Imagine being a little kid seeing your own face on the tabloids all the time, for absolutely no reason other than who your parents are. Imagine how impossible it would be to feel normal.
  • Kids were mean to her, probably because of that aforementioned scrutiny.
  • She felt like she could never live up to her mother’s legacy, and clearly did not know how to communicate her fears to her parents.
  • Her fears turned into suppression of her own growth and magical powers, keeping her a child forever.
  • It turned into this negative feedback loop where her own fears of failure stunted her growth, but the lack of growth made her feel like a bigger failure and made people scrutinize her even more, so she became trapped in a cycle she couldn’t escape.

The first point is one that I relate to a lot. I have a really loving mother, someone who a lot of my friends and cousins have said they love and wish they had as a mom, but there was a point in my life when I was still desperately lonely. Because she was working long hours at the same time that kids at school were being bullies. Feeling alone at school and then coming home to an empty house really did make me feel rejected by everyone, even though that was objectively not true. That fact that she cared for me and supported me just… wasn’t enough to fix the situation. It was too big for her.

But leaving aside her parents for a moment, even if they were actually cold and distant, what about everyone else? What about the other senshi? What about Diana, who was already there in the manga?

Somehow Chibi Usa managed to be sad even with Diana in her life. You can make me believe that somehow every one of the senshi, including Usagi Biggest-Heart-in-the-Universe Tsukino, became cold and seemingly heartless, but you cannot tell me that Diana rejected Chibi Usa a single time in her entire kitten life.

So what made Pluto special, in a way that her parents and the other senshi and Diana could not be? Other than the fact that Pluto is wonderful and perfect and also incredibly lonely, Pluto has nothing to do with the world that Chibi Usa feels pressured by. Where Chibi Usa’s parents and even the other senshi must represent the world she feels inadequate at accessing, Pluto is literally outside of it all. Being with Pluto was an escape from a reality in which she is a princess living in the shadow of an immortal queen.

But let’s go back to the real issue Chibi Usa had: feeling overshadowed by Neo Queen Serenity, and the need to live up to her legacy. I feel like this is the main isolating force for her. And it is largely internal. Because look at what happens when Venus questions how Chibi Usa can take over as queen if she doesn’t have any powers.

King Endymion is not here for that kind of talk. He shuts that line of questioning down hard. It doesn’t matter that his daughter has been a powerless child for 900 years now, he still believes in her.

And look at how Neo Queen Serenity reacts to the same issue.

Chibi Usa thought she was not good enough, but her parents have never thought that. It was entirely her own insecurities, which she kept too bottled up for anybody to help her deal with them.

And we know that that must be the source of her problems, because from this point on, Chibi Usa is so much happier. She never indicates that Crystal Tokyo is a sad place for her to be anymore. The only time those same insecurities flare up again? Is when she feels overshadowed by Sailor Moon in the present. But she works through it and becomes both a happier person and a better soldier for it.

Long story short, knowing who Usagi and Mamoru are, knowing who Chibi Usa becomes after that first arc, knowing how easily childhood memories can be clouded, I see no reason to believe that Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion are bad parents. If they were, then there was no resolution when Chibi Usa became Sailor Chibi Moon, and all that character development should have been directed towards resolution with them instead of her own personal growth.

We only really get glimpses of Crystal Tokyo, and everybody seems so grown-up and elegant - but now that I’m grown-up myself (I suppose), it’s clear to me that all the dorkiness never actually goes away, you just learn to embrace it, or not, or whatever.  And I just wanted to draw princess dresses.  I cannot accept the idea that 1000 years from now, the senshi go around in their sailor fuku all day, nonsense.  Princess gowns for everyone.

IF Sailor Cosmos is Usagi, she CAN’T be from the future we know

So there’s this persistent myth that I often see floating around the Sailor Moon fandom. The idea that Sailor Cosmos is Usagi’s ultimate form after she rules over Crystal Tokyo for a while.

Let’s break down what this would look like, if it were so.

  • The events of Stars occur.
  • In the year 2000, Usagi becomes Neo Queen Serenity, Crystal Tokyo is formed, and Chibi Usa is born soon after.
  • 900-odd years later, Nemesis attacks, Chibi Usa is sent to our present.
  • Some time after that, Chaos returns, and Neo Queen Serenity becomes Sailor Cosmos in order to fight this threat.

Now, let’s look at each of those points more closely.


And everybody dies.

But everbody comes ba– no. Not in Sailor Cosmos’ timeline. That is not possible.

Everybody dies in Stars. The senshi die. The cats die. Mamoru dies, and Chibi Usa fades from existence.

Then Usagi goes to the Galaxy Cauldron, the birthplace of all star seeds, and finds their star seeds have already been merged with the Cauldron, along with Chaos itself. 

So let’s be clear, here: the star seeds are gone. There is no known way to bring any of them back to life. And even if she does retrieve them from the Galaxy Cauldron, they are already tainted by Chaos.

Here Usagi is given a choice. Destroy the Cauldron, and end Chaos for good, while stopping all life in the galaxy from ever being born again. Or allow the Cauldron to remain as it is, corrupted but still alive, and hope to defeat Chaos in the inevitable war. Neither choice would allow her to save the people she lost.

Future-Cosmos-Usagi chose the second option. She chose to let the Cauldron exist, and therefore to fight an endless war forever.

What does the Galaxy Cauldron tainted by Chaos mean? Does it mean all that will ever be born from it are monsters? Does it mean that every new life will now be altered by Chaos, that every baby ever born is now tainted by evil?

Regardless, that is how Cosmos’ existence begins. With the death of everyone she knows and the galaxy pretty much screwed as of the year 1998.


DOES SHE? Let’s go back to point one.

Theoretically, Usagi could return to Earth, live peacefully for two years, save the world from catastrophe again, and rise to power, alone, as Neo Queen Serenity. 

She could. But would she? Usagi’s dream is to be together with everybody she loves. Would she choose to build a world with herself as the solitary ruler, knowing she will live 1000 years without her friends, without Mamoru, without Chibi Usa?

And then there is the fact that Neo Queen Serenity loses the ability to fight. She specifically says that by becoming queen, she gave up being a sailor soldier. Now, aside from the fact that it makes it improbable that she would later completely break that rule and become Cosmos anyway, it also seems unlikely that she would make this choice knowing that another war is coming. 

Crystal Tokyo symbolizes peace and an end to war, and Neo Queen Serenity laying down her arms is a reflection of that. If there is no peace, not even hope of peace, then there should not be a Neo Queen Serenity at all. Sailor Moon continues fighting as Sailor Moon before her eventual rise as Cosmos.


So in the unlikely event that Usagi still goes ahead and founds Crystal Tokyo and makes herself queen, here is another problem. If Neo Queen Serenity had the ability all along to become Sailor Cosmos, or a sailor soldier by any name, then why did she not do it when Wiseman nearly destroyed Earth?

And if she doesn’t have that ability, as canon says, then she’s screwed here. She can’t fight herself. There is no Chibi Usa to steal the ginzuishou and make her vulnerable, but there is also no Chibi Usa to go back in time and get help. 


Note that this all of this is the case regardless of whether Sailor Cosmos is Usagi of the future or Usagi’s descendant or some other future sailor senshi. The only explanation that makes sense is if Sailor Cosmos is from an alternate future. And it all goes back to that one choice that Usagi made over the Galaxy Cauldron.

Destroy the Cauldron, or let the Cauldron remain tainted? This is the choice that splinters the future off into two horrific possibilities. A future of war, or no future at all?

Sailor Cosmos went back in time because she thought she made the wrong choice. That an end to birth is better than endless suffering.

Usagi chooses a third option. She chooses to throw herself into the Cauldron instead, uniting the star seeds and purifying it of Chaos.

That is what brings everybody back to life. That unknown third option. That is the future that brings Neo Queen Serenity and Crystal Tokyo. The return of peace, and balance, and life. 

Thus, the only future that we know in Sailor Moon, the only one that can possibly exist with canon as we know it, is the future in which there is no reason for Sailor Cosmos to exist. Chaos was defeated before Crystal Tokyo ever began.

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I just watched all of the Sailor moon crystal episodes ( I actualy watched most of them when they came out, but I pretty much forgot after episode 23) However, there is one thing that bothers me. Why is neo queen Serenity drawn alright while Usagi/Sailor moon isn't? It bothers me A LOT. ( not that I complain about neo queen serenity being decent, but stil...)

I noticed that too.

It looks like they’re more careful with Neo Queen Serenity since she looks gorgeous most of the time (to be fair, she has very little screen time)

As for Sailor Moon on the other hand:

This could be either because Neo Queen Serenity is meant to look stunning so they put a bit of more effort when it comes to her or that they’re so tired of drawing Sailor Moon over and over and think drawing NQS is more fun (?).


These are moments that SMC added in and I found that I really, really enjoyed them, especially the vision of Neo-Queen Serenity as Usagi is reacting to Saphir’s words.  He’s trying to blame her for Demand’s obsession with her, he’s trying to say she’s this fearsome woman who’s warping history just by her mere existence, he’s blaming her for things that aren’t her fault at all, and Usagi is not having that, it’s what pushes her over the edge into standing up again, because that’s the point of this scene–that Usagi is starting to be able to find the strength within herself to stand up, that’s one of the most important points of her journey, that she grows stronger emotionally right along with the physically.

When Crystal put in that flash of Usagi seeing Neo-Queen Serenity, I loved it.


Because that’s Usagi looking at her future self, looking to someone she wants to meet as a mentor, but also as someone who she can see as proof that she’ll get stronger.  That this emotional journey, the one where she starts off as fragile and not feeling like she’s strong enough to live without her loved ones, where she has good days and bad says, where sometimes she’s strong and sometimes she still feels weak–SHE’LL GET THERE.  SHE WILL GET TO THAT EMOTIONAL STRENGTH.

If I could have looked upon my future self when I was in some of my worst times, I think that would have helped a lot.  Usagi’s story is just as much about learning how to stand up on her own, to be the strong one, to not just lean on her loved ones all the time, but instead to be inspired by herself, is reflected in that moment where she wants to stand up and she does it by reminding herself of her future self.

THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE is an important one for Usagi, it’s showing us how she’s one step closer to being that person in Stars who grew up and matured and found the strength within herself.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect journey, in fact it means more that she does have strong moments and weak moments both (because, god, who doesn’t relate to that?) but SHE’LL GET THERE AND KNOWING THAT MAKES GETTING UP AGAIN ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT.